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It's a Slow, Lazy Summer
by Shags the Hyde
Citation:   Shags the Hyde. "It's a Slow, Lazy Summer: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp83284)". Dec 1, 2013.

10 g oral Mushrooms
  1 g smoked Cannabis


I'd been planning this trip for about 2 weeks, as the weather report for Amsterdam had told me there'd be nothing but sun for my intended date. The day before, I'd gone to the Dreamlounge Smartshop on Kerkstraat, in the heart of Amsterdam, and bought myself 2 boxes, each containing 10 grams worth of Philosopher's Stones, as regular mushrooms (Mexicans, Columbians, Hawaiians etc) had been banned about 6 months earlier. Many unexperienced sources had told me these truffles were not as powerful as the now-banned caps and stems, but I nonetheless went with the word of my mentor, who had assured me the difference was minimal. Little did I know, I was about to have a trip much better than any I'd ever had on Mexicans and Columbians.

When the day arrived, the weather forecast hadn't been lying. The temperature was at about 20 degrees Celsius, the perfect temperature for shorts and a t-shirt. My good friend W came over as planned, and we jammed a bit with two of my guitars. Although W had been considering eating the other dose I bought for him, he decided not to, as he had a very frightening bad trip about a year and a half before. Ergo, he decided to stick with some high-grade weed I'd been saving for that day.

We decided it would be a good idea to wait until the sun had passed its highest (and hottest) point in the sky, so I ingested the truffles at about 3pm. We then sat down and watched some TV and waited.

As I've always had with shrooms, the effects literally caught me by surprise. I'd obviously been feeling a bit of a trembly body high for about half an hour, but when I suddenly looked away from the tv and towards the kitchen, I noticed the walls were booming towards me in a 'two steps forward, one step back' motion. This made me feel a bit uneasy, so I told W that we should go for a walk. We walked outside, I lit a cigarette, W lit a joint, and the fun started.

There is a long path near where I live that goes through a narrow stretch of planted forest next to the highway. We both agreed this would be a perfect place for me to explore the screen behind the mirror, so we started walking in the direction of the highway bridge, a.k.a. the shorter way from where I live. As we were walking down the path, all I could perceive was a sense of overwhelming beauty within everything, but for some reason, still no bright visuals other than a fine, trembling haze covering everything I looked at. In the middle of the path in front of us, some dimwit had parked his silver car, which I couldn't bring myself to believe was really there, but W assured me it was. A bit weirded out by this, we decided to go in the opposite direction and traverse the entire length of the path.

This is when the visuals really hit me. I was looking at the path ahead, the rays of sunlight breaking beautifully through the trees. Whenever I moved my vision, it seems my X and Y axes were inverted; instead of objects ahead seemingly moving left when I looked to the right, they followed to the right. I decided this was my perception of distance and perspective fading away, and enjoyed it happily. I then remembered that if I put my hands in my pockets, it would feel like my hands were submerged in water. So I did, and convinced that my pockets were full of water, I made sure not to spill any of this precious fluid drenching my hands. I lit another cigarette, and admired its beautiful purple glow. It was at this time that W decided to write down everything I was saying on his iPod Touch.

We eventually came to a little basketball court, whereupon looking at the concrete floor, I saw intricate Roman mosaics all around. However, I was longing for the sweet feeling of fresh grass under my feet, and we walked to a nice big patch of grass in the middle of a little park. As I walked onto it, it suddenly lit up in a bright red glow, but I told myself that grass should be green, and it immediately changed to an amplified version of the beautiful, natural color that is grassy green. We found a nice spot in the shade and sat down to listen to some Grateful Dead. I noticed I'd sat down right next to a little slug, and proceeded to look very closely at it and talk to it. While looking into the immense fractal landscape developing in its wrinkly skin, I complimented it on what a magnificent and gentle creature it was, before it told me I should focus on the music coming from my phone. I looked over to see 'Fire on the Mountain' emerge from my phone in pink, blue and purple clouds of synesthesia. W then told me to look over at the trees across the pond, and I did. Instead of regular sunlit trees, I saw Van Gogh-style paintings of the same trees, trembling and rippling as if I was seeing their reflection in the pond. Maybe I was? Maybe I was actually inside the world of pond reflections? After thinking long and hard about it for about 2 minutes, I remembered that it didn't matter, and that I should just marvel at the immense beauty in this psychedelic landscape I'd been introduced to. W told me we should walk the long way back, so I said goodbye to the slug, and we started walking along the road.

As I looked up at the open sky, vast, linear clouds were forming and whizzing all around the blue marvel. I noticed my field of view had been increased greatly, and the small patch of sky I was used to seeing was now in full panorama view above me. I looked over at a larger cloud to the south, which immediately started warping into a Greek/Roman style marble sculpture full of moving angels. I tried to explain this to W, but my articulation was not very good. He kept telling me he had no idea what I was blathering about, so I gave up. Poor soul, I thought, if only he could be seeing this. But I was reminded that he had just finished the joint by himself, and thus he was in his own little psychedelic world as well. It didn't bother me that I hadn't smoked any of it, since I had decided to not blaze until I was coming down. We headed back home, but I can't remember any of that part.

Once home, we put on Yellow Submarine, the most psychedelic movie ever in my opinion. W and I are both die-hard Beatles fans, so we had been looking forward to this for days. We put on the movie, and once again, I don't remember much of the intro, but I vividly remember grinning and laughing at how well-made the 'Sea of Time' part was. It just reminded me of how little time actually matters, and how it's just an illusion we've created along with our so-called 'reality'. Fortunately, I peaked at the same time as the movie. When the Blue Meanies were looking for the fab four with what I knew was a blue, three-headed bulldog, I tried to count its heads, but every time I tried, my entire field of vision turned into a tessellation of bulldog heads. This made me feel a bit uneasy, and for a second I was afraid I was tripping too intensely and was about to get the fear, but I calmed myself down and convinced myself I shouldn't try and fight it. Before I knew it, the peak was over, and I was back at normal level.

We got the guitars back out, and while jamming, I remembered my sitar sitting up in my room. So I went to get it, and we jammed happily and beautifully to a song based on our various mushroom trips combined (under the name 'Psychedelic Maze'). We then went outside and smoked a joint together. Although the visuals had ebbed away, feeling the comfortable, trippy buzz from the weed combined with the ever-psychedelic effect of the shrooms made for a wonderfully relaxing come-down. After that, we went to bed, and I had closed-eye visuals until I fell into a deep, satisfied sleep.

As a little bonus, here are the quotes W wrote down on his iTouch while we walked. Although this was not a very introspective or reality-shattering trip, it was the most comfortable and satisfying trip I've ever experienced, and I hope all of you psychonauts out there also experience a relaxing trip like this at some point in your lives. Until then, embrace peace, love and serenity.

Nice and wavy, pulsing
I'm walking into a mirror
I have water in my pockets
As we walk into a field

The ground is soft, I'm sinking
It's all good, the flame is beautiful
Color blotches cloud my sight
Purple is fucking trippy

It's really fun to stop
My shadow doesn't follow me
You look really small and far away
There's mosaics in the floor

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 83284
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Dec 1, 2013Views: 5,457
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