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The Most Beautiful Day of My Life
Banisteriopsis caapi (10x extract) & Mushrooms - P. atlantis
Citation:   Nafiz. "The Most Beautiful Day of My Life: An Experience with Banisteriopsis caapi (10x extract) & Mushrooms - P. atlantis (exp87023)". Erowid.org. Oct 10, 2020. erowid.org/exp/87023

T+ 0:00
1 g oral Banisteriopsis caapi (extract - 10x)
  T+ 1:10 20 g oral Mushrooms - P. atlantis (sclerotia)
  T+ 1:10   oral Caffeine (liquid)
4 AM - Took 1gram of Banisteri Caapi to deactivate MAO in my stomach.

5 AM - Left the house, bought 2 cans of Red Bull to push down the awful (taste like uncooked peas) tasting atlantis. Also to give me energy. :) Took cab to Bedok Reservoir (lake) Park.

5.10 AM - Reached Bedok Reservoir. The moon was full and beautiful. Sat at the bench chewed the atlantis and gulp it down with Red Bull to kill the taste. Took 20 grams of it. I always like to experiment beyond the required dose just to make sure. I then made my way to my fav spot at bedok reservoir park which was around 500m away from the toilet. I later realise its a big mistake.

5.30 AM - As I was sitting by the water on my mat waiting for the effect to come, I felt funny in the tummy and realise nature's calling. I got up, grab my bag, left my mat and ran to the toilet, which was, 500m way. I pulled down my pants juz in time for ass to blow a load of shit into the toilet bowl. What a relief. I felt horny after that and masturbated. Dont ask me why. I beileve it happened for a reason as I'm about to experience sumting spiritual and life changing. The thing bout me is that, I never see these plants (Psilocybe & DMT) as a party drug but instead as a learning experience. Thats why I never listen to upbeat party music when I'm on them. My songs of choice when taking these plants is ALWAYS Sigur ros coz it clears my mind of everything else, ready to absorb what ever these plants got to say to me. I stopped listening to Sigur Ros on any other occasion as I want to save it solely for that special moment. To me Sigur Ros is the PERFECT song for that kinda moment.

6.30 AM - My body starts to tingle. Visually, nothing yet or maybe its still too dark at the reservoir for me to notice anything.

7 AM - I looked up at the sky and see the most beautiful kaleidoscope patterns. My mind started to be filled with thoughts as usuals. As usual I start to think of God. He's a genius to create such a mystical and magical plant which unfortunately many refuse or fear to try it coz they catergories it, as drugs. How can appreciating what God have given to us on earth be bad for us. I sat there for about an hour before I decided to make a move.

8 AM - I walked to a more secluded place and while I was walking, still in the park, I can remember myself saying 'Juz look at that, juz look at that' at every single thing I see coz I was sooo amazed by them. The trees, the water, the sky. Everything was amazingly beautiful. It was like seeing all those things for the first time. I have never stopped and appreciate all these things, these nature God have given us on this earth. But today I was so amazed by His genius, to have created all these beautiful and wonderful things.

8 .15 AM - I got tired of walking and decided to sit near the water again, this time even further away from where I was before. I cant stop saying 'Juz look at that.. Juz look at that' at every single thing. Everything was amazingly beautiful. The sky was pulsating as though theres waves in it. The grass and trees are glowing green, its as though I'm in heaven and I can feel the plants smiling at me. Its too crazy to describe. I started crying. Not a trickle of tear but it was literally raining down my cheeks. I cried non stop, praising God for his greatness, to have created such a beautiful earth. I cried and cried non stop. I didnt care wat the jogers at the park think of me. To me, I'm juz appreciating these beautiful things. I looked up in the sky and it was as if, theres another planet floating really close, just beyond the clouds. Its as though that planet was earth in an alternate universe. I wondered, maybe there was another me at the very same spot I am lying beyond those clouds on that planet. I looked up in amazement at the beauty. I was still crying. Tears are dripping down my chin. It was tears of joy. This was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL day of my life.

