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Dancing With Trees
Mushrooms & LSD
by tay
Citation:   tay. "Dancing With Trees: An Experience with Mushrooms & LSD (exp83104)". Erowid.org. Feb 18, 2019. erowid.org/exp/83104

0.75 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  350 ml oral Mushrooms (tea)
I decided to take a mixture of psychedelics with a friend at a 'doof'- an outdoor dance party held in rainforest or bush which plays psychedelic trance music. These events have DJs and artists playing live and pre-recorded sets and it generally attracts an alternative crowd.

I had taken LSD twice before in mild doses but had never tried mushrooms. The environment of a doof to me is an extremely pleasant, comfortable atmosphere and I felt certain it would be conductive to an insightful trip. There was numerous experienced users and sober people nearby that would be able to look after me.

A couple of friends had concocted the tea from a large number of gold top mushrooms they had picked and made into a tea with honey. It had been sampled and I was told after around three mouthfuls I would be seeing fractals. The tab of acid was also obtained from a friend and contained a moderate to high dose. On the night prior I had drunk a bottle of wine, had two lines of cocaine and two ecstasy pills- though I had come down from all of these substances. The psychedelics were taken just after sunrise.

I was laying down on a picnic blanket on a large mound in the middle of a field and in the distance there was dense forest and mountains. I closed my eyes, relaxed and had a 'deep&meaningful' conversation with my friend. I could hear the psytrance music being played on a 23K sound system in the distance.

After approximately 20 minutes with my eyes closed I started to see patterns, I felt very relaxed. When I opened my eyes the first thing I noticed is that the trees swaying and blowing in the breeze looked as though they were dancing harmoniously. It was like they were breathing, alive and possessed their own magical rhythms. Every time I looked towards a different tree it filled me with a new childlike wonder- like I was experiencing them for the first time. The trees were so indescribably beautiful and preoccupied me for quite awhile, every so often I'd exclaim loudly 'oh my, you have to look at THIS tree' and point to one with a unique dance. One side of the field was too intense, bright and shiny for me to bear to look at.

When I stood up to walk to the dance floor it all seemed to fully set in. The rolling curves in the hills looked like moving holograms and I could see patterns that are hard to describe, surfaces of cars looked plastic. I looked back at the mound and it appeared to be set in a green, ocean. Like a paradise island gaia in iridescent bright technicolour. The sticks and leaves on the ground looked like a jungle, it was getting slightly more difficult to navigate my body. The leaves seemed meaningful- like they were neatly arranged and perfect. If I concentrated on the blades of grass and foliage they seemed to be writhing and twisting like insects, as someone also pointed out. I giggled a bit about this new discovery but soon emptied my mind of it. I didn't want to concentrate on it as I was cautious of my slight fear of bugs and didn't want to encourage a bad trip. As someone said to me before I nervously swallowed the tab immediately before the tea, 'if you start to not like what you see you just have to remember its your own mind and you can take it wherever you want.' It comforted me immensely.

My body started to feel funny- like it was foreign to me, new and I didn't quite belong in it. My hand was amazing to stare at- I could see all the intricate network of lines and felt so distinctly other, like it wasn't even my own hand. I was somewhat incoherently babbling about this sense of my foreign body, my parts not being quite grounded. I didn't know why I was wearing the clothes I was in, I was in so many layers and it momentarily confused me.
I didn't know why I was wearing the clothes I was in, I was in so many layers and it momentarily confused me.
My head, sizing and body mass felt oddly distorted and when I touched my hair it felt thin and alien to me. I felt a sense of placelessness, I wasn't quite sure who I was or what I was doing. I felt like I was somewhere else, it was new and I was a little lost. I remember even thinking 'what am I doing out here, where am I' and it took awhile to remember 'oh I'm at a doof.' This wasn't very scary per-se and I wasn't verging remotely on panic or paranoia, it was just a strange feeling. Like when you poke an odd texture or taste something completely different and your not sure whether its pleasant or not. I enjoyed this relatively calm state of mind and felt assured that I could roll with the sensations.

When I started wading through the creek that led to the dance floor, which had swollen to what felt like a river from all the rain- I temporarily lost motor coordination. I stood in the middle and felt intense waves of happiness and bliss, if only I could always feel this much. I felt so connected to the person I was tripping with, they were radiating too and I felt such immense love and joy. I needed to be helped across by two people and I was vaguely aware of their encouragement and was asked if I needed to be piggy backed. To my own amazement however, I managed to cross. As I neared the dance floor I wanted go down and join it but I could only collapse into a chair and play with the fabric of my hat and my cardigan which I kept turning about in my hands trying to work out what it was. It's like my mind was just an empty void and everything I came in contact with was unusual and unique. I tuned out and slightly lost consciousness.

When I opened my eyes again there was a lot of people sitting around under the marque with me. I felt like I was in such a different headspace to these people who weren't tripping with me (my fellow tripper had made his way to the dance floor, though he checked up on me at a later point) and I couldn't quite handle all the people not being in the same state. I suddenly felt so tired and lethargic, I couldn't manage to set up my own tent so I travelled back to the other side of the creek to pass out in a friends. When I woke up it was around late afternoon, and my cognitive process continued to produce unusual unusual thoughts till nightfall though I could no longer see any visual effects. As my sense of time was so incredibly distorted I find it extremely hard to approximate how long the trip lasted in total in exact hours and being out bush there was no clocks handy.

Overall I would consider it to be an insightful trip and am glad I had the experience. Though in future I think I would stick to taking only one psychedelic as to be able to distinguish what substance produced what effects more clearly- for example the distortion in what my body mass felt like is something I had not yet experienced with LSD- though it is difficult to attribute this to the mushrooms as I took both simultaneously. Two nights following I had a mild panic about 'mushroom poisoning' as I continued to have stomach cramps quite badly for 2 days, though I had not had any nausea or pain with the actual onset or during the experience.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 83104
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Feb 18, 2019Views: 758
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Mushrooms (39) : Combinations (3), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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