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Determining Threshold Tolerance for Sclerotia
Mushrooms - P. mexicana
by LadyLovelyLocks
Citation:   LadyLovelyLocks. "Determining Threshold Tolerance for Sclerotia: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. mexicana (exp90329)". Oct 22, 2015.

5 g oral Mushrooms - P. mexicana (fresh)


Sclerotia Experience Report

Previous experiences: MJ (daily), MDMA, LSD, cocaine, Salvia divinorum, hydrocodone, oxycodone, amphetamines, sedatives, benzodiazepines, sinicuichi, kanna, kratom, blue lotus, amanita muscaria, absinthe, alcohol, and others Iíve surely forgotten. I dabble frequently in the realm of ethnobotanicals, less often in the realm of synthetics only because they are more difficult for me to obtain (which is probably a good thing).

Preface: This was an experiment to determine my tolerance levels to a threshold dose, as I had never tried these before and couldnít find many reports on sclerotia on the interwebs. I tend to have a strong reaction to psilocybin/ psilocin and its cousins (a 10mg dose of 4-Aco-DMT literally knocked me on my ass Ė I actually passed out for a moment when it kicked in - and a 3.5g dose of mushrooms of an unknown strain brought complete ego death and gnosis). So my goal was to play it safe and see what kind of experience 5g fresh sclerotia would bring.

From my research, Sclerotia are roughly 70% water by weight while mushrooms are around 90% water. Dry sclerotia are 2/3 as potent as dry cubensis fruits, while fresh sclerotia are twice as potent as fresh cubensis. This is due to the fact that sclerotia contain 3 times more dry matter per quantity of fresh material.
Therefore, 30g fresh cubensis equals 3g dried, which is almost an eighth. (So to get the equivalent of 3g dried experience with fresh mushies Ė 30g, one need eat only 15g fresh sclerotia as the fresh are twice as potent. To get the equivalent of 3g dried mush, 4g dried sclerotia would be needed, as dried sclerotia are 2/3 weaker than dried mush.) IF MY MATH IS CORRECT! 5g fresh sclerotia should = 1g dried cubensis. I am horrible at math, but even I had the patience to puzzle this one out (laugh as you like).

Date & Time: 3/16/11 5pm

Set: good mental state, been looking forward to this. Did my regular Wednesday routine, which consists of an hour and a half of yoga in the morning, some light chores throughout the day, and transporting my grandmother from daycare in the afternoon. Havenít eaten since last night. Starved. Expectations not too high, just hoping to get some noticeable effects.

Setting: home, alone (which is usual for me). I was in my dining room, wrapped in a comfy robe, happily plopped down in front of my computer.

Material, dosage, & method of ingestion: 5g fresh psilocybe Mexicana sclerotia mixed with salad, sclerotia among first bites.

T= 5pm

What follows is my experience as it was happening (I only edited my abbreviations; I apologize for any TMI):

They taste likeÖ imagine this: mushrooms. Not quite as mushy. Consistency is denser. Earthy, with a bit of a bitter aftertaste, but not a disagreeable taste at all. Mixed in a salad, I canít even tell theyíre there. If my calculations are correct, this should be the equivalent of 1g dried shrooms.

T+20m: belly rumbles : Iím digesting. Feel no alteration of consciousness yet.

T+25: getting warning signs. Tryptamine chills. Music is starting to get interesting. Please gods donít let it pull me so far inside that I canít type. Lol.

T+40: Stomach is starting to question what the hell I just put in it. No true visuals going on yet, but the computer screen seems to be waving a bit. Music sounds fantastic.

T+50: Goom visualizer on VLC is REALLY cool. Starting to get body load aside from queasy stomach: tired, heavy feeling in body but light in head. Should go see what my pupils are doing but I donít wanna get up. Lol. Need to pee anyway and considering making ginger pu-erh tea.

T+58: peed. Checked pupils, not much different than normal. I can feel the poison in my veins, though Ė and I really do think thatís how my body treats it Ė as a poison. I get so fucking cold, yet sweaty at the same time. Starting to think that synthetics are the way to go for me Ė much less nausea. Things outside look very pretty as they wave around.

T+1h: this is definitely gentler than any other shrooms Iíve done thus far. Very controllable/ manageable. If I could only get my body to stop trying to go into shutdown/ preservation mode. The desire to sleep is almost overwhelming. I think doing this with a friend would be fantastic. And being outside would be even better. But the music would have to come with us.

T+1h45: slowly returning to baseline. Not as cold, but the tea probably helped with that. Nausea passed. Music still sounds great, though. Still got one hell of a body high going on, but can only tell when I get up. Spent the last 45 minutes listening to music. Got some very subtle closed eye fractals. Definitely past the peak, though. I think I may actually like this.

T+2h: visual effects pretty much gone, but music still sounds lovely and a nice headspace and body load remains.

T+2h18m: This is now like the tail end of any mushroom trip. I can feel when it turns a corner in my gut and things get funny for a little while, then I fart. Woot. Feels very much like when my sister and I ate the chocolate shrooms once gifted to us, actually. Things are a little surreal, but Iím fully functional. Wonder if Iíll be able to sleep tonight. Hm.

T+3h30m: ate. Nom. Basically back to baseline. But definitely a lovely afterglow.


Physical effects: the body load was a bit heavy and I felt quite sleepy at times. Only slight nausea present, which was a pleasant surprise (I have a very sensitive stomach).

Mental effects: music was AMAZING! I was listening to one of my favorite trance albums (Super8 & Tab Ė Empires) and the music was just pulsing thru me. It was so beautiful, but in no way overwhelming. There was a bit of time distortion Ė 10 minutes would feel like half an hour. No real euphoria to speak of and no real ego loss. As far as visuals go, my vision pulsed a bit and there were some suggestions of fractals when I closed my eyes; watching the visualizer on VLC was really interesting, but there was nothing there that didnít belong.

I was very pleased with my experience overall. I think theyíre more palatable than regular mushrooms and this was a gentle experience which I quite enjoyed, though I will increase dosage next time. I canít wait for it to get warmer so I can play outside with a friend after eating these.
Be Safe; Be Smart

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90329
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Oct 22, 2015Views: 4,535
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