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Crazy Evening Under African Stars
Mushrooms - P. cyanescens & P. cyanofriscosa (tentative ID)
by Flying Faders
Citation:   Flying Faders. "Crazy Evening Under African Stars: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cyanescens & P. cyanofriscosa (tentative ID) (exp90986)". Dec 12, 2015.

1.2 g oral Mushrooms - P. cyanescens (dried)
  3 g oral Mushrooms  


I have few occasions available to get truly off it these days, so when I realized I had an opening on Monday night I grabbed it. I wanted to start early so I could get some sleep afterward so work the next day would not be too painful. I originally thought of doing some 2C-T-2, due to its shorter duration, but then I remembered these shrooms I had collected recently. That led to the idea of also using up the very old shrooms I had left from ages ago. I was initially concerned that the trip would be too mild and was thinking of having a dose of 2C-T-2 ready in case things needed a booster. Little did I know.....
Well, here it is:

1.210 g Psilocybe cyanescens- sample over a year old, probably not very potent. Very dry.
3.022 g of the, as yet, unclassified shroom that is being referred to as c, which is not completely dry yet.

All shrooms chopped and soaked in just enough water to cover them. Soaked for 10 minutes, then added to two 100g yoghurt tubs. Strawberry flavour!

Stomach empty. Last meal was lunch.
Began consumption at 6:15pm. No bad taste, just lumpy. Chewed up the bits.
Began consumption at 6:15pm. No bad taste, just lumpy. Chewed up the bits.

Consumption finished 6:23pm.

Time to relax.
6:30 must be my imagination, but there seems to be something happening already!
6:33 definitely happening, visuals too! Colour changes, lighting.
6:44 already well on! Keys seem strange.
Bathtime. Pupils are huge. There is a very DMT feeling to this. The floor the walls everything is going mad.
Holy shit! Oh tjhete youu are ? I think I'll just type and something wi.
I have no idea what is happening! I just got lost between the Farmhouse and here.
I am a little lost.

Here we are. An absolutely exquisite evening out under the African Starry Sky. Bejewelled majesty. Deep communion with my gorgeous friend The sacred Ginkgo tree. As well as the just arrived and Extremely Special Oskar the Cat! The great Lion settles himself on my lap, we have chucked another piano on the fire, I finally have a throat that at least doesn't feel like it is trying to murder me, the bottle of cough mixture on the laptop with my headtorch on the redlight setting so I can type, and finally.... FINALLY.... I have managed to get this thing to play us some Shpongle! So now I can get around to telling about that story that happened earlier, just as things were kicking off.

In the interests of good science, we are currently at 10:50pm.
That story that happened earlier.
Well, as you may have gathered, things got pretty interesting pretty quick! You might say I was somewhat taken by surprise! Of course, there was the matter of this being my first experience with a mushroom of uncertain parentage. I had cultivated said shrooms from a spore print on tinfoil provided by a one-time denizen of an online forum I used to frequent. The print had been bartered for a quantity of sclerotia of Claviceps paspali [ergot] I had discovered on Paspalum dilatatum grass locally.

So on the occasion of my son's birthday, I was taking photos of him under the gnarled (sorry, that's such a cool word I have to type it again...gnarled!) old mulberry tree where I used to have some patches of Psilocybe cyanescens, when I noticed..... a cropping of shrooms. Small little fellows with the biggest caps no more than one centimetre across. I took some photos. This area was also full of plastic rubbish. Indeed, some of the shrooms were clinging to some of this detritus. I had inoculated a patch there with some mycelium I grew in a jar, but having removed most of the mycelium when I moved out, I had not expected anything to still be growing there. The shrooms didn't look quite the same as the pictures I remember seeing on the web, but I was sure they were psilocybes as they had all the right features and had stained blue where they had been bruised. Even to my colour-blind eyes.

So, while I was fairly certain of which shrooms these were, there was still some nagging doubt. Also, while they were not yet quite dry, I had been surprised by the weight. It was more than I had expected. The total of the two types came to a figure I was a tad nervous about swallowing. 4.232g.
The kind of number that means we are getting into some serious territory.

So with all that, I was quite shocked when in less than 15 minutes from starting ingestion I had the beginnings of an altered state manifesting. I had a tummy that was quite uncertain, and the visuals were starting to kick in. I was getting a little flustered. I put some ambient music on and lay down. There was a definite DMT feel to things. My feet were cold so I decided to have a bath to warm them up. I was trying to get it together to have a bath, struggling to work out how to operate the thing. I had just got to turning on the tap, when I heard my phone. I saw it was Andrew. Stupidly I answered.

He was babbling something about phone numbers and getting them from an email on the aging PC in the office. Now, I was thinking that this was going to be one hell of a mission. Not only did I have an ASC [altered state of consciousness] happening pretty strong now, but I also knew that the PC was currently slumbering, having been turned off. This is an issue because this machine, which operates without any form of anti virus as this “slows things up”, is a creaking, rusty old heap that requires one to jump-start it using the task manager to get windows explorer to start up. Now, I can't quite remember the whole procedure while Andrew is yakking, and I am stressing about losing the connection because I'm talking in the house, and reception is dodgy. It was cold out and I had no shoes on, so my feet where icy. So I started walking towards the farmhouse, and no doubt as a result of the stress hormones kicking in, the garden was going ballistic. The lime trees were sprouting all kinds of information-rich tendrils, that made me think immediately of DMT. The bigger trees were leaning over in a sort of menacing way. I was trying to focus. I knew I needed to get this thing done quickly, or else there was no telling what might happen!

