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Peace and Well-Being
H. B. Woodrose
Citation:   CCKat. "Peace and Well-Being: An Experience with H. B. Woodrose (exp86185)". Dec 27, 2017.

  tablets oral Ginger (roots)
  4 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (dried)
    repeated oral Spearmint (tea)
    repeated oral Chamomile (tea)
First off, I've tried HBW once before and had a horrible experience with it from the amount of nausea I felt. This time, I took some precautions in pre-making a large amount of chamomile and mint tea the day before to chill in the fridge and taking ginger root pills right before hand. This worked very effectively and kept away all nausea this time.

So I chewed four cleaned seeds at 11:30. An hour later I couldn't keep awake (likely more due to the fact that I hadn't slept well at all for the last number of days rather than a side effect), and dozed pleasantly in and out until about 2:30. There were only mild effects by then, and I thought perhaps the seeds were duds. By 3:30 though, the full effects finally hit and it was incredibly similar to lower doses of LSD; no hallucinations or visuals but incredible feeling of peace and giddy well-being, like the first time I ever fell in love.

I tried watching a movie but got bored very quickly, and the same with a usually well enjoyed MMO. I then tried sitting outside, which was indeed a great setting visually, however I live in a southern climate and 90 degrees with 80% humidity was just too uncomfortable to bear, even in the shade. So I retreated back inside and channel surfed for a while, finally coming on some cartoons which were very satisfying. Whether it was the bright colors, plucky music, or overly silly characters and storylines, it was exactly what I was looking for. (Looking back, I think it was likely because I was experiencing some time distortion -- it felt like time was moving slower/more time was passing than it actually was. So it seemed like the movie and game were just progressing too slowly to be entertaining. Whereas, the faster storylines of cartoons made for children's short attention spans seemed to be moving at the right pace.)

I ended up hogging on all kinds of things in the house, not because I was particularly hungry or had munchies like with marijuana, but because food simply tasted amazing. Marshmallow cookies, bbq ribs, strawberries, curry rice, the chamomile/peppermint tea, chocolate soy milk, it was all extraordinary. The only thing I ended up not liking was a Sprite that just tasted like pure chemicals. I was glad to have a bunch of varying tastes on hand.

As for the actual effects, throughout the trip I would randomly burst into bouts of exuberant laughter for no reason whatsoever. I also kept catching myself with a huge grin plastered on my face; so much so that by the end of the day, my cheeks were sore. Like with LSD, despite the large amounts of stress I had in my life at the time, during the trip it felt like all was right with the world. That I could just easily let go of all my problems and be at peace. The strongest of these effects tapered off by about 7-8, but I was still feeling very happy when I turned in for an early night (for me) at around 11.

As a side note, I noticed another personal similarity to LSD - it gave me cold-like symptoms: a stuffy nose, sore palate, and slight lung congestion. Next time, I will definitely take a mild decongestant and see if that solves the problem or if it's a psychosomatic response.

Overall though, it was an extremely pleasant experience that bolsters my thoughts of experimenting with higher doses. Especially, since HBW seeds are much cheaper and easier to come by than actual LSD.

Note's from the next day:

I slept in this morning and feel very lethargic, no drive to get up and do anything whatsoever, which is unusual for me. There's a comfortable heaviness to my limbs that makes me just want to laze around in bed. I have noticed a slight light sensitivity; no pain, but in bright light my eyes seems to unfocus and I feel like I just can't see properly. Also have a mild sinus headache; again, not painful, just pressure in the sinus areas. Otherwise my lungs and sinuses have completely cleared out and there are no signs of the other cold-like symptoms I had during the trip.

What I've always liked about LSD, and now also seem to find with the HBW, is that it seems to clear out my head's cobwebs. Before the trip, I was in a very bad funk -- in a darker place than I should have been whether stressed or not. But afterwards, it feels as if I can deal with my problems with the proper emotional level. In other words, the sense of peace and well-being remains even after the drug has dissipated.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86185
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Dec 27, 2017Views: 2,326
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