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A Night in the Woods
LSD & Mushrooms
by jrdn
Citation:   jrdn. "A Night in the Woods: An Experience with LSD & Mushrooms (exp82500)". Erowid.org. Jan 8, 2021. erowid.org/exp/82500

T+ 0:00
1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 9:00   oral Mushrooms  


This trip took place in the summer of '09, up in a wood/mountain area of southern Sweden, at a private psy-trance forest party.
I will try to write down everything I remember, even though I fear some of the details might have been lost in time. Do forgive me if I write in an odd manner or just spell stuff wrongly, I'm a Swede after all.

It was at this party, in a clearing in the middle of the forest, I took my first doses of both drugs in my life (I'll come to this later, as I wouldn't recommend doing this). This clearing was also at the top of a hill, so that the forest went downwards in every direction from the party. With a lake after about 100 meters in one direction.

I was there with 3 friends, one whom I knew really well, the other two I had just met. I was very careful picking this moment, as it felt safe to be with people who were (very) experienced with trips of this kind. I had also prepared mentally for this, reading up a lot about the drugs and their effects, and also got some advice from my friends (with how to handle certain scenarios, like 'bad feelings') which I think was of tremendous help looking back at things.

A short summary would be something like this: The LSD trip (from 07pm to 04am) was a very pleasant and calm experience which I experienced very 'solo', i.e. I had little social interaction during this period. The mushroom trip afterwards (from roughly 4am to 10am) was much more extreme, and even though it started out nicely and I liked it very much, it turned around on me and hit me like a truck and turned into a very scary experience.

To me, it felt like the LSD trip was controllable and that I could 'steer' it, and that the mushroom trip was the opposite, which scared me.

We scored some LSD at the party and 3 out of 4 of us took 1....piece or whatever you call it. One piece of paper. One dose. The fourth, one of the other's girlfriend, didn't take any and reassured me that she would take care of us (mostly me) and this helped a lot as I was a little nervous to say the least.

For the first 30 minutes - 1 hour I didn't feel anything at all and was constantly asking questions to my friends, probably driving them mad in the process. I was worried that I had bought too little and that it wouldn't affect me due to me being quite tall and big etc. They just kept saying that I definately shouldnt buy more and just wait and see. After a while the agreed that if nothing had happened after two-three hours I could buy more cause in that case I could've been unlucky and gotten a bad dose.

We were sitting on a blanket and I was talking to my friends when I suddenly got the urge to stand up and walk around a little. So I stood up and felt a bit...weird...and looked around at all the people also sitting in the clearing. I was wearing a hoodie and pulled it up and started to walk around. It was starting to get darker, so it was kinda in the twilight. After a while I noticed (note. everything I noticed/thought/experienced wasn't necessarily true, but it was how I perceived things at the moment) that people were looking at me in an odd manner from their places. I started to find it very funny that they were looking at me, and talked to myself in a mumbling manner about them looking at me. I noticed that I was starting to have troubles speaking normally, and I would only whisper and act (probably very) strange to people, whispering back and snickering at what they said to me if they approached me. I was starting to feel very happy, and I was starting to enjoy nature much more than before. As things got darker, I hid more and more inside my hoodie, walking around slowly or even sneaking among people, watching them and thinking they were really funny without managing to pinpoint WHY exactly. I was aware that I was tripping, but I didn't worry much about it and just rode it out.

2 hours after eating the dose the 4th (sober) friend asked if she could have my wine. I was still somewhat clear headed but still noticed I started tripping balls so I figured I wouldnt need the wine, so I said sure and asked her to lead me to the tent which was about 200 meters from the clearing, past some parked cars in a very secluded area of the forest, as I thought it probably would be nice with a calmer environment. When we arrived I, for the first time since I started tripping, noticed one of my friends again. For about 1 hour I had forgotten all about my friends basically. He was tripping in a bad way and was hiding in his tent for reasons unknown. For the first time I realized that they were tripping too and actually pitied the guy because he had a bad trip, but it didnt scare me, which I thought it would've.

I was waiting 10 meters away from the tent and it was almost pitch dark now, when things started going crazy. All of sudden I saw 4 figures standing in the woods about 10 meters from the path that lead to the tents. I might add that before I took the drug, I had promised myself to try to have an open and positive mind to everything I experienced. I think this helped me greatly on this first trip, as I greeted the figures and realized they were guardians of the forest, overlooking us people partying. I was not afraid at all, and talked into the forest at these shapes (of shadow, probably).