9 AM - I now understand why sclerotia is aka Philosopher's stones. Coz it makes u think. Again I wondered, how can these amazing plant be bad for you. How can a plant that makes u see the Greatness of God be considered harmful. It was then I started thinking about religion. I started to think about my Gf who is a Christian and I also started to think of the impossibilities of us being together if she refuse to convert. And then I started to think about those times before there was this thing called religion. If there's so called the 'right' religion, what happens to those humans that lived before religion? Before there was a Quran? Before there was a Bible? What about those people born blind or deaf and unable to read the Quran or the Bible? Will God still accept them? Who wrote those books anyway? Yes, I understand that those were the words of God. But someone must have wrote them. What about us who dont understand arab? Are we suppose to study them blindly? I personnaly have read the translated version and realised that its not easy to understand coz they use old english like 'thou' and 'thee'. Does that mean I cant be a muslim, juz because I dont know what's inside the Quran? It was then I realised that God had lead me to this experience to make me understand one thing. I believe He spoke to me through my mind. I now understand the book is juz a guide, for those who dont know the power of God's greatest invention, the Human mind. God speaks to us if we care to listen (conscience). It's already inside our mind, what's wrong and what's right. The Quran or the Bible is juz a history book for people to learn from. But I dont need to understand it to know the Greatness of God. God is powerful enough to speak to me directly. I juz have to trust the voices in my head and make the right judgement.

Again I tell myself God is great, and thanked him for this experience. I'm still crying like a baby. I looked around and EVRYTHING IS STILL SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! I praise God for his genius. Suddenly a small orange and purple coloured spider jumped on my hand and looked at me straight into my face as tho trying to communicate with me. I was sooo amazed by it. I looked up to the sky and wondered at the infinite greatness of the universe and then I looked at the tiny little spider on my hand and I cried at the beauty of God's creation. God is really great. I stared at the spider for quite sometime, allowing it to crawl all over my hand. I'm worried that I might accidentally squash it, so I tried to 'shoo' it away onto the grass... But it juz refuses to leave my hand. Its as tho it wanna spend a bit more time with me. :') I have to shake it of my hand and let it drop to the ground. I noticed a lot of creatures around me, snails, grasshopper, which stayed on the same blade of grass throughout my whole trip, looking at me, ants... I'm marvelled by all of it. For once in my life I appreciated all this things that I dont normally take notice. And I again I admired God's genius. I then realise that all these praises that I made to God in my mind during the trip is the sincerest prayer a man can ever give to God. I realise that a simple appreciation can be the most sincere form of prayer ever. I realise that this idea I had is the answer to my initial question. Before there was religion, how man simply prayed to God is juz by sitting by the lake and admire the beautiful landscape that God have created and send praises to him. Simple yet sincere. Many people pray coz they are thought from young by their parents that they HAVE TO. Where's the sincerity in that? It becomes a habit more than a prayer. I'm still crying at His greatness.

9.30 AM - Its starting to get hot at the place I'm sitting and I decided to find another shaded area. I felt like peeing so I decided to go to the toilet first. I put on my sunglasses. I'm still crying behind those shades. The colours around me are still so vibrant. I make my way to the toilet. When I reached toilet, I again I broke down and cried like a baby and thank God for the most beautiful day of my life. I stayed in the toilet for about 30 mins, still marvelled by my experience. I swear to God, I was ready to die coz I have seen the most beautiful day of my life.

10 AM - I found a more beautiful place and it became my new fav spot. I opened up my mat and lie down, watching the clouds float above me. The sky still looked like a sea of clouds pulsating above me. My mouth is still repeating 'Juz look at that.. God is great... God is great..' I decied to switch my music to Jonsi. A more upbeat music. To me THATS the perfect dance music when on ayahuasca or shrooms. I lied there admiring God's creations, the land, the water, the sky til about 11.30 before making a move. Describing these experience in words wont do its justice. Its too amazing to describe otherwise I wouldnt cried happy tears continously for hours. I thought of sharing these experience with the people I love. The first person I had in mind is, my mum. Crazy but I will try. Coz I'd be selfish to not let the person I loved most experience this beautiful journey. I will one day.

11.30 AM - I made a move coz I promised to meet my gf at 12.30am at her place. I started to think about what others might think of me tripping alone. They might think I'm crazy but thats how I wanted it to be. By the way the term 'crazy' are used by people who dont dare take the road less travelled. I dont think my experience would be as powerful if I were to trip with another person or have someone sit for me. To me, tripping is a spiritual journey. A sitter will be a ball-chain cuffed to my ankle that will hold me down preventing me from floating to the maximum height of that psychedelic experience. If I have done my research about the substance and I have a positive mindset, there's nothing to fear.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87023
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Oct 10, 2020Views: 1,231
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Mushrooms - P. atlantis (856), Banisteriopsis caapi (169) : Combinations (3), Nature / Outdoors (23), Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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