Prying Open My Third Eye
LSD, MDPV & Mushrooms
Citation:   T. Banson. "Prying Open My Third Eye: An Experience with LSD, MDPV & Mushrooms (exp87689)". Oct 28, 2010.

1.5 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  3 hits smoked MDPV (powder / crystals)
  2.5 oral Mushrooms (edible / food)
  2 hits smoked MDPV (powder / crystals)
  0.5 oral Mushrooms (edible / food)
Last night (10/09/10 - 10/10/10) I decided it was time for me to experiment with LSD-25 for the first time. I had done a lot of research into the drug and knew that it wasn't something to mess with unless I had a strong, solid, positive mindset, and I knew I did so it was time to give it a try.

I bought 4 1/2 tabs of blotter acid and split them with a friend who had already done acid twice before. I started out at approx. 8:00pm by dropping 1 1/2 tabs on my tongue. I let it sit there and soak for approx 15-20 minutes and then chewed the paper and swallowed it. About 5 minutes after the first hit, I dropped 1 more tab and also let it disolve, chewed, and swallowed. My friend and I then walked down the street to an area of the city that was full of night clubs. It took us about 30 minutes to walk to the club we planned on going to and about half way there I could start to feel subtle changes. Nothing was significantly different, but at the same time, there was definitely something changing. We got to the club and waited about 15 minutes for a friend to meet us there. It was while we were waiting for this friend that the LSD kicked in almost fully.

We got in line to the club and as the bouncer was checking my ID the effects of the LSD became apparently stronger than before and it was as if waves were running from the top of my head down through my body and out my legs. It was a strong sensation but in a good way, almost like how it feels just before an orgasm, but it was throughout my entire body.

I got into the club and right away the flashing colors, and loud music were more intense than normal. I tried dancing with some girls but my mind was racing too much to focus on anything. I ended up sitting down at an empty table and writing down all my thoughts on my blackberry as they were coming to me so I would have a reference later as to what I was thinking and see if I could make sense of it all when I sobered up. Here is verbatim what I wrote down in my phone, I copied, pasted, and emailed it to myself. The thoughts were separated by paragraph as they changed throughout the evening.

ďIt's like I'm bonding with peoples minds and seeing deep inside them. I know what they're coming from, who they're trying to be. I can see through every charade. It's like I'm a narator of life. Like I'm a mortal version of god. Everything is so unreal like in a crazy caotic dreamworld that this could only be true in.

Like this whole trip was made up in my mind. I was telling myself in a distant dream that all this would happen and by doing acid I have somehow reconnected with my dream self in a limbo. It's like I'm trying to escape. Like this whole world is a charade and I'm trying to break through. My self in my dreams is my real soul screaming out to me. Like I'm trapped. This is my reach back to sanity. Like everyone is really in a home sitting watching me, being insane like in an episode of house. But to me it all makes sense and is real which is the real psycho thing about it. How do you convince someone you're ok when you're mad and the whole 'world' was developed by you to cope against your own mind. How do you defend against your own mind? Your always 1 step ahead and 1 step behind. I want more...

I can see how people think and through their thought processes. I can see how the judge someone because I am judging them through their eyes and we are 1

It's true what they say about men being pigs. It's because we are only out to benefit ourself, to please ourself. But if we are all 1 being, then everyone, no matter who, is trying to please themself, and at the same time, trying to please everyone else because they are us. We are all just 1 fucking shit trying to please ourselves. Until we break this cycle and realize a way out, we'll be lost in a world of greed and pleasure. We are blind by ourselves. We don't even try anymore. We are scum, we are the human apocolypse. I am sitting here, ashamed that I am the 1 branch of my own being who has realized where we are headed and have to fall back and let us fall victim to ourselves! This sucks! Why can't we realize that we aren't pleasing ourself! We can please others and those others are us! God damn!!!!

Like I just can't believe these characters are real. It's like I'm watching a film. This is great. I'm watching while everyones living the roles around me

Maybe it's loud in here because its a club but maybe it's loud cause I can hear everyones thoughts. I see someone and I see how they're judging me and how they judge me judging them judging me. It's a huge circle.

The world is my mind!!!!Ē

After a couple hours at the club I decided it was time to leave. I headed back to my car and got a phone call from a friend who said I should come over to his place because he has this crazy stuff called MDPV (Methylenedioxypyrovalerone). I got to my car (please donít attempt this) and drove across town to my friends beach house. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

Once there he got a bag of synthetic herbs and rolled it into a joint. He warned me that I shouldnít take more than 2 hits. I lit up and took 2 small hits because I didnít want to trip too hard. After about 5 minutes, nothing happened so I took a 3rd big hit. This hit turned out to be huge and something snapped and I was out. Within 2 minutes I quickly peaked and started tripping real hard. It was like a broke down into pure energy and was just floating around this chaotic universe. I have never been in such a vulnerable state before. Everything seemed odd and didnít make sense. My senses (sight, touch, taste, etc all seemed to cross.) Everything made sense and yet i couldnt understand it.

Things appeared fuzzy and electric, yet they were clear and the fuzzyness was caused by how something felt (such as rubbing my hair). I was laying with my head down on the table and I would begin to feel these weird sensations and everything felt weird and my mind was looping in circles like there was never an end to my questions because everything was linked together. Then I would realize that the entire thought process my mind just went on was actually my brain sending a signal to my body to sit up. It was like I was on a journey through myself, experiencing how I worked. Itís really hard to explain.

After an hour of coming down, I decided I would go to my girlfriends place back on the other side of town. Please, once again, do not attempt to drive. I donít know how I made it and if it wasnít for my friend being in the passenger seat guiding me through the drive, I donít think I would have made it.

I made it over to my girlfriendís house and I found out that a co-worker of hers had sold her some magic mushrooms that she baked into chocolates. I figured I had come this far tonight, why not open my mind a little more. I ate 1 chocolate (unknown strand of mushroom and unknown quantity) after about 30-45 minutes, nothing was hitting me. I figured this was because I was already on some hard stuff and in addition, I have an extremely high tolerance for drugs. I then ate a second one. after about 30 minutes I felt a slight sensation through my body but nothing extreme. About 30 minutes after that, I split 1 more chocolate with my friend and smoked 2 more hits of the MDPV. At this point, my body was feeling decent, and my mind could freely wander but I was not lost. An hour after that, I split another half a chocolate with my girlfriend. By this time the sun was rising so all 3 of us went outside and sat by the pool and watch it come up. The light reflecting in the water was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. It was kaleidoscopic and put me in a small trance. By this time, we were completely out of all our drugs.

At 11am, I was supposed to go play a game of football with a group of friends at a BBQ. We got to the BBQ (I did not drive this time) and I began feeling tired and very hot (it was about 85 outside). I found a path in the woods and went to sit down for a while. After about 30 minutes of sitting in the woods I asked my friend if I could sit in his car for a minute to cool down before playing. I ended up passing out until 3 oíclock when I woke up back at my friendís apartment. From there, I went inside and laid down on the couch and slept till 8:30pm. I woke up in a slight panic, got in my car and drove back to my house where I slept till 9am the next morning.

All in all it was a good experience. Luckily nothing bad happened even though it very well could have. I absolutely DO NOT recommend driving on any of the substances I took, ESPECIALLY the Methylenedioxypyrovalerone. Please use caution when trying any of these substances and know that you can always start small and take more.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87689
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Oct 28, 2010Views: 22,475
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LSD (2), MDPV (377), Mushrooms (39) : Combinations (3), Various (28)

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