The sober girl came back and noticed me talking and asked what I saw and was very calm and listened carefully to my story. She was great help overall with her serene ways and I highly recommend someone like her accompanying you on your first trip.
As we walked back to the party things got even stronger, and I started losing my ability to talk more and more. I was replying with hmms, and mmms, and nods and shakes and usually needed to concentrate much to even whisper stuff to people. For a moment and tried very very hard and managed to speak normally for about 20 seconds to my friend, to test it, but it was pretty tough to do so I used those seconds to explain why I didnt talk, and she said it was cool and that I could just nod and use sign language if I had to tell her something.

Back at the party I suddenly noticed all of the torches and the big fireplace that was burning VERY brightly in the dark. I figured that something like this would happen and it was very awesome to watch the big fire crackle and burn.

For about 1-3 hours from now on I was only walking around between people, thinking everyone was sober but me, keeping to myself for most of the time, mumbling stuff to myself and now and then I would wander into the pitch dark, where I saw small shapes walk around in the woods. Or I so I believed I saw. I wasnt 100 sure I saw them, I might add. I was somewhat scared of them and usually just ventured into the woods when I had to pee from then on, always talking with them and saying I were their friend when I met them again. To make sure they wouldnt attack me. I guess I thought they were some kind of forest nymphs or elves.

After this period I sat down at the fireplace and noticed that I could speak somewhat decently again. Though I mostly sat silently watching the fire for the next hour anyway, and only spoke when spoken to, keeping conversations very short, but always smiled so that people wouldn't be offended. I was very self-aware at this point, and noticed that people watched me tripping, or at least thought I did. (Later on I heard that many beside me were tripping madly too, but it is supposedly very common that you dont notice other people tripping when you trip yourself)

I now noticed my closest friend, who I hadnt spoken to since I started tripping. He was watching me intensly and this was the first time I noticed that someone else was high than me. He was grinning at me BROADLY and I found this so hilarious that I had to hide lying behind people and just laugh out loud, which made him do the same thing. But we never approached each other or talked. I then lay over on my back and noticed the STARS and treetops. The trees were shimmering and the stars were moving very very fast but only in very very short distances from their original positions. I guess you could call it 'shaking'. Since it was a clearing, I saw the trees from both sides of the clearing, and faint arches of light were created. I was now in conversation with a girl who had taken mushrooms, and we compared our experiences. It was around 1-2am I guess and I was starting to come down. In Sweden the sun comes up VERY early this time a year, so it was maybe only 1-2 hours left of darkness, and I guess some light was already sipping in because when I went to pee in the darkness I saw LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of white flowers shining in the otherwise pitch dark. Im guessing that my eyes were so dilated that I could see the faintest amount of light reflected off these white flowers rather easily.

From now on I was just in a nice mood, talking with people again, having a good time, but still having some enhanced vision mainly. My friends were also doing this, and my closest friend was asking around for mushrooms. He eventually got some and ate a normal dose, I forgot how much. I think it was like a handful. I can't remember what kind it was but I recall it having some kind of connection with South America, perhaps Mexican? I'm no drug expert, by far.

Anyway, he was chatting away with people and I was just reflecting my experiences for another hour or two, having a good time with people.

At around 4am I decided I wanted some mushrooms as well, I was feeling very bold at the moment. I wouldn't recommend this, looking back.

He managed to get me half a dose, which was half a handful, and apparently it was 'mixed' kinds of shrooms. I chewed them for about 1-2 minutes before swallowing, and was not worried. I didnt even ask alot about the effects. I was probably still high as fuck as my friend said my eyes were dilated to the max, but as the heaviest experience from LSD was behind me I thought I was totally not high anymore. Boy was I wrong.

Anyway, after about 30 mins I walked up and danced a little on the leafy 'dance floor'. Then it happened. I was suddenly seeing every leaf, and every 'pine needle' or whatever they are called, on the forest floor. In a way I was seeing EVERY OUTLINE of EVERY ITEM in the forest very very clearly. It was like a massive information overload coming into my eyes. The filter that filters out unneccesary stuff in your vision...well it wasnt active anymore. I was seeing everything. Everything. At the same time.
A while later colours were starting to become much more saturated and bright. And the leaves and ground started to move very slightly. I wasnt sure at first if this was REALLY true or if I was just wishing it was true, but I got it confirmed later, very much so.

