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The Mall Will Never Be The Same
Magic Mushrooms
by Bethage
Citation:   Bethage. "The Mall Will Never Be The Same: An Experience with Magic Mushrooms (exp8456)". Jun 28, 2005.

0.125 oz oral Mushrooms (plant material)


Setting~ In Roosevelt mall, mainly in a small hallway beside Spencerís that was fairly well lit, painted gray and white and with a portion of the floor that was slanted (this will be significant later on)

Onset~ After sitting in the food court eating my burger, me, Lisa, Casey, and Chriss went out the exit next to express to have a cigarette and wait. Lisa and I were the only two who ate the burgers and Casey and Chriss were there to babysit us just incase anything happened. Outside we met a really tale guy with green hair who worked at Spencerís (he shows up again later). While me and Lisa sat on the ground waiting, I noticed that I was getting the chills every now and then. Nothing too intense but mild chill feelings. Casey was trying to test to see if it had started by lighting a lighter semi-close to my face...if I twitched, then it had begun, but if I didn't think twice about it, then I was fine. But about the third time Casey did this, I jerked back a little and had after smoking another cigarette we went inside to hang out and Ďplayí. This is where my day all begins.

Coming up and plateau (in the hallway)~ I'm not so sure about the actual order of the following events, but I do remember how I felt quit clearly. I remember going into the exit hallway next to Spencerís to smoke a cigarette and this is where it really took off. As I sat on the floor smoking my cigarette I noticed the orange and red burning embers were so much brighter and bolder than usual, but I didnít think too much of it. Then when it came time to put it out, I flicked it at the wall, but as I watched the butt fly through the air and hit the wall, it looked as if a tiny firework had just been lit. After seeing this, Lisa and me looked at each other in amazement, ran over, picked up the still semi-lit cigarette, and flicked it at the wall again. We laughed so hard and we were so amazed at how cool it looked. We continued to flick the cigarette until it was totally 100% out.

Then I remember sitting on the floor and looking at my hands, I could see through my skin. I could see the places where liver spots would develop and I could see every little vein in my hand. I sat there and studied my hands and my bare feet for a while. Iím not sure how long, but I know it seemed like a while.

Later on in the day I was standing on the slanted part of the floor (I told you this was significant) I was standing there facing the slope, and as I stood there I felt as if I was falling backwards, but then I noticed that I felt too weak and I was slowly walking backwards. Gravity seemed to be forcing me down the small incline. I found this to be absolutely hysterical.

Casey and Chriss were watching and entertaining Lisa and me for a while. Casey had found a broken chair from the food court that only had two back legs. He sat on it, and held his weight on his front feet, so it looked to Lisa and me as if he was floating. We were so bugged out about the fact that we couldn't figure out how he did it. Both of us attempted to float like Casey did; yet we both fell trying. The entire time we were laughing our asses off.

All day while we were in that hallway, I chained smoked cigarettes. The space of time in between my cigarette seemed to take forever, yet in reality they were only about five to ten minutes. I didn't go through a few packs of cigarettes, but I most definitely was smoking more rapidly than I usually do. And with every cigarette that I smoked, I would notice something new and cool about it.

Casey was smoking a cigarette by a light, with much intrigue I watched him inhale and exhale the smoke. He turned and noticed me looking at him funny, so he tried to bug me out (again)...he asked me what color the smoke was and what it looked like. I replied by telling him the smoke looked dense and brown instead of white and fluffy. I noticed there was a hint of green in the smoke. He told me that I was seeing what the smoked really looked like and that all the colors were tar and chemicals. I was grossed out at the fact that I could see the tar in the smoke, yet it was laughing so hard.

The guy we met outside with the green hair came into the hallway for a cigarette break. We talked to him a little about his job and stuff. he was really nasty. He punched the walls (which were made of cheap plaster) until a whole was formed. He punched the walls so hard that his knuckles were bleeding. I thought the color of the blood was sooo pretty, but still gross. After noticing the blood he held up his hand and licked it. ewwwww. I felt my skin tighten up at the very sight of that, but I didn't bug out about it. He went back to work and said he would be back later on.

While he was back at work in Spencerís Casey continued to mess with my a good way of course...but it still bugged me out and made me laugh my ass off. He would wave his hand in my face in a very melodic and rave like way, each time he did this I would zone out for a sec and then flinch when he moved too fast. His hand looked too ill. He would also point out things to me, like little spots on the wall and asked me what color they were. He pointed out an old fan in the wall above the doors that lead back out into the mall. The fan had two strings hanging from it that Casey swore were grayish and greenish colors. Yet to me they seemed to be bright ass blue and pink.

Later on the green hair guy came back. We hung out with him for a little until he had to go back to work again, he told us to stop by later in which we told him we would. Remember this part later cause this involves going out into the mall (which happened once me and Lisa got bored of the hallway, although that seemed like it was a really long time later to me).

At one point in my peak, I sat on the floor in front of Lisa and we sat with our legs out and feet evenly together. She was dazing into the floor, I called her name to show her something cool but she didn't look up. I must have said her name like 5 or 6 times until she looked up at me. When I finally got her attention she rotated her head slowly upwards at me and said 'huuuuuuh' in a groggy type voice. When she gazed up at me I saw her lip slide off her face and hit the ground. Casey had warned me earlier about people faces twitching and moving when they weren't supposed to, so I found this to be the coolest thing I had ever seen. And then as I stared at her face for a while it seemed as if the skin around her chin and neck was melting. It wasn't like something in a movie, it just seemed as if it was trying to crawl off her neck. I bugged out with hyperactive energy and tried to explain to her what I was seeing. She was lying on her side laughing so hard at what I was telling her; needless to say I was laughing my ass off as I tried to tell her about it. This little bug out session was so intense yet it didnít last long. My attention span was getting mighty short. So we wondered out into the vast mall.

