The Duration Is Always 20 Minutes
Citation:   voyage. "The Duration Is Always 20 Minutes: An Experience with Phenethylamine (exp86241)". Sep 22, 2019.

2 - 3 cups oral Tea  
  1.5 - 3.5 g oral Phenethylamine (capsule)
Phenylethylamine: P is for Passion

I recently aquired some pure Phenylethylamine to experiment with. Reasons: I was recently dissapointed with the recent 'ban' of Mephedrone (4-mmc) & was researching something legal that was stimulating & enjoyable. I found out about pure Phenylethylamine & was excited to try it, even after reading mixed reports.

Methods & dosage:
I read it was better to consume on an empty stomach & that 1.5 to 4 grams are required for activation.

I also read that it is potentiated by MAO-B inhibitors. Regular Tea contains some dose dependent MAO-B inhibitors so I drank 2 or 3 cups of tea & also swallowed the 3.5 gram dose of Phenylethylamine which I had gel-capped. Each cap was approx 750mg. & I took them at the same time. Effects were felt within 30 to 45 minutes (maybe even sooner) & the duration was 20 minutes.

I have tried this experiment a few more times with between 1.5 to 3.5 grams & the duration is always 20 minutes. A higher dosage gives slightly stronger effects but the same duration.
the duration is always 20 minutes. A higher dosage gives slightly stronger effects but the same duration.

Occasionaly this compound does not produce effects. I put this down to either stomach content/absorption or else depletion of dopamine reserves. This is a guess though. The best & fastest effects are felt if I consume this first thing in a morning.

I like to name this substance 'PHEONA' as a spin from the name fiona. It seems to suit, but 'passion powder' is also a good way to describe the effects.

Initialy there is a lack of 'spine rush' with Phenylethylamine. The effects seem to tingle into effect all over the body & in the brain. It is deffinately stimulative in the body & mind & it is a very clean light & pleasurable high, which can come on & fade with a little nausea but only mild & it does go away when the effects kick in.

If comparing this substance to something like 4-mmc (mephedrone) I would say 4-mmc has a lot worse body load. Phenylethylamine is so nice & sparkly! I have only tried it alone...
I have only tried it alone...
But I would say that is by-passes many of the initial effects of 4-mmc and similar stimulants & gets right to the sensual, sexy, pleasure enhancing properties that are passion & desire. All senses are heightened & sensitized - touch, sound, smell, sight & thought. Very sexy, sensual, hedonistic arousing and euphoric (although actual sexual function itself may be compromised).

Its NOT lovey, huggy, relationship, bonding type love experienced from MDMA & such... It is - I feel more hedonistic in nature. - but I kinda like that. - On a bad note if I were to get really into this substance theres a chance I may end up being a recluse who immerses themself in their own particular hedonistic vice.

There doesnt seem to be any major come down effects & so far its not too addictive (I wouldnt want to go about daily life high on it).

With this compound & during this particular session my main insights were experiencing a more feminine perspective... I felt and could see how a woman might think, feel and what she might enjoy about sex & intimacy as compared to the more masculine male approach. I derive and reel in deeper and more prominent pleasures from simpler more finer things... Every touch, word and smell is more delicious as is every curve, expression and smile. Touching & feeling, seeing and smelling anything that I like or might be especialy particular towards is exceedingly immersive and enjoyable in all its delicacy & detail. Its like a 20 minute gentle orgasm. And I can understand a lot more about what other people might like & enjoy by experiencing it for myself... Like 'ah-ha!' revelations of the body and its reward system.

Final note:
I would say its good for relaxing with alone or with a partner. But I guess everyone is different. I intend to try it with selegine/deprenyl.

I wish I had found out about Phenylethylamine a long time ago. Its inexpensive and though the duration is short & the route of administration is not immediate to effect... Its nice. I'm certainly not complaining.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86241
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33
Published: Sep 22, 2019Views: 9,092
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