So, I got to the office, opened the door and fired up the light. I pushed the blue button on the decrepit computer. It rattled, coughed, and sputtered to life. I think I went back to my house while it was warming up, but I'm not sure. Actually, yes I did go back because I was not sure whether I'd left the bath running. Luckily I hadn't.

When I came back it was just a blank blue desktop on the screen, no icons or anything else. I took a deep breath and called Andrew back to jolt my memory on getting explorer to work. The signal got lost halfway through, and I was just trying to focus on dialling on the land line, when he phoned me back. I was fairly certain I was managing to sound OK, but did not know how long I could keep it up. While I was talking, I was struggling to see the screen, because there were all these twirling things with wild protuberances getting in the way. They were popping out at me with alarming insistence. Jumping out of the wall behind the screen. Definitely the DMT thing. Terrence's self-transforming machine elves, boisterously filling the whole of the space around me. The one I vaguely remember was yellow and green, ball-like, perhaps with pink or purple eyes on its multiple protruding stalks. Tellytubbies colours with that strange DMT plastic look to them. I was trying to ignore them.

I was concerned that things were going awry. Eventually I got the thing to start and hung up the phone. I opened the email program. I was very uncertain whether it was open or not, because I just could not see through all this shit. I managed to type in the name to search, but I could not make any sense out of the stuff on the screen. I was getting quite tense. Of course the emails were in German, adding another element of complexity. I was trying to look for long strings of numbers but the only ones I could see seemed to be in email addresses. I kept standing up and moving about in an agitated way, as if that might help. I was very worried someone might come into the office, because then I knew there would be no holding it together. I would have to flee the scene screaming like a madman!

So, after a while of this I realised I was going to have to end this madness. I called Andrew again and said I could not find it. He gave me some advice, which I followed, but I just could not make any sense of what was on the screen. So I said that either I would find it and SMS it to him, or I would be unable to find it and have a better look in the morning. I hung up. I knew there was no way I would find it now, so I switched my phone off.

I stepped down the veranda steps, and out into the world. There seemed to be mist everywhere. The oak tree was dripping stuff of incredible complexity. I headed for my cottage. My pupils were still constricted from looking at the screen. I could vaguely see my bakkie and the lights from home. But it was all a bit hazy, and seemed a very long way off. I stopped walking. I could see the farmhouse behind me, and my house ahead, but there was an enormous gulf between them. I became very concerned that I was completely lost, in some kind of Alice in Wonderland kind of way. Trapped between this world and the next. In limbo. Time had ceased flowing altogether.
I became very concerned that I was completely lost, in some kind of Alice in Wonderland kind of way. Trapped between this world and the next. In limbo. Time had ceased flowing altogether.
How could I get anywhere if time had stopped?

The lime trees in my path loomed up crazily out of the darkness. My feet were aching from the cold.
Eventually when I got close enough, the automatic light came on showing me where the door was. I thanked it for at least once coming on when someone wanted it to. I was home and safe and well on!

Anyway, that was the story from earlier. It has turned out to be a fantastic journey. Communing with my favourite tree was very deep and moving. I sent good energy and love the way of the Shulgins in this difficult time for them, and contemplated mortality. I thought of my family.

The clouds and the moon were perfect, and seemed to mirror the form of the Ginkgo tree, which has a helical spiral shape to its slender trunk. Above and to the east the sky was pristine and clear. The stars! Scintillating magnificence!

There was lots of hilarity as I had animated discussions with all of the objects in my world. I had a very heated discussion with my laptop about not being able to get iTunes to work. Making a fire was interesting and messy. After trying to stack wood neatly and seeming to get nowhere I began shoving stuff at the hearth in a very random and energetic way. Eventually I got it lit. I had visions of myself as a medieval lord in his castle, who has sunk to such depths that he is burning his furniture and pianos to stay warm. I eventually got it together to have a bath, light a fire, play music, write a trip report, and lots of other fun stuff. Magic!

The house wasn't even in too bad a state afterwards, except for the bathroom which was awash and had a big puddle of my son's blue bubble bath under the toilet. I think I knocked it over while opening the window to shout at the dogs to shut up. I'm not really sure how all that water got on the floor either, but never mind.

Well, that’s all. I am now tired and I deserve a rest. It is now 12:33 and time is definitely flowing normally again. OK. Goodnight!

The next day I was quite tired despite getting five hours of sleep. If it had been 2C-E instead of shrooms, I would still have been flying at 6am and had no sleep, so I count myself lucky. Otherwise, not feeling bad at all. It was a beautiful day today, and the sunset this evening was a magical glowing gold that touched all the trees with its brilliance. The temperature last night went down to 6 degrees centigrade, so it's no wonder my feet were freezing on the wet grass.

By the way I discovered why I could not find the right email last night. I was using an incorrect spelling for the name! I had no idea you could spell it that way, so it was not so much the ASC making it difficult as my not having the correct information to start with.

I was trying to think today whether I have ever had such a strong shrooms trip, and I have to say I don't think I have. Certainly not with that quick come-up. It was probably a combination of nervous mindset, strong shrooms, and perhaps also soaking the things in water to soften them up first made absorption easier and faster. Also my stomach was quite empty.
One hell of an experience! Great fun!

[Reported Dose: '1.2 g Psilocybe cyanescens and 3g Psilocybe cyanofriscosa']

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90986
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 37 
Published: Dec 12, 2015Views: 2,277
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