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Translucent Psychic Fluid Amongst Other Stuff
Mushrooms - P. semilanceata
by barton
Citation:   barton. "Translucent Psychic Fluid Amongst Other Stuff: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. semilanceata (exp87764)". Nov 16, 2020.

70 oral Mushrooms - P. semilanceata (fresh)
  40 oral Mushrooms - P. semilanceata (dried)


This is an experience I had last night with about 110 liberty caps, 40 dry, 70 wet. My first few shroom trips have taken place over the past 2 months, they have all been quite low doses, the highest being 25 fresh. This was to be a solo shamanic journey like I have had previously with baby Woodrose and Ayahuasca along with countless drug experiences.

My psychedelic plant use has been increasing exponentially since January, my depression and anxiety was completely transformed into a profound new awareness which some might deem spiritual after my first trip on morning glory seeds. I now remain in awe of the mystery and seek to learn more.

What I experienced last night was remarkable; I produced the translucent liquid in my mouth which I recall Terence McKenna once describing and experienced a very strange synchronicity.

Let’s call 8.30pm T-0.00

T-0.00 – Started eating mushrooms, ate about 30 between now and T+0.30. I had a mild headache before the trip, this seems to happen a lot before I attempt tryptamines and very rarely in other occasions.

T+0.15 – Felt them coming on already, I felt very light and slightly disorientated. I wondered whether I should continue to eat more, it was the usual slight anxiety before tripping.

T+0.30 – My peripheral vision is morphing objects within it into people who are frozen in strange positions, they seem to ask me to come forward into the bizarre. I think of how the mushroom does not give me a direct path, but shows that I have the choice whether or not to eat more and continue. During my 25 shroom trip I had told the mushroom it was very strange, as soon as I had said this, a shock went through my body which paralysed me with fear. I thought that perhaps I and the mushroom did not mix and that LSA was my calling. It was slightly worrying that I did not yet know my dosing levels.

T+1.00 – Have just finished eating all the shrooms, the body buzz was coming on quite strong. I got the usual sensation of a physic corkscrew being drilled into my forehead. I could not find any other reports of this sensation. I was playing some Terence McKenna video, it was my marker, when his words started to seem more and more profound and meaningful then I would know I was ready to lie down in darkness and feel what was happening. I had lit candles and an incense stick so that I could still navigate myself and to give it a good atmosphere.

T+1.30 – I was lying in my bed and realised I was sweating, I took my socks off. I closed my eyes to see a strange scenario. There was a man who seemed menacing operating a strange machine producing a constant stream of strange looking paper, a little girl was at the end of the machine where the paper was coming out, she seemed like she was being forced to interact with this paper somehow and she was frightened. I took this as a metaphor for the modern world and its materialistic nature. Immediately after this there was a multicoloured flowing membrane which seemed earthly and natural. It was gradually getting closer to me, there was lots of verbal nonsense in the back of my head as this was happening and as it got closer the strange feelings in my forehead began to morph and expand getting more and more intense. I was tempted to open my eyes to end it, and I did. I tried again and the object took over my whole visual field, I pondered how far this trip would go.

T +2.00 – I was laying with my eyes open, watching the walls of my room. Mushrooms seem to produce this translucent, metallic energy field which covers everything. It’s like a layer of psychic cling-film. As I lay there, I realised that I may have come as far as I can with the psychedelics for now, no more revelations were to be found; now I only had to work out what I was to do with my spare time. This got me thinking that I’d just be waiting for the trip to finish now after an array of visuals, but this could not be, I just need to accept the fact that trips are unpredictable; the next wave is inconceivable while perceiving the current one.

I started to think what I was to do with my spare time, or what anyone was to do with spare time. What do we do in life? Work, university, hobbies? They all seemed ridiculous, there must be more than this, why do so many people waste time doing basically nothing? I used to party a lot until I realised how senseless and mundane it was. It’s fun at first, but then you start to seek more as you come into adulthood. The majority of my friends are not finished with alcohol and trivial shit, I’ve found the psychedelics on my own and my relations to the people I used to hang about with are diminishing.

What was one to do? People make candy-floss and McDonald’s toys for a living, people buy these things and it does not fulfil them, they serve no real purpose. Our society is built around consumerism and material things which get us nowhere. What should we be doing...

My mind sprung to the family, to creating more life. I started to desire a family of my own, it seemed so important to life, nothing is more important than the creation of more life in order to do what we, the previous generations could not. I thought of my father and how I have criticised him in the past, I realised that he had done what all humans set out to do but he has got lost in the world of matter, his spiritual journey has ended because of demeaning work and a disenchanted society. He now turns to television and collecting antiques, he used to smoke weed and embrace life I imagined (he did smoke weed and eat shrooms). I then realised what I had once read in one of Jung’s works, the son feels obliged unconsciously to seek what his father has failed in, particularly spiritual fulfillment. I had picked up where he had left off and started to seek the true philosopher’s stone in psychedelics. My father now unconsciously seeks this stone in antique objects and sci-fi and whatever sentiment he holds for them, he was rather like an alchemist. It was my father’s birthday in a fortnight, he is usually reluctant to receive presents, and I then decided I would give him the philosopher’s stone! An alchemy book, 100 dried mushrooms and a letter detailing these thoughts, or a poem.

