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Psychedelic Rocket to the Moon
MDMA & Mushrooms
by Hippieflipper
Citation:   Hippieflipper. "Psychedelic Rocket to the Moon: An Experience with MDMA & Mushrooms (exp90053)". Apr 3, 2020.

4.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  3 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (ground / crushed)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
    repeated smoked Cannabis - Hash  



1 hit of Blue Puma Ecstasy .3g (98% MDMA 2 % Caffeine)
5.5 Grams of Mushrooms (Gold/Brown cap, white stem)
.5g Bubble Kush Hash
3 Hawaiian Baby Woodrow seeds (a small amount I'm told)
Cannibis (throughout)

Background Info
In March of 2010, I went to my friend K's house. I had been planning a large mushroom trip for a long time so I acquired half an ounce. I then used this to trade in my town for one of the Blue Puma's that had been going around. I had had some about three weeks ago, I knew from a reliable source it was pure molly. They were a lot of fun with none of the seedy feelings from amphetamines. I had saved some H.B. W. seeds for this experience because I liked taking the seeds and using cannabis anyways.

I woke up early around 10 am after getting a good nights sleep and prepared for the day, making sure to eat a huge breakfast and drink lots of water because I knew it was going to be hard to eat later. I made it to K's house around 6pm, we got ready and gathered 2 of our friends who decided to take the mushrooms with us. I'll call them 1 and 2.

T+ 0:00
We sat in K's rooms and proceeded to eat our mushrooms one by one with orange juice as a chaser at 7pm. Two people ate about 2.5 grams and K ate about 1.5 grams. I ate 4.5 grams over a half an hour. This was the most mushrooms I had ever taken, but I was an experienced hallucinogen user, I felt I could handle it. I had done high doses of LSD and been able to handle myself walking around in public, so a little too much fun-kinda night at K's house was a walk in the park. This is a very high dose in my opinion though, and I was apprehensive about the isolating effects of mushrooms. With K being a very experienced tripper I was safe even if I did freak out a little. I also ate a small capsule of the 3 ground up H.B.W. Seeds. I drank a lot of water after to settle it.

1, K, and myself then smoked a few joints of K's purple voodoo and some purple AK- 47 that I brought with me (straight from Cali ^^). They were both was heavy indicia strains but still very potent, really helped me relax and chill out as the mushroom started to come up. We went on the porch to look out and smoke some cigarettes in the cold air, I ate my Blue Puma with some hefty gulps of water. I was feeling good, it was my second time rolling but I really liked it last time so I knew it would help me stay happy through the intense psilocybin trip. We smoked smoke weed and hash in a blunt. It hit me like a train, made me feel energized. I was excited to go downstairs.

T+ 1:00
Now came the really sweet part. K had the most epic assortment of electronic lights in town. There was a 200 seprate, 2 colored laser professional DJ thing, a disco ball with spotlights, about 10 black-lights, and sweet music. I had brought my laptop for this reason, I was excited. It was like being in a music visualizer. It think it was about 8pm at this point. I was starting to feel the e and the mushrooms but it was a little disorienting as they both combined. I was feeling silly but confused.

T+ 2:00
We gathered up all the people on mushrooms and went into a steam room to chill and wait for the shooms to kick in. I always get an anxious or restless feeling on the come up of trips. The wet heat was sure to help. K ran to eat a gram or two more of the mushrooms and came back. I took a shower after and the shrooms were definitely starting to kick in hard. I was getting happier and happier.

T+ 3:00
After the soak, we changed back into our clothes and smoked a few more bowls of some sticky sativas. I was feeling great, the objects on the table in the room seems to be sliding off on the plane of the table. I was stating to set into hippieflipping, I felt the substances finally click and it was totally different then before. I had some great conversations with people, I was still very sociable. We smoked a little bit more hash out of a bowl.

T+ 4:00
We all got ready to go downstairs and I was overcome with excitement as we entered the light room. I got the music going and danced my face off. It was great, I was feeling like nothing could hurt me. The walls bubbled and shifted. Everything seemed fluid and connected. The laser lights left massive tracers of swirling colors on the walls. Everything was glowing. The music was more magical than anything and that's how I knew I was rolling good. Everyone else was having a great time too, they wall all tripping happily. I'm pretty sure that was the peak of the molly. The mushrooms were present but they got a little overpowered.

T+ 5:00
We ended up deciding to go to a friends house to party and chill but first I munched down another gram of mushrooms because I wanted to keep the trip going. We got a sober friend of ours to dive us all, tripping balls, to the house. It felt like I was in a rocket ship but we were only going 55 mph. There was no way any of use were safe to drive. 1,2,K, and I got to the party and I still felt amazing but it wast quite the glowing experience as two hours ago. I talked with some people I knew there, tried to drink some beer but it tasted too strange to put down. The rough stone walls of the basement looked like they had clear plastic wrap was sticking to it. I started to freak out a little as the second batch mushrooms hit me. I danced a bit, played with some spraypaint. I felt a little queasy and cold after that. I was OK but not great, I looked for K and we all sat down on a couch. 1, 2, K, and myself talked for a little and we decided to go back to the house for them to crash out. I wasn't going to be able to sleep anytime soon though.

I don't know really when we got back to the house but I'm guessing it was about 2:00am

1 and 2 both found their ways to sleep. I was laying on the floor of the light room listing to some relaxing music. I danced a little, mostly I just lounged around in the room. I was entranced by some of the patterns from the disco ball. I really felt some strong body sensations and a lot of disorientation. The mushrooms were still going strong but the E was fading. I was laying on the floor watching the fun patter on the ceiling for a while.

T+ 8:00
Me and K went upstairs and rolled a delicious king size j and watched Herod and Kumar got to White Castle. The weed settled my stomach a lot and I felt a lot better. I was half awake, half asleep, fully baked, tripping, rolling a little bit. I defiantly started to crash but I could will myself to stay awake for the movie. I was pretty fucked up, it felt like I was melting into the couch and floating. We made some food in the middle of the movie, I was kinda hungry from the weed but not really. In the kitchen I was seeing crazy patterns everywhere, I was feeling disconnected but pleasant. I had some pretty cool flashes of CEV's. I forced a good portion of the food down so that I would feel better when I woke up. We watched the rest of the movie which was hilarious, I laughed my ass off and the world continued to wiggle and pulse.

T+ 9:35
I looked at the clock at it was 4:25, missed 4:20am dammit. The movie ended shortly after. I decided to take a nice hot shower to clean myself off and try to calm down. The shower was great it, calmed me down a lot. I got changed for bed and passed out around 5 or 6 am.

I didn't dream, I was too tired. Overall it was a great trip. I had a lot of wonderful thoughts while I was rolling. I felt it helped me work through some issued in my life I was having. The experience was intense but worth it. Typing this the next day I still see the words moving and floating around the screen, I think I'm done with mushrooms for awhile but not forever.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 90053
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Apr 3, 2020Views: 648
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MDMA (3), Mushrooms (39) : Combinations (3), Glowing Experiences (4), Music Discussion (22), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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