Getting Itchy Off Poppy Seeds
Citation:   Naveej. "Getting Itchy Off Poppy Seeds: An Experience with Opium (exp8724)". Aug 11, 2001.

500 g oral Poppies - Opium (seeds)
If you love opium but find it hard to get and alot of effort to grow, you'l love this. about 10 or so weeks ago I met a guy who said you could get high off poppy seeds. (what a load of shit, i thought) but wanted to try it any way so i asked him if he could grab some for me. he got about 1KG and told me how to prepare it, so me and a friend made up a brew, drank it, and sat back. it only took 20-40min to start taking affect. it was just the same basic effect as opium resin from bleeding the poppy heads but with about 10 times less effort. (here are the effects i got)

The first hour was very mellow with a great sense of well being and euphoria where you just want to sit back and chill out (you may think you need or want more but wate a few hours). then after about two hours you'll start to get a bit of an itchy nose and find it hard to walk straight but you still feel great! after 3-4 hours into it you'll be unmovable; you may have a little head ache and be a bit rude to people but you still feel great! after this you will start to doze off if you're lucky (mostly when taken at night or in the afternoon). this is one of the best parts you may look like shit and be a bit of a wanker but you'll feel very laxed out and itchy until you fall asleep.

Now heres how to get the opium off the seeds. you will need:
:half a kg of poppy seeds (for each person)
:a large bottle (that has a large lid)
:large lid with a lot of holes in it (puncture holes with a knife) :some room temp water

pour all the seeds into the bottle then pour in about 500mls of water or until the seeds are covered with about an inch of water. then give the bottle a good shake (after shaking there should be an inch of water above them, I mean) and leave to sit for 10 mins. give a few more good shakes. then with the holey lid strain off the liquid. it should be kind of brown and taste like shit so add some concentrated juice and enjoy. Word of warning: DONT OVER DO IT! this shit can really fuck you up. have too much and you'll vomit for a day after at the least. it is also very addictive so be careful (some people vomit on your normal dose so dont set to worried). also ONLY SOME BRANDS WORK so if you have no luck try and try again until you find one that does. it may also hard to find them in such large quantities so you may have to order them at your local bulk store. they should not be more than $8 u.s for a KG have fun!!

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8724
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 11, 2001Views: 28,213
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