T+2.30 – I suddenly realised my lips were coated in some smooth, translucent, sticky and lubricant substance.
T+2.30 – I suddenly realised my lips were coated in some smooth, translucent, sticky and lubricant substance.
It was like some refined saliva. I had once heard Terence say that some shamans produced such a substance and they could use it to see into things. I forget where or how he exactly described it (someone help me out?). But immediately I “knew” what to do with it, I put my right thumb and the finger next to it in my mouth, pulled it out, brushing them off my lips as I did so, I then looked at it to realise that something VERY strange was happening. It’s beyond difficult to describe. Somehow, intertwined with the drilling feeling in my forehead, I raised these fingers to this part of my head and slowly started to pull away from it, It felt like I was pulling something physically, like a thread coming from my head, I did this very slowly and carefully and a strange feeling went through my arm as I did this.

What I seen as I was doing this I cannot put into words sufficiently. My face lit up in awe as I realised I was able to move the psychic cling-film which covered all I seen in various layers. As I looked at this I realised IT WAS THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE. The feeling of synchronicity was amazing, shamanic ecstasy took over and I started speaking in tongues, this would arouse me more. I licked my hand with this stuff and played with it more. I considered that this was the ability to move the psychic imagery created by the mushroom using some mysterious matter which the mushroom produces in my mouth. It was not only moving it, it was morphing it, I could see into time-space and its relation to my psyche. If I closed one eye I could pinch the edge of the layer of cling-film which covered my wall in patterns and I could shift the patterns as I pleased. I did this very slowly with some preciseness that seemed bizarrely natural to me. Has anyone experienced this? What the fuck is it? I wonder if others can see this phenomenon performed by myself when shroomed in my presence. The mushroom DID like me after all, It had taught me how to live, what mattered and induced me in shamanic ecstasy. The place I was in was very similar to the Ayahuasca place.

T+3.00 – I needed to get up and write this down, as I got a pen, I realised I could use video on my laptop as I desperately needed to rant about this phenomenon and my revelations. Whilst talking to the camera I discovered my words were slurring together perfectly as if to create a language, I had been to speech therapy as a child for this reason, speaking too fast rendering me indecipherable. They never managed to completely sort out my linguistics, this felt meaningful to me as I spoke in tongues about Mckenna, the liquid, 2012, DNA, the number 64 being my favourite number since I was 7 years old simply because 8x8=64, this was mysterious to me and others as most people pick numbers 1 – 10. I thought of the I ching hexagrams, codones, amino acids, 64bit windows and how because of this, the I-ching has determined that the DNA of every life form will become one with the internet.

T+3.30 – I started another video and heard lightening, or what I thought was lightening, I opened the window to see a UFO flying across the sky making a bizarre sound, I licked my fingers and pulled from my head the psychic string directly towards where the UFO was heading, all the street lights and the light from what was probably just a plane (but it was a fucking disk at the time) created dynamic metallic fluid auras in which I could see through into hyperspace!

This is it! The synchronicity I have been experiencing throughout my trips, the discovery of the philosophers stone by the son of a man who had failed to seek it had triggered the coming of the UFO to tell us the grand secret. I imagined that at that moment everyone in the world just had such a meaningful revelation as I had had and novelty had reached maximum point, the universe was about to end in the final synchronistic act. I jumped over to the laptop, as I did this, the village church bells rang signalling midnight, I looked at the timer on the video 23seconds, 23rd of January is my birthday, an Aquarian birth, the coming of the Age of Aquarius was now! I heard a cow starting to “Moo!” from outside. The synchronicity was INSANE
The synchronicity was INSANE
it was like my psyche had tried to make this moment just to experience the intense shamanic euphoria that would result. This all occurred 2 days after finishing True Hallucinations detailing the synchronistic/schizophrenic events that followed from the McKenna’s mushroom experiment. I started to rant insanely to the camera, declaring that I would upload this to YouTube for the world to see, everyone would understand, shamanic video blogging would be massive.

Looking back on this video however, I cannot make out a word I was saying, but the look on my face when I seen the number 23 and the cow started to moo (the cow makes the mushrooms, they are local) was insane to witness
T+4.30 – This next hour was spent using the video-mirror, using my new found saliva skill and dancing in shamanic ecstasy to the beat of the universe as I contemplated how I would hug my mother and pronounce my feelings for my father the next day. As I danced, I looked in the mirror to see my whole self morph into an alien robot with metallic eyes which signalled my hyperspacial existence at that time. My whole body was tense, I felt everything with a deep intensity, the flow of my blood was immortal. I took a piss which was orgasmic, I looked in the mirror again to see that I had tribal pattern auras on my face and I was breathing furiously like an animal. I was a shaman, I was always to be a shaman, and this is the true sacrament, the direct experience of nature. What was I to do? Maintain university and work whilst exploring these realms occasionally? Write a book? Move to South America and seek training? I’m still baffled.

There are countless other things I could say about this trip but I won't bore you. I spent the next hour in bed calming down and reverting to sleep, feeling my whole body wildly tense and instinctually primal.
What should one make of these things...
Thank you for reading.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87764
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Nov 16, 2020Views: 697
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Mushrooms - P. semilanceata (90) : Mystical Experiences (9), Entities / Beings (37), Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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