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Withdrawn into a Dark Reality
Datura inoxia
Citation:   captain trips. "Withdrawn into a Dark Reality: An Experience with Datura inoxia (exp8834)". Aug 17, 2001.

  oral Datura
i first heard of jimson weed in the book 'fear & loathing in las vegas.' later on i found out that the goats that my parents owned when i was an young child were believed to have been poisoned by jimsonweed due to the fact that before they died they were filmed by the local university walking around in circles, blind.

the first time i came in contact with it was after viewing pictures of the plant on erowid and soon after discovering many, many plants growing on a friend of mine's property...

day 1)
i eat a total of 2 seedpods. my mouth is dry but i dont know it until i try to eat something. i feel tired so i lie down, but i cant sleep. i get back up because my friend josh is sleepy so i let him have the bed. i walk outside to smoke a joint...

i suddenly find myself nodding in agreement to whatever josh was saying to me, he was sitting next to me. i turn my head away from him to take another drag of the joint and turn to pass it to him. but josh is not there, he was never there, he has been in my bed sleeping. this takes a second to register, when it does, it seemed at the time no big deal that i just completely hallucinated a human being sitting next to me.

day 2)
i boil 2 leaves and 2 flowers in 1 cup of water. turns a yellow color, does not taste bad at first but toward the end of the cup it is hard to take in.
about 20 minutes, im feeling kindof drunk. i sit down on the couch to watch tv to wait for it to kick in the rest of the way. it never does, or so i thought....

i suddenly realize that iv been watching tv for over an hour, but i never watch tv really, so why was i watching it for so long?

i walk outside to smoke a cigarette, when i return my little bother is sitting on the couch so i decide to have a chat with him...mistake. i soon find myself talking about random bullshit that quickly switches to a completely differant thing every sentence because i forgot whatever i was going to say before. this happened over and over again and began to frustrate me. i could not finish 2 sentences without totally forgeting anything i was just telling him about, no trace what so ever...just gone, lost in the depths of time and space. he notices this and starts getting annoyed, tells me im on lsd in a very threatened 'narc' tone of voice.
i feel like i should clear things up, make him not believe such a thing so i can retreat to my room for a little floyd, and some doors, paranoia free....mistake

im suddenly talking about invading gypsys, with slingshots. one of them shot me in the hand, the bitch, making a golfball size hole that i can see through my palm. boy did it hurt, i wanted to kill her i did.
my brother wants to see the scars, grabs my hand, no scars...but i dont know why, 'went right through my hand im telling you, honest.'
im puzzled, where did the scars go?

i then speak of climbing the radio tower (i really did this but it was weeks before.) you can fall, if you fall you die. the tower wabbles, it sure does. ( the rest i cannot remember)

my brother wants to know what the fuck im talking about...

day 3)
i decide to introduce my friends to datura, i boil a brew of about 7 leaves and 5 flowers. im the only one that drinks it for the most part, they didint like the taste so they only drank half a cup, i drank 3. same stuff, dry mouth, drunk feeling. i get tired so i lie down... i suddenly awake, my body is like iron, it is an effort to even move. i feel incredibly disoriented. i walk outside to get some air, passing my friend who says something to me. i reply but its such an effort to move my jaw to talk that my words come out jarbled and deep voiced.

when im outside, my perception of distance is so fucked up i fall down in front of the porch stairs, catching myself on the top stair every time i try to climb them. i procede to walk in and outside over and over, i cant make up my mind.

when i finally get back inside its time to sleep, i walk into his little brothers room but there is no bed in the corner, where is the bed? i search around (the entire room is in plain sight but i search none the less) no bed, i search the rest of his house thinking maybe they moved the bed, im frustrated now. where the fuck did the bed go? no such luck. so i sleep in his closet. i awake the next day to realize there was never any bed in the corner. there is at my house, but not his.

things in common on each experience were that i could never piss, i dont know if i never had to but thought i did or that i did but could not. also, i got tired. but i never slept, it was almost like dying. i seemed to lie down to let my current world and body die only to get up after in a new, dark world. a world of a constant state of discomfort and dark perception. each time, i hallucinated, but the hallucinations were true, and not just walls breathing or colors changing hew, but actually seeing and speaking with things that were not even there. no noise, just silence.
datura is a very strange 'drug.'

i believe every drug user or herbalist to try it at least once. my next experience, i will use datura in my religious practices and do a series of meditational techniques.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8834
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 17, 2001Views: 13,458
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