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It Was More About the Energy of the Show
Alcohol, Mushrooms & Cannabis
by nonesiste
Citation:   nonesiste. "It Was More About the Energy of the Show: An Experience with Alcohol, Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp87851)". Jun 21, 2021.

  repeated oral Mushrooms
    repeated oral Alcohol - Hard
    repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes
    repeated smoked Cannabis


I had been preparing for this concert for almost the entire summer. Red Rocks Amphitheater is easily one of the most beautiful, amazing outdoor amphitheaters in the world.... right along the edge of the foothills outside of Denver, made out of natural red rock formations that amplify the sound during shows, and a gorgeous view of the Denver skyline to the east... Nothing comes close to being at a show at Red Rocks.

Anyway, my friend J and I had been discussing getting our hands on some mushrooms or acid to trip during the show- it was Rush's Time Machine Tour... epic. J and I ended up going to the show with another girl that we worked with who was in the same mindset as we were, just ready to see what happened and have an amazing time at this show.

I had drank quite a bit the night before and was still feeling slightly hungover, but nothing bad since I never really get hangovers... I just felt sluggish. We went and got hotdogs to pad our stomachs for whatever may happen later that night, then V and I went to the liquor store and bought a 12 pack and a bottle of some kind of bright orange 'Rangtang' flavored vodka... we called it 'Tang' because that's exactly what it tasted like. We also knew from previous experiences that it is better to have 'code names' for certain things that we did... it seemed to keep it safer and more private if we talked about drugs, alcohol, or certain experiences in front of other people without them understanding. Anyway, J drove us up to one of the lower parking lots at Red Rocks, where we parked and sat in the back of his pickup drinking beer and watching the hundreds of other people who were tailgating before the show. It had sort of rained earlier and gotten windy as we were driving up there, like the kind of stinging, gusty rain when the sun is still out in the late summer. I really hoped it didn't get cold or rain during the show, because I knew that that might ruin it for me. There had been previous shows at this venue that I had been to where it poured rain and it was beautifully perfect because I had been rolling HARD on molly and sassafras.. but now it would not have been right.

We each ate a stem and a cap that J had in a baggie. This was my first time ever tripping shrooms mind you, so I was a little apprehensive as to what would happen. It was mid August but the air was a little chilly, and all I had on was a tank top and jeans. I decided to try to ignore it and knew that if I drank enough beer and Tang that I would warm up anyway. So after a few minutes of chugging beers, eating a few more mushies, J and V smoked a little weed (I didn't smoke at this point because weed tends to make me very paranoid... and I still wasn't sure how I would react to the mushrooms).

We finally got out of the truck and started walking up towards the stairs, and I could feel the effects coming on, it was maybe 30 minutes after we had eaten our first shrooms. These mushrooms actually tasted very good, they were soft and not too strong, and the 3 of us kept noticing that they would get stuck in between our teeth, then seem to 'wiggle' themselves out minutes later... we called them 'morsels' because they actually were like little delightful surprises. It was clear that this was the onset of the trip. Walking up the stairs V and I were obviously tripping out and a little drunk, we had brought the Rangtang vodka in our cups and were babbling on about/to people, the show, elk on the rocks, who knows what else. We got up to our seats, very high up in the amphitheater, like in the top 1/4 section, tried to light up cigarettes and immediately were told by the hag next to us that 'there's no smoking at red rocks'... which wasn't true, but we decided to go to the top of the amphitheater anyway and buy beers, go to the bathroom, check out the view.

Everything from this point on was a blur, meaning that time was completely lost to me, and I really have no recollection of what the sequence of events was. We had been eating the shrooms steadily and slowly over the past hour, and this continued until the end of the show, about 4 hours later when all the shrooms were gone. I believe the three of us split over a quarter altogether. Anyway, the visual hallucinations of the giant screen on stage when Rush started playing were out of this world. The visions played on that screen were like, MADE for someone who was tripping the fuck out. The lights, the smoke, the flashing colors, the incredible sound coming from the three men on stage... it was fantastic. I did not know Rush as well as J and V did. They were completely entranced in the music and the stage... V jammin out on her air guitar and J singing every song word for word... while I was trying not to look at the bushes... those low bushes moving with miniscule twitchings and shiverings, and the lights shining through them onto the ground... people's shadows moving across them as they walked up the stairs... they were alive, and I couldn't look away.

Eventually V and I decided to go get more beers and go to the bathroom. We met a lot of characters on the way... I noticed at that point that even though I was definitely starting to trip hard, and that I was drunk and had smoked a little weed, that I felt absolutely no paranoia. I felt completely comfortable ordering beer, talking to security guards, walking across the big open space at the top. V and I were definitely getting strange looks from people, but I didn't really care, it was perfect. We finally made it into a bathroom where V peed into the toilet while I peed into the sink... kind of a tradition of mine when I get fucked up at shows at this venue....sorry! :)

We went back to our spots beside J, who was just as entranced in the show as before we left. He said..'Aw, you forgot my water..' which had been the whole purpose our trip to the bathroom anyway. Woops. So V and I went back up the stairs.