Coming up and plateau (in the mall area)~ We ventured out into the mall after a while. We were walking around, Iím not so positive where, but we wondered the mall area by the fountain in front of sterns. As soon as we came out of the hallway I notice that everything was so bright. Not bright like the sun where I had to squint my eyes, but brighter in a way of the colors. Everything seemed so heavenly looking. The walls and lights looked so much whiter and clear. The colors from stores and people we more intense. Each distinct color was noticed and appreciated.

While we were walking we bumped into a girl I know named pip, and Lisa and me exploded with energy and were telling her about what we had done. She has so excited for us and a little bit jealous at the same time. Yet nonetheless she was happy to see us. She had told us that Diana was in the mall with a friend of hers and she had just seen them.

Later on in the day we went to Spencerís. This place was like heaven. I was in the black light section and I was off in my own little world. Everything was so cool, all the lasers and little special effect lights had my full attention. I wondered around for a little bit in the store by myself, until I heard Lisaís hard gut type laughter. She was in the front of the store with Casey. He had yet again started to mess with our heads.

When I was in the black light section he called out to me and when I turned around he was all the way on the other side of the store motioning for me to come over there. But then I turned back the other way and almost instantly he was behind me and tapped me on my shoulder. It seemed almost like he ran up at me. This too was very funny.

Later on in the front of the store with Lisa and me, Casey was trying on all sorts of wigs and hats. He had put on a big ass afro and funky sunglasses, I wanted to die then and there, he looked so funny.

Back in the black light section he was playing with all of these toys and making our visual effects seem so much better. While we were playing back there, the green hair dude came back over. We asked him if he can steal us stuff and put it in the hallway so we could pick it up. He agreed and stole us some ozzy osborn figurines and a strobe light (I loved that strobe light J).

After a while of playing in Spencerís we went back out into the main mall area. We spotted Diana and Vicky and ran over to say hello. Lisa and me were so excited to see them. I had to pee, so Diana went with me to the bathroom to make sure I didnít get lost. I did what I had to do and then flushed the toilet (like everybody does) but when I flushed I noticed it sounded funny so I turned around and flushed it over and over laughing hysterically every time. I came out of the bathroom sometime later and looked in the mirror. ooo boy was that ever a big mistake. As I gazed at my reflection, I could see the veins in my face and I noticed that my skin was so red looking. I could see every little imperfection and flaw in my skin. It didn't bother me that much but I thought I looked so nasty and sick-like. I backed away from the sink and leaned against the wall by the hand dryers while I waited for Diana. As I was leaning against the wall one of the hand dryers came on. It scared the shit out of me and made me leap to the other side of the bathroom; it seemed so sudden and loud. But then I chilled out cause I remembered that they were automatic and that this one wasn't trying to get me. Diana was laughing at me so hard cause she said I was being so bugged out and funny. She said I was in a world of my own and I was loving it. Which I was. After my time in the bathroom we walked back to Spencerís to meet up with the rest of our crew.

Lisa and me felt as if he were compelled to go marvel at the lights and colors of the food we did. We probably walked around it like 5 times pointing out every new thing we saw. I remember I had a funny taste in my mouth so I got a drink, but I was so far from being hungry you have no idea. I would not even begin to try and think about food. I donít think I could have sat still for the time long enough to eat. J

We walked back down to go outside and smoke a bone. We had to pass the big fountain to get to the door and when we did I happened to look down at the floor. The tiles around the fountain were glossy and showed the reflection of the large skylight above. I thought to myself that if I went through the floor then I would end up on top of the skylight; so I bent down to see if my hand would go through. Casey saw me do this and he laughed a little and then we continued to walk outside.

Coming down~ I didn't really start to come down until the bus ride home. But the bus ride was so unforgettable.

The four of us sat together, which would change later because Casey and Chriss were embarrassed to sit with and Lisaís hearing was still on it's peak and as we sat in the bus we could swear that we heard the people in the car next to the bus talk. It was the funniest thing.

Also while on the bus I can remember talking to Lisa about how I felt as if my high was slowly fading. I was so upset at the fact that I knew it was ending. She agreed with me on this. So we both sat there trying to make ourselves bug out so we would feel like we did before. It seemed to work but we still couldn't fight the fact that in a few hours it would all end.

As we sat on the bus and continued to talk and giggle, Lisa and I both could hear a girl singing and then we looked to the back of the bus, there was only a few people there that were talking. But to me and Lisa it seemed as if the volume of their voices were loud enough to get the drivers attention while driving. So I guess Lisa and me were the loudest ones on the bus. We felt that we had to speak louder so we could hear each other over everybody else. And it turns out that everybody on the bus was staring at us. This is the reason for Casey and Chriss to move.

We finally got home and we were dropped off by a bar next to the train station called Rockwellís. After calling our parents we walked up onto the train platform and sat down. Casey and Chriss were still down by the phones. I can recall me and Lisa talking about how useless we felt. We talked about how we didn't want to move for anything and how impossible it was to get up from the ground. Our bodies were like mush. We sat on the ground and watched the trains go by. Our visual effects had basically gone away. But every now and then lights would get a little brighter and things would move a little funnier, but it didn't last long.

I finally got home, I still felt a little funny but I was sober enough to be around my mom (thank god). But my mom wasn't home. I looked in the mirror that night and studied my pupils, they were getting bigger and smaller. One would grow and the other would shrink, this happened for a while, but I didn't really care. All I could think about was the next time I would do that again and how much I couldn't wait. That was the best day of my whole lifeÖwell, kinda. J

Exp Year: 1999ExpID: 8456
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 28, 2005Views: 5,153
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