Do Not Mix With Honey...
Catnip & Coleus
Citation:   Mockstud. "Do Not Mix With Honey...: An Experience with Catnip & Coleus (exp91217)". Sep 2, 2018.

12 leaves oral Coleus (tea)
  1 g oral Catnip (tea)
Looking for an easy, cheap alternative to have a good time I came across coleus blumei and for $11 I'm pretty sure I got that.

Now besides its looks, I thought it was a pretty nifty plant. Mild stoned feeling, visual effects and dreaminess ( I always am a bit dreamy) all reported by other users to varying degrees. Not a problem! (here I must apologise for any spelling mistakes, it's been about 40 mins since I took the teas later described and my fingers are feelin bloody heavy and f7 is a long way for spell check)

I picked some nice fleshy leaves from the bottom of the Coleus, and cut out the a wedge where the thick stem from is (about ¼ up the leaf) placed them in a pot of water on low heat; rinse, repeat etc.

Chewed the stems that I cut out of the leaves which were very nice, very crispy. Almost good enough for a salad. As a secondary thought I added a bit of catnip (just for the hell of it)

Swallowed the stems cos they started tasting a bit like poo.

Took the coleus/catnip tea off the heat and let it cool down for a bit.

Took a sip and burnt the hell out of my tongue. WARNING: Hot water burns tongues.

Added some ice to the drink and took a sip. Still tastes a bit like poo so I thought “hey honey doesn't taste like poo, maybe that'll even things out a little”

It didn't...

Hence the title.

Not feeling a whole lot, mouth feels a little strange but that's probly cos my tongue has put up picket signs and refuses to work.

Started to feel a bit floaty, things got brighter and a bit harsher to my eyes. I felt very... Lazy.
I saw the Ellen deGeneres show on and it took me a couple of seconds to collect the will power and telekinetically change the channel by flinging a pillow at the lady across the couch from me and telling her to get up... … That's a joke. I don't have pillows.

I got to the computer and started typing this for the people. Also apologised for spelling mistakes.

It's taken about 10 minutes to write all this down which takes us to,

A blah... My hands are pretty heavy... And something that has only happened while I've been on marijuana happened. My perception seems to be stretched out, I'm typing at the keyboard and it looks like my hands are longer. Like in movies where people go into black holes and they stretch, but not overly extreme stretching. Just a little.

I think it took about ten minutes to write that last bit. I was looking at my hands a little.

Ok off to experiment with... Things. Time is 7:30 and I'll be back.

Sorry about the big gap, Simpson's were on, I got some ice-cream and just sat back and chillaxed while semi dozing. There was an interesting peak where there was almost a decent body high, things got tingly and light pretty nifty.

Unfortunately things are starting to wear off a little, which sucks cos I'm a bit apprehensive about long term use with so little research. Still got a bit of the heavy fingers tho :D

N-E-ways, f7 made its way to my into my key pushing repertoire so any spelling mistakes aren't my fault.

Suckle from my teat of wisdom...

Haahaha I guess my mind isn't quite ready for normal interaction yet.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 91217
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Sep 2, 2018Views: 2,350
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