Naked Arrest
Mushrooms & Haloperidol
by Nick C
Citation:   Nick C. "Naked Arrest: An Experience with Mushrooms & Haloperidol (exp87945)". Jun 3, 2021.

3,5 g oral Mushrooms
    IM Pharms - Haloperidol


My friend 'C' and I decided we wanted to boom together at my parent's house. The plan was to buy the booms, go to the house and just relax in the basement. This was, in retrospect, a terrible plan considering the effects I was to soon discover.

We got to apartment of dealer 'E'. Another friend of ours, 'Ch' was there. He suggested that instead of going back to my parent's house we should stay with them, at the apartment. We quickly agreed because of the ample supply of marijuana and lack of parents.

We each consumed our 1/8 oz of mushrooms, I washed mine down with a very large energy drink. I was nervous, this was my first experience with mushrooms, and I am very sensitive to caffeine. My heart was racing before I felt any recognizable 'mushroom' effects.

I retreated to the porch for a cigarette and saw my first hallucination. We were on the second floor and looking down on the sidewalk below, I saw a river of rainbow-colored 2-D diamonds, trailing down towards the street and splashing into the gutter.

My concentration then shifted to the voice of the tenant on the floor below us. He was talking on the phone about, I imagined, us. This was the first onset of extreme paranoia which would characterize my experience that night. I was terrified that he was talking to the police, that we could expect helicopters, battering-rams, and flashbangs any minute.

I came inside to alert my companions. They assured me that all was well, that we were in no danger. This did not allay my fears. It had been about 45 minutes since ingestion and my stomach was cramping terribly. I went to the bathroom and “dropped the kids off at the pool.” The sense of relief and release was incredible, religious. I decided that this was a good place, I flushed the toilet, washed my hands, and lay on the bathroom rug. I remember clearly, thinking that this room was the whole world. I thought, or knew, that nothing lay outside the door. The walls were borders, definite and real.

I spent nearly a half-hour here, until I heard a knock at the door. Not the bathroom door, mind you, but the door to the apartment. The world outside of the bathroom came rushing into my consciousness. I stood up in an instant and barged into the apartment. “E” says sarcastically to me “Oh no, it’s the cops.” Sarcasm was, at that point, utterly lost on me. This new world, outside of the bathroom-world was totally real and dire. I knew that I needed to explain to the police that I had just received revelation, that the knowledge which I held would end all war. I envisioned myself as a Christ figure. This last bit seems totally egotistic and inflated, but I did not hold the demarcation proudly, I just accepted it as an incredible fact.

I opened the door and walked past two guys I knew from high-school that were there to buy some mushrooms (the real source of the knocks on the door) to look for the police. I jogged into the street yelling “Police, hello? Police! I’m here! We need to go!” A helicopter was indeed overheard, and about three miles west, heading in the opposite direction, but I knew that it was here for me. I knew the world was circling me in acknowledgment of my internal discovery, that all life is circular and beautiful and that all divisions were easily destroyed and negated.

My friends followed me around trying to calm me down, explaining that nothing was going on that, everything was alright. I knew everything was alright, but tried to explain to them my revelation. I tried to explain the importance of balance and the need for loud as well as quiet, chaos as well as peace, clothing as well as nudity. To prove this final point, I disrobed completely. I was naked in an apartment-complex parking lot at 9 P.M.
I sprinted down the length of the parking lot towards a cross-road, jumped in front of a moving car and tried to open the driver door, it would not open and the driver sped away. I would later learn that the driver and passenger were two more friends of mine on their way to buy mushrooms.

I ran back towards the apartment, following this car. My friends were there, not waiting for me, but not following me either. When they saw me, they wrapped a blanket around me and forced into “C”s car. It was myself, “C” and “Ch” in that car. “Ch” deduced that by now, surely police had been called and he couldn’t handle them showing up. He left us two in the car, and very soon, police were there. Several police cars, and two fire-trucks actually. The police got “C” out of the car and were talking to me through the window. The keys were locked in the car with me. I could not understand or listen to them, I was now completely lost in my own head. I don’t remember what I was thinking, I only remember looking out all the windows and seeing faces and badges and red and white lights. I was terrified that my revelation and gift would be lost. It needed defending.
My memory here is very foggy. I remember closing my eyes and experience the body of language reducing itself smaller and smaller. I was experiencing this reduction with my entire mind and body. I experience weightlessness, I experienced singularity. I experience my self, not my body, but my identity, spirit, soul, whatever floating in black.

I would later find out that while experiencing the details of the above paragraph, the paramedics had jimmied the lock on the car, and it took four police officers, whom I then took to the ground, to get me out of the car. I was sandwiched face-down between two backboards and give a shot of Haldol, a pharmaceutical antipsychotic.

My next memory is waking up in a hospital, with ankles and wrists tied to the bed. I looked to my left and see a clock, it’s 5 o’clock in the morning. I heard a familiar voice say “Do you know what’s going on?” I could not muster language, only the motion of my head to the right. My father was sitting in a chair, next to my bed. His face showed no anger, only empathy and love. That was a beautiful, terrible moment.

Some moments later, a nurse enters. She removes the shackles and the catheter. A searing pain I hope never to endure again burns down my urethra. This pain would linger for days.

My dad took me home and I went to bed. I slept for 14 hours. “C” came over to give my dad my clothes and wallet, etc. “C” told me that he had an incredible conversation with my dad. I have never heard the details of that conversation.

The next day I was scheduled to work, I still felt terribly sad, depressed, disappointed, and confused. On my way to work I began experiencing a strange stiffness in my neck. I could not lower my head below just a few degrees higher than normal. Midway through my shift as cashier at a health-food store, I could look no lower than the usual apex of a high nod. I was looking down at customers, my face pointed at the ceiling. My manager, of course, sent me. I was in extreme pain and could barely see the road, I should not have driven but I did.

When I got home, I went to my room to “sleep it off”. I could not sleep, the stiffness, the pain, the angle of my neck had all grown increasingly acute. I approached my parents and told them that I need to go to the Emergency Room. I had no idea what was wrong, nor did my parents.

At the E.R., after another thirty minutes of writhing pain, I was seen by a doctor. My mother explained to him what had happened to me in the last two days. He asked me if I knew what drugs I had been given. I was able to breathe out “Haldol” through clenched teeth. “Ah yes, that a common side-effect. I’ll be right back.” Ten minutes later, I was hooked up to an IV with an antihistamine/muscle-relaxant cocktail. It took maybe twenty seconds for all symptoms to subside, they were replaced with a near heroin-relaxation.

The next day I received in the mail my citation. I was charged with lewdness and disorderly conduct, luckily no drug charges. Unfortunately, in the state of Utah, where I live, lewdness is a sexual offense. It is only a misdemeanor so I was not required to register as a sex-offender. The judge in my case sentenced me to six months of sexual-disorder therapy. You must understand, I am very shy. I cannot imagine exposing myself to anyone in a situation other than sex or a doctor’s examination.

So I spent the next six months in two sessions a week, paying $50 per session, talking about sexual disorders that I simply did not have.
The end.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 87945
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Jun 3, 2021Views: 264
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