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Stole My Soul
Dimethocaine, MDPV & Mushrooms
Citation:   nella. "Stole My Soul: An Experience with Dimethocaine, MDPV & Mushrooms (exp87207)". Sep 2, 2011.

  repeated insufflated Dimethocaine (powder / crystals)
    repeated insufflated MDPV (powder / crystals)
    repeated smoked Cannabis  
    repeated oral Alcohol  
    oral Mushrooms (dried)
BODY WEIGHT: 69.9 kg
Well it started at a punk gig as it was my friends birthday it seemed a hot ticket. I had acquired the mdvp from a friend earlier and although I had taken it before and had one of the worst comedowns of my life I hadnt taken any other drugs than weed and alcohol for a while so I thought I'd risk it.

I was keying the dmc to begin with, drinking smoking and feeling good, then once I had ran out I moved onto the soul sucking mdvp! The high is great at the time, we went back to my mates house at about 2am and were having a great time chatting and listening to music, then we remembered some friends of ours were having a party/rave in the woods close to our home. Feeling up for it we got there about 3am which is when I made a big mistake. I was offered some dried mushrooms, quite a large dose. After about 30 minutes I was tripping but still feeling quite pleasent then another half hour later I was on another planet, I felt intensely paranoid and had no grip on reality, all that came out of my mouth were incoherant jibber jabber. I didnt sleep till the next night and 3 days later I'm feeling the psychosis. It really does feel like I've lost a part of my personality and soul that I'll never get back. I'm still hallucinating slightly and my speech is still messed up. Just hope I'll feel back to normal soon.

Mdvp sends me paranoid anyway and mixing it with shrooms sent me to a place I'd never want to return to again in my life. Stick to weed and booze.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87207
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Sep 2, 2011Views: 12,249
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MDPV (377), Mushrooms (39), Dimethocaine (552) : Rave / Dance Event (18), Post Trip Problems (8), Combinations (3)

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