The bathroom was a little hallway lined with stalls on each side, but the stall doors were made out of wooden shutter type things that went from the floor to the ceiling. the handles on the doors had 'occupied' and 'open' signs on them like porta potties, and it was dead silent in there. V and I were speechless, just staring down that hallway of stalls. we had no idea if we were the only ones in there, we didn't know if it was a trap, we didn't know why it was so quiet. I got done peeing and waited for V... minutes went by and I finally heard her giggling uncontrollably in a stall... she had gotten stuck in her own little world in there. The mirrors were also horrible to look at. Not scary or anything, V and I just kept saying 'Don't look at the mirrors'. We realized that there had in fact been people in the bathroom who had heard everything we had just gone through, as a lady walked out and looked at us suspiciously, I said, 'Sorry you had to listen to us.' She responded with 'Oh I was you girls at one point too' and walked out. V said 'yeah, but we're much better looking' which made us laugh for about 5 minutes straight.

We finally made it out of the bathroom and the next 2 or so hours were a blur of lights shining on the mountains that may or may not have been there, V and I telling each other 'Don't look at the rocks' or 'Whatever you do, do NOT look at the red tent'... which of course meant 'Look'. I did form some connections to the music and the scenes playing on the screen, but like I said I am not as into Rush as J and V were. V proceeded to get exponentially more fucked up and loopy, enough to the point where J had to hold her and keep her with him because none of us trusted ourselves enough for her to come with me on more 'field trips' to get beer and water and smoke cigarettes. I was functioning very well, considering I had eaten nearly an eighth of shrooms. It did get bad though.

It was the very last song/clip that Rush was doing, it was a scene from 'I Love You Man', a movie I had never seen. I had been smoking weed continuously at this point and, and I blame this bad part of my trip mostly on that. All of the sudden this crazy, booming, British sounding voice started echoing all around the amphitheater, bouncing all over the rocks, then it started at a point in front of my head, split in two and went around the sides of my head until they met in the back and bounced off each other again, back to the front. This never ended and got louder and louder, I compared it to some kind of Chinese water torture.... and ALL the sounds were doing this, bouncing around my head... And I knew something horrible was going to happen. I started wondering what would happen if I had to go home. V and J were tripping as hard as I was, but I was in a packed stadium full of 9-10 thousand people. I sat down. I remember thinking, 'I'm going to freak out on mushrooms in front of all these people, and no one can help me, we're going to get caught, I can't even walk and these sounds are driving me fucking crazy'... just an endless stream of words going through my head, and I could feel myself panicking.

Then I suddenly noticed that these awful feelings had eased up a bit, just for a split second... they weren't gone completely, but I took advantage of this lapse in consciousness. I told myself: I'm on mushrooms, I'm alright though, this is an amazing night and nothing bad is going to happen. I knew that if I opened myself up to that horrible feeling and let it ride itself out that I would be okay, I was just on drugs and it was all in my head. And it was okay. I stood up as the last scene ended, J and V and I went to the top of the theater to get John a shirt, still shoving 'morsels' in our mouths and not caring who saw. I reached a very sobering moment at one point where I realized that we were all CLEARLY out of our minds tripping, and now that the area was clearing out, we were very noticeable. I kept telling J that we needed to head to his truck and get out of the open, and he looked at me and said 'None of us are driving anywhere' repeatedly. He didn't understand that I just wanted to get somewhere that the police or security wouldn't see us tripping our balls off, especially since V was like, delirious and screaming at this point. After a few minutes of arguing I just turned and started speed walking down the stairs to the parking lot, forcing my friends to follow me. There were still people all around going up and down the stairs, and J realized that I was irritated at him for not listening to me... he told V and I to 'Open your mouth!'... not thinking, we both did and let him shove what seemed like handfuls of morsels into our mouths, even though people were still all around.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

We made it to the parking lot with a few other incidences, V and I drank more Tang (J doesn't drink, former alcoholic)... until J decided it was okay to drive home. Which it obviously wasn't. But somehow we made it back to J's house and decided to go play on the playground, still tripping hard. We were on that playground for a good 4 hours until the sun came up... At one point I was standing on top of a covered slide about 15 feet in the air, holding the almost empty bottle of Tang, when V reached out and just.... pushed me. I easily could have broken my neck... somehow I landed on my left palm and hip, and didn't spill a drop of the vodka. I don't know if this was an effect of the mushrooms on V, or the Tang, because she had told me when we bought it hours earlier that she does not ever, ever, drink vodka.

Overall this experience was amazing. I didn't really delve into my own mind and thoughts as I have the other times I ate mushrooms after this experience, it was more about the energy of the Rush show, curiosity as to what this drug would do to me, my interactions with J & V and what they were experiencing, and intricate, visual stimulations and hallucinations that I had. There are a few things that I would have done to prepare myself better, such as bringing more clothing, being more prepared in general/ not being hungover, and having someone act as a 'sitter' for the 3 of us. We all reached personal levels of psychedelia that we were dangerous in our own ways, and I realize how that could been a dumb mistake, although everything turned out perfect.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87851
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Jun 21, 2021Views: 279
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Mushrooms (39), Alcohol - Hard (198) : Festival / Lg. Crowd (24), Music Discussion (22), Combinations (3)

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