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I Decided to Practise Vipassana
Citation:   aGhori Tantrik. "I Decided to Practise Vipassana: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp83250)". Dec 21, 2017.

15 oral Mushrooms (dried)
Vipassana on Magic Mushrooms

I am a regular hallucinogens user and have always enjoyed the trips with friends and sometimes alone composing music.To properly understand my spiritual experience on mushrooms I would need to describe the meditation technique I used while tripping.

A couple of years back I attended a Vipassana meditation camp for the 1st time. Vipassana is an ancient meditation technique discovered and propagated by Gautam Buddha. The main essence of the 10 day vipassana course is to bring one's mind under total control and eradicate a lot of negative experiences from haunting you on a regular basis. It involves meditating 10 hours a day and by the 3rd day one is in natural meditative state all the time. By the 7th day (observing silence all throughout!) one experiences total liquidation of body and ego and a powerful cleansing in the subconsciousness mind has taken place.

I made the mistake of attending this course with my then girlfriend who had a life time of suffering inside her due to bad childhood experiences and parental issues. She fell terribly sick on the 3rd day as thats when the negative memories haunt the surface mind and she felt sick and left. I myself, was battling my own demons but was very worried about her departure. I too, left the ashram on the 4th day. I had a lot of repressed anger that had surfaced and I became very violent for next couple of days. In those 4 days, I had learnt a progressive approach to attain the state of vipassana (being aware of each and every cell of your body and mind), however I had not been able to properly reach this stage due to my exit prematurely from the course.

Somewhere deep inside me I had this hunger to sit for 10 hours everyday and meditate. Being an executive it was impossible to find such time or rather the motivation provided by the ashram to go back to the meditations.

Anyways, a week later I decided to do some mushies (dried, from Kodaikanal India) in my room all by myself and meditate the whole night. I ingested all the mushies and sat down in the correct posture and started observing my breathe without making any effort to control, but plain observing. In 2 hours I was in complete trance and had complete awareness of the pranic force I had attracted. I then practised the 'Samma Samadhi' meditation that is focusing below the nostrils and only being aware of that part of the body. My concentration was very powerful and I was back at the ashram in my mind, but this time my mind was in control with absolutely no thoughts about anything in life except the current reality of the breath passing under my nostrils.

After 30 mins of this technique, I decided to practise vipassana. While I was not formally taught this technique, my dad had briefly described it to me earlier and I had spoken to my guru before I left about it as well. In this technique, I focus on each part of my body, inch by inch but only remain aware of sensations in that part of the body and nowhere else. I started from the top of my head towards my legs, taking 10-15 minutes for the complete cycle.

On the 3rd cycle, I had deep realisations of organic and cellular structures of my body and its organs. I literally 'saw' inside myself with my eyes closed. By the seventh pass I had more realisation of the pranic energy I was using for this technique. When I reached my pelvis this time, I was acutely aware of my penis and I was achieving erection without even thinking about anything sexual in nature. Well, that distracted my meditation! I decided to stop it for sometime and do some yoga. Slowly giving myself another 10 minutes I got out of this blissfully non existent but totally real state. I was happy with the progress I had made, of having focussed my mind like a sharp instrument. I was feeling really happy and blissful.

Mushrooms being hallucinogens and a visuals-inducing substance, this trip was very different. Entering the meditative and spiritual realm, this experience was nothing like any of my other trips. I was able to use the knowledge and power of the mushrooms for a real spiritual journey rather than a fantastical one and derive real peace and happiness for days and days later.

Most of the other trips involved smoking pot, hallucinating patterns, thinking crazy thoughts, dancing, being creative with music or simply hanging out with friends sharing good vibrations. All this is good for sure, but get to the spirit and explore my inner self is the most peaceful and mind expanding trip ever.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 83250
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Dec 21, 2017Views: 2,829
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Mushrooms (39), Meditation (128) : Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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