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Flight of Mind
by Xyla
Citation:   Xyla. "Flight of Mind: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp85111)". Mar 15, 2020.

1.8 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  1 Tbsp oral Ginger (ground / crushed)


A friend and I took about a half 8th of the mad magical mushroom caps, swallowing them simultaneously at exactly 8:06 pm on a particularly strange, colorful, hallucinatory summer night.

I went downed them with little apprehension after weeks of research and self-reassurance.

If I were to narrate the basic layout of my night as it was happening to my fellow tripper, it would probably consist almost entirely of monosyllables with the shared assurance that we - oh my god, totally - understand each other anyway:

1. ooh! - lights were bright, head felt like a helium balloon. About 40 min after ingestion, I started feeling what were similar to some initial salvia effects, and my stomach felt a little uneasy. I had heard that ginger helps, so I made the awful mistake of throwing a tablespoon of ground ginger into my mouth andholyshit my throat was on fire! I proceeded to sputter and cough and drink an entire vitamin water to get the taste out.

2. wha? Ė on the upward climb, we decided to light up a blunt for a couple non-trippers in the backseat of my friendís car that I didn't share in. Thatís when the visuals started. I looked up at the dirt splotches on the window and observed it move and twist into itself, morphing into nightmarish things that oddly didnít trip me out. I probably stared at it for a good 20 minutes before I looked outside and noticed the shadows rapidly changing position as the sky seemingly turned from night to day and back.

3. woah... - not knowing what to do with ourselves, just my friend and I decided to meet some others at Taco Bell. I went to the bathroom and had a 5 minute fit of laughter by myself for no reason at all, stumbling around because I kept forgetting what I was doing. After composing myself, I joined everyone at the little plastic table and admired the almost sickeningly bright purple and white colors of the inside of the restaurant. I tried to follow the conversations as we sat for awhile, but this proved to be very hard.

4. aaah! - the peak. Most of this time was a blur. After arriving at a friendís house, two more decided to join us on our journey. As a couple of them smoked hookah in the garage, I would hear random intervals of wild laughter while I sat in the living room watching the movie 'From Hell' with Johnny Depp. I watched the whole thing but had no idea what was going on. There was a point after he had smoked opium when he asked 'why grapes?' and I thought he was questioning the meaning of life. I thought to myself, I know exactly what youíre going through, man!

I kept feeling as though something were about to happen, like we were all just waiting for something, and had to keep reminding myself that we had eaten boomers and it was already happening. This led me into the confusing train of thought that life was always just waiting for something to happen; we have to make things happen for ourselves. This part is difficult to put into words, because wherever my mind went after that is trapped by the English language. After about an hour of this restless uneasiness and pondering, I felt like I awoke from a trance.

Suddenly two others and I decided to leave, which took us 15 minutes because we kept forgetting what we were doing. Someone would start to ask a question but then trail off until someone else interjected with something completely off-topic.

5. euphoria! Ė At last in the car, I started to get a little freaked out about driving and kept telling my friend to slow the hell down. I even went as far as to jerk the wheel because I thought we were undeniably veering, but to my chagrin they assured me that we were okay, and started redirecting my attention to how cool everything looked as it melted by outside. I thought I was sober at this point, but realized I wasnít as I looked at the clock every minute, thinking at least 10 had gone by.
It was still early, so we drove to our townís beautiful Cathedral. Suddenly, it felt as if everything in my brain clicked. The ornate, castle-like architecture seemed to be glowing and stretching out to seem bigger and more profound. We parked near a lit cross, and stared at it in awe. I suddenly felt like I understood what God and faith was, and almost started crying I was so moved. I felt serene, euphoric, awake, lucid. I thought everything in my life was going to change from this moment on.
On the way home, we listened to some upbeat Beatles songs and the music influenced my mood drastically. I felt as if we were flying down the road and I had never felt such overwhelming happiness. The word 'revelation' kept coming to mind for some reason.

6. ugh... - once home, I sat up for an hour thinking more about the meaning of life and religion, which made me all the more confused. I felt my thoughts break into a thousand pieces, and I started to despair at the idea that life was just a repetitive cycle where we could understand its secrets through experience and learning, only to die. So I decided that the reason we must go to school is to have structure and a set path in life, evolve, and gradually make it easier for each generation to figure it all out again. I made more distinctions about good and evil, happiness and depression, and felt many conflicting emotions at the same time. The shrooms had begun to make me feel sick, but I decided I was going to be happy about it because it meant I was alive. Finally, I drifted to sleep.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 85111
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Mar 15, 2020Views: 470
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Various (28)

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