After a while the ground and leaves and needles started to move in very very complicated but somehow logical patterns. What was very cool was that they MOVED to the music. And in a way it was like watching one of those effect things in winamp or some other music program, a visualizer or whatever they are called. The patterns pulsed and moved sharply, with every base BOOM, and danced around the floor. Only when I focused BEHIND the forest floor I saw reality again, and I played with this for a while.

I this awesome experience of colours and patterns I felt euphoric and smiled largely at everyone. Talking nicely and dancing. I decided to walk away a little in this happiness, along the path towards the cars again. The forest was so green that it almost hurt my eyes watching at it. And as I walked down the path I noticed that....my vision was very fucked up. For a while it was like walking on a treadmill, I was seeing the same portion of the path over and over as I walked, and sometimes it SKIPPED quickly to the right, and sometimes I saw two paths. It was moving and it made me dizzy. I decided I should go back to the party and just sit down and relax for a while when the BAD THING happened.

Probably to due walking around so much and not drinking enough water all night my lower leg seizured/cramped. It felt like I got 100 needles stuck in my leg and I wasnt able to walk. This triggered a sense of panic as I was alone, stuck on the path, and closest person was 200 m away from me. Even though I was in no risk of dying at all I felt very afraid and thought I was going to die on the path, I really did. I shouted some and a couple of people coming from the cars helped me back to the party where I sat down and drank a lot of water (as they recommended). But I couldn't fight the anxiety even though I sat still, and luckily enough my closest friend who was also tripping but not like me agreed to go back to the tent to help me ride out the bad trip.

Back at the tent we decided to get some sleep and just rest, but there was no room for us in the tent as it was occupied, so he got out a red/green/orange blanket and put it out on the floor. For a moment I forgot my fear laughed at the irony of bringing such a brightly coloured blanket to an occasion like this, as it was VERY VERY COLOURFUL and had a very complicated pattern to begin with. I just went 'GAHHH, I CANT WATCH IT HAHA, NICE BLANKET FOR A TRIP DUDE' and he replied 'HAHA WELL, I DIDNT REALLY THINK ABOUT THAT, SORRY'. But my fear/anxiety stayed with me and I was lying on the blanket with my friend asking 10000000000 questions about everything related to the bad trip. If it was going to kill me, etc. He was at the same time having an awesome trip, and just replied in a positive manner to everything I said. Somehow it calmed me when I was talking, and I got more anxious when I was silent. So I kept talking for the whole duration of the bad trip, probably for at least an hour. I remember that it was very painful as I couldn't escape the effects in any way. If I was watching, I saw a SHINY GREEN FOREST with lots of mosquitos who each and everyone had a trail of light following them in the air. I saw every outline and every item still, and it was very colourful, and I hated it and felt so much regret for taking the mushrooms just after coming down on LSD. SILLY SILLY ME i kept repeating, what was I thinking? At its peak I almost phoned my family but my friend talked me out of it (luckily, HAHA).

After a while the anxiety finally wore off and I felt very relieved, even though the colours were still there and the outlines and detail too. You could say it was like if you took a picture of a forest, and outlined every thing in the picture with a black border, and increased color saturation so it became super colorful. That's how I percieved things. So we were walking around and talking and were being really meta-physical in our conversations, talking about what is real and what is real, and that what we perceive as real normally actually isnt more REAL than this. And it felt very clear to me. Suddenly I felt I understand every weird junkie I had talked with in my life. Haha. After a while we drove home and that was the end of it. Very special experience.

Oh one think I might add, I was throughout both trips experiencing what my friend called 'endorfintugg' or 'endorphin chewing' in english? + spelling. It was like a tics that made me cramp my jaw and sent tingling sensations from my jaw, down my neck and spine each time. My friend said it was because my body was releasing so much endorphines. I'm not sure what it was but all I can say was that I kept having these sensations for 1-3 days after the trip.

That's about it. My fingers are exhausted from typing now so I'll stop.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 82500
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Jan 8, 2021Views: 484
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Mushrooms (39), LSD (2) : Festival / Lg. Crowd (24), Entities / Beings (37), Bad Trips (6), Combinations (3)

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