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Trying One Ounce of My Tincture
Calea zacatechichi
by AE
Citation:   AE. "Trying One Ounce of My Tincture: An Experience with Calea zacatechichi (exp84761)". Erowid.org. Nov 12, 2022. erowid.org/exp/84761

1 oz oral Calea zacatechichi (tincture)
Calea Tincture

Prior to making a tincture I had tried Calea 3-4 times. The tea was completely unbearable, as it made me heave when I sipped it, and smoking required a large amount (2-3 grams) to have even the slightest effect.

To prepare the Calea tincture I placed 30 grams of foliage (leaves, stems, and flowers) in a glass jar with 11 fluid ounces of everclear (95% alcohol). I sealed the jar, shook the mixture, and placed it in a cupboard to avoid light. I took the mixture out 4 times to shake it before I prepared to reduce it 18 hours later. The fluid had became a dark green color. I filled a large pot with water and heated it to 160 degrees Fahrenheit on an electric stove. I held the open jar in the water off of the bottom of the pan for 20 minutes, closely monitoring the temperature. The mix got as hot as 155 degrees, but mostly stayed between 140 and 150. I filtered the mix into another jar and pressed the foliage to release any remaining liquid. The left over liquid was left to cool for an hour in the fridge. The tincture measured 8 fluid ounces. Assuming no psychoactive ingredient was lost in the process, that makes 1 fluid ounce equivalent to 3.75 grams Calea foliage.

Recommended dose varies on weight and desired effects, but I decided to try 1 ounce of my tincture. I swallowed it as quickly as I could just before going to bed. The alcohol was very strong, and the drink was bitter, but washed away quickly with milk. I immediately began to feel tired, and mildly dizzy. It was not an uncomfortable feeling, but that may have been from my excitement to try it. I went to bed and noticed I felt a mild high. It was a body high without the mental effects commonly associated with that of cannabis. It took me longer than normal to fall asleep, but I was still excited.

When I woke up the next day I could remember 4 dreams (I rarely remember 1). The first 2 are hazy, I just remember pieces. The third more memorable, but the fourth was so vivid I could remember minor details. I also woke refreshed which is unusual for me. Unfortunately none of my dreams were lucid, as I had read was a possible effect of Calea. It was a very pleasant experience which I intend to attempt again. Next time I will reduce the mixture further, so I can drink less for the same results.

Warning: Everclear is as flammable as gasoline. Do not attempt this at home, this is for research purposes only. YOU take responsibility for what YOU do! Happy dreaming.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84761
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Nov 12, 2022Views: 395
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Dreams (85), Calea zacatechichi (97) : Alone (16), Preparation / Recipes (30)

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