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Shisha of the Gods!
Tobacco, Wild Lettuce, Damiana & Marshmallow
Citation:   Barbzilla. "Shisha of the Gods!: An Experience with Tobacco, Wild Lettuce, Damiana & Marshmallow (exp82824)". Dec 6, 2016.

  smoked Tobacco  
    smoked Lactuca spp. (extract)
    smoked Damiana  
Okay I've been experimenting with entheogens for quite a while now, trying to find something right for me. I typically experiment while playing video games, or meditating so as not to disturb my circulatory system while experimenting. Today I decided to try something new. As follows is the recipe for my work.

2 parts Lebanese passion flower shisha
1 part extract from wild lettuce (will explain extraction process)
1 part Damiana
2 part Marshmallow

First and foremost the extraction process for the wild lettuce. I started with 64g of wild lettuce and then added white vinegar till I was just over the level of wild lettuce. I then sealed the jar and waited 24 hours.

After the 24 hour period I extracted the vinegar using nylon stockings and added to a large pot.

I then added grain alcohol to the wild lettuce until just over the level of the lettuce. I once again waited 24 hours, strained the liquid and added to the pot.

I added water to just over the level of the the wild lettuce and waited 24 hours using the same liquid extraction method afterward.

I then allowed the liquid to naturally evaporate via the long evap method using a box fan next to the pot. What I was left with was a brown/black substance close to a resin. If it is too hard you used heat (don't do that).

To make the shisha to smoke I mixed 2 parts of my favorite shisa, 1 part of my wild lettuce extract, 1 part damiana, and 2 parts marshmallow (for flavor). I took these parts and mixed completely, and allowed a day to sit.

The next day I made a bowl of my new shisha and used tin foil to cover the bowl. I also used 2 smokeless coals to smoke, this allows the resin to reach the point it needs to interact with the smoke. Smoking the bowl took a little over an hour and a total of 5 coals. The following are the effects.

10 minutes after smoking I was beginning to experience the effects. I noticed that menial tasks in video games were becoming vastly more entertaining then they rightly should have.

20 minutes after smoking I noticed I was beginning to have a slight warming sensation throughout my body.

40 minutes after smoking I am feeling euphoric as though I had taken a few pain pills prescribed to me for my shoulder.

Once the bowl was finished, I was on a full blow euphoria as well as noticing that both colors and music were much more entertaining than they rightly should have been. I also noticed that I am becoming horrid at a game that I should be great at (motor skills seem to become impaired).

Over all the effects lasted about 2 hours after I started noticing the effects, the flavor was great (tasted like my shisha not anything else). I would equate this feeling to mixing alcohol and opiates, however without the legality of either coming in the way.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 82824
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Dec 6, 2016Views: 5,825
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Lactuca spp. (153), Tobacco (47) : Unknown Context (20), Preparation / Recipes (30), Combinations (3)

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