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I Must Be Very Sensitive
Calea zacatechichi
Citation:   Cloudy. "I Must Be Very Sensitive: An Experience with Calea zacatechichi (exp90191)". Mar 4, 2019.

0.5 leaves buccal Calea zacatechichi (ground / crushed)
Just Received My Calea Z

I have to go to work soon, but I spent an hour rolling some cigarettes out of this herb. I have to say, curiosity got me and despite all of the reports about how bitter Calea is, I broke a dried leaf in half, maybe even a quarter, and slowly began to chew on it.

To me, it tasted earthy, almost sagelike, similar to Mugwort. I kind of let it just get soft, mildly swishing the leaf in my mouth, until I decided to swallow. Not the leaf, mind you, but just saliva. Holy bitter, batman! I expected it, but not THAT much. Damn! Glad I picked up the capsules as well because I will NOT be making a tea out of this.

I must be very sensitive though, because I could feel the effects, just after that tiny bit of leaf (which I had to wash down with a teaspoon of honey and even THAT didn't help the taste much). I feel lightheaded, peaceful and my legs are heavy. Feels like I'm walking with cement bricks for feet. I feel sleepy also, but need to get over it being how I have to go to work in a few.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90191
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 32
Published: Mar 4, 2019Views: 960
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Calea zacatechichi (97) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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