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The Color of Infinity
by M.C.
Citation:   M.C.. "The Color of Infinity: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp90399)". Erowid.org. Jul 25, 2017. erowid.org/exp/90399

3.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
WARNING: In order for this to be a totally honest and accurate account of my shrooms trip I have chosen not to omit or censor any of my experience. Consequently, this account is of an explicitly erotic nature and should be avoided by anyone who could be offended by the graphic description of events.

Having said that..... Here's the story.

I have been experimenting with psychedelic mushrooms for quite some time and feel more comfortable with their properties than most people but I am certainly not an expert. I prefer to trip in the company of good friends outside, ideally, on a sunny day. I find this is the most pleasant experience for me personally. So when my boyfriend informed me his dad's house would be free for the weekend and that he wanted to trip there I was a little hesitant. I can get claustrophobic and was afraid tripping inside a house would make it worse. But with persistence, he convinced me and we ingested a quarter of dried cubensis mushrooms each on a summer evening.

According to a friend of mine, vitamin c increased the effects of the mushrooms so we made a pitcher of fresh orange juice and drank up! Not surprisingly, we began to feel the effects sooner than I normally do. Typically it takes me anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to start tripping but we took more than I had ever had at one time and I felt something about 20 minutes later. Faintly at first, we simply felt . . . . different. My hands began to tingle and my vision began to feel wavy as if picking up vibrations in the air. My pupils began to dilate and about a half an hour later, we were both totally immersed in our trip.

Let me explain to you my boyfriend's house. It is a two story, designed by some insane hippie in the 1970's on the edge of hill with views of Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest. In other words, it is beautiful. The garden in the back of the house has a set of stone steps that lead to what was once a tamed and managed vegetable garden but turns into a forest in the summertime. It was on those stone steps we sat for about the first hour simply looking around. The wooden tiles of the roof began to blend together, creating a pattern that to me, looked like the carved portrayal of a face looking back at us, seeming to represent the soul of the house. It seemed to beckon us inside with a welcoming feeling of safety and security. We entered the house like two children walking into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory even though we've both been there hundreds of times. It all seemed fresh and new and full of surprises waiting to be discovered.

I can't say I really saw visuals or hallucinations of things that weren't there but I did see patterns in everything from the cracks in the bricks to the stripes on the carpet. For some reason, the steps leading to the basement where my boyfriend's bedroom is are painted bright blue. Being on shrooms, this was the most exciting thing I thought I had ever seen. The concrete steps were cold on my bare feet and the feeling seemed to travel up my knees and through my hips to my spine to my neck to the top of my head and into my arms and hands. The trip totally changed from that point on. Where as before I was hot, and manic with the excitement of this new wilderness of the house and our elevated state of consciousness, now I was completely calm.

As I descended deeper into the house, I felt I was traveling deeper and deeper inside of myself. I found myself standing in the only room of the basement which serves as my boyfriend's bedroom. His bedspread is bright orange (colorful houses are a fun place to do mushrooms, let me tell you) and I immediately gravitated towards the warmth of the color, as though I could not only see it but feel it. I fell on to the bed and sank into the sensation of cool fabric against my hot skin. My temperature always goes up as I trip and I have no idea if this is true of everyone or just something I experience. Regardless, the warmth of the color and the coolness of the texture sent my mind and body into overdrive as though I was experiencing this reality on two different planes and was fully present in both, in a way I was never really present in just this one reality when I was sober. It was overwhelming but it was wonderful.
It was overwhelming but it was wonderful.
I really don't know how long I was down there by myself, feeling reality on different levels but eventually, I realized my boyfriend was not there. I wondered where he was but didn't really feel alarmed because I knew the house would keep him safe. He entered the room silently and looked at me rolling around on the bedspread in ecstasy and immediately started laughing. “What the fuck are you doing?” was all he said and we both started laughing. When he came into the room and closed the door, I felt I was reunited with my other self, my second half and my protector. It was a beautiful feeling.

He sat on the bed and touched my leg. His hand felt heavy on my body and I liked the way it felt. His blue eyes looked completely black as his pupils were so big. But he laid down next to me and felt the fabric and the softness of the bed with the warm familiarity of lying in one's own bed. He seemed to literally melt into the bed until the lines between him and the bedspread began to blur and I could not tell his skin from mine from the bedspread. I stretched out and felt my feet fall over the edge of the bed and it felt like sticking them outside of a bubble. I realized I felt like him and me on this bed were floating through time and space just the way this house was floating through time and space as the earth floats through the vast expanse of the universe. The bed was a vessel and we existed together only as long as were inside it.

I refused to move off of it. He asked me what would happen if we left the bed. I replied, we would be separated by the shells of our earthly bodies and we could never be together the way were right now. That answer did not seem to satisfy him. He asked how we could be totally connected in the same body if we were divided by the impenetrability of our skin. To which I had to logically reply that skin was not impenetrable, it could be passed through as a ghost passes through a solid wall. He asked me how that was possible but his smile gave away that he already had something in mind. I said that we passed through each other's skin every time we connected on a level of mutual understanding and compassion with another human being. But as I attempted to explain my philanthropic vision of harmony, he moved above me and spread my legs so he could lie on top of me. He looked right at me and said these words that I can never forget: “I can't feel your soul until I pass your skin.”

The weight of his body on top of my mind on increased the sensation of sinking or of perpetually falling. But this was not unpleasant or uncomfortable it just was. I felt his skin and it seemed to me to just be thin layer wrapped around a pocket of air, like the rubber around a balloon. It moved and pulsated on top of me with the deep thud of a heartbeat. His vitality, his mortality was totally engrossed in the heat of my body and when he kissed me I felt we were already one being. But it did not stop there. His hands slid down my sides and tugged at the edges of my cut off denim shorts. The fabric seemed to feel rough against my soft skin and he slid them down my legs. His tongue glided across the top of my thigh and left a trail of wet heat that burned against my skin, but not in a painful way, in a deep, throbbing way. He then grabbed the inside of my leg and brought his other hand to rest on my stomach.

By this time, the intensity of the trip was so deep that I could not bear to be trapped in the limits of my finite body. I ripped my shirt off and tore his clothes off so fast that by the time he was underneath me I could feel the sweat dripping down my chest from the heat of the moment and from the 80 degree weather. I slid his cock into my pussy and felt the throb of his humanity. I rocked back and forth against him until I could feel my own humanity throb. . . . It felt like we were connected in the raw energy that surrounded the bed, keeping us locked together in passionate coitus. I leaned my body back so my back was arched towards the ceiling and I pushed my clit against him until I could feel, even on shrooms, the undeniable build up of an orgasm waiting to explode.

And explode it did. And although I've had some pretty incredible orgasms in my time and felt total ecstasy erupt within me, none will ever compare to this one. As soon as it came, I felt the level of endorphins rise so quickly that the shrooms had to fight to keep up. But they did keep up and I swear to you I felt my skin break and and my essence as a human being was so filled with hot, infinite joyful acceptance of pure ambrosia that my body was not a limit to my existence. I was an atomic bomb that had just gone off and radiated passionate primal lust for all spiritual and physical satisfaction.

But as soon as I exploded, I came back to my body and felt my skin was back to wrap around my soul so as to give it a vessel to be on earth. But I had known wet, naked infinity and I will never forget it.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 90399
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Jul 25, 2017Views: 2,518
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Mushrooms (39) : Sex Discussion (14), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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