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The Dark Liquid Top Layer
Poppies - Opium (tincture)
Citation:   chemist31. "The Dark Liquid Top Layer: An Experience with Poppies - Opium (tincture) (exp85671)". Nov 12, 2020.

1-2 drop oral Poppies - Opium (tincture)
Opium Extract

This is a recipe one that I have not seen anywhere else in this detail. I would (compare) one dose to 10-80 mg of oxy or morphine depending on how many poppy pods I use in the extraction and a few other factors. (Warning) This extraction is very strong!

I use opium poppies (papaver somniferum). I gather about 100 -1000 (counted) dried pods, I wait for the pods to dry on the plant. It makes separating the seeds possible. After I get all the pods if dry I can shake the seeds out like a salt shaker. I donít use the seeds in the extraction.
I donít use the seeds in the extraction.
I plant more poppies with them! This is better because I find the best extraction are made from poppies grown at home.

After the seeds are separated I put all 1000 pods in a large blender. They wonít fit but as I grind them to powder I can fit alot more. After Iíve ground up the pods as much as I can I add as much lemon juice as it takes to moisten most of the powder. I then add (barely) enough water to get all of the powdered pods totally soaked it will be a very thick mush. After that I add about a half gallon of 100 proof vodka then mix very very well. I will go through alot! Possibly 2 gallons of liquor. Especially if making the 1000 pod recipe. I used cheap 100 proof vodka and it worked great.

After I have mixed the half gallon of 100 proof into the pod mush and mixed very very well, I seal or cover it and let sit for a day. After a day or two I stir it some more and add another gallon of 100 proof the larger and more liquid my mush the better as long as I can fit it in one big container. After that I add water in. If using a 1000 pods I make as much liquid as I can possibly lift and pour without spilling it. Then I stir again very well after this I use another big bucket or something I can pour all the liquid mush into before I pour the liquid into the other container. I have to strain it with something I use a cheese cloth. I put the cheese cloth over the container and hold it so it doesnít fall or leak into my secondary container after the majority of the liquid comes through I am left with some mushy liquids in my cheese cloth. Then I make kind of a tea bag out of my cheese cloth with my liquidy mush (all of the solids) inside and then squeeze as very hard as I can. All the liquid is squeezed from the tea bag/cheese cloth inside the cheese cloth with what remains of my ground pods. It looks kind of like what I started with a thick (dry) mush. I discard the mush and throw it in the compost. Since all of the alkaloids have been extracted.

Now in my container I should be left with a (lot) of very dark nasty liquid with (no) solids. This is the base of my opiates basically a very strong very large batch of tea. I now pour all of it in one metal container, place it in a warm room 100 degrees maybe. But not over 110 just as a heat precaution. I put a coffee cup warmer under the metal container and put it in a hot room- the room I put the container in (will) reek of alcohol fumes so no open flames or sparks! All of the heat sources I use to evaporate must (not) be too hot!!!! It will make the opium unstable and ruin it if I get it too hot. Then I place a fan pointing directly at the liquid in the container so it makes little ripples then I place a screen over the top of the container. I'm trying to keep all bugs and dust and stuff out of my liquid cause next I'm gonna leave it there for a while possibly up to a week or even longer. My goal is to evaporate 80 -90% of the massive amount of very watery thin liquid. In the end I am left with a (syrupy very thick) liquid that is even darker then before! Now I add the rest of the 100proof. I used about a gallon or so. I need at least enough to turn the thick syrup back into a liquid. I put this liquid into air tight containers and shake it a lot. As much as I possibly can. Then I put containers in a room temp. dark place for a few days or weeks. After a long while a couple of weeksí it should be settled. Then I pour off the top liquid layer. Without the solid milky tanish layer mixing with the top. The dark liquid top layer I pour into clean sealable containers. I discard the bottom tanish layer. The dark laudanum liquid top layer is opiates such as morphine and codeine mixed with 100 proof liquor and is very strong and dangerous if not used very cautiously!

I start off with 1 or two drops and work my way up.
I start off with 1 or two drops and work my way up.
(Dosages)//- 100-500 pods usually takes about half to a whole shot glass full depending on tolerance. And 1000 pod extractions might only require a drop or two to the tongue. These dosages are not always standardized and may vary from batch to batch. I have a strong tolerance to all opiates! I take a couple drops and wait 2-3 hours then work my way up to a shot. I can handle a half shot of the 1000 pod extract though like I said I have a really high tolerance. This is not tea!!! The alcohol extracts alot more of the alkaloids from the plant and even simple teas have been known to kill because people drink too much at one time. Better safe then sorry

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 85671
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Nov 12, 2020Views: 5,525
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Alcohol - Hard (198), Poppies - Opium (43) : Preparation / Recipes (30), Not Applicable (38)

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