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Rain Goddess
by Jupiter
Citation:   Jupiter. "Rain Goddess: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp91288)". Jun 14, 2020.

  smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    oral Mushrooms (dried)


The first night I ever experienced any hallucinogen was in April ’10. I was with my close friend, Anne. Once she picked up the ‘shrooms, we eagerly googled the best way to eat them. We soon came to the resolution of wrapping them in fruit roll ups. We then set off for her local CVS to pick them up. On our way back we met with some friends of ours, there we both took about three or four hits off a spliff. Neither of us got high, but for about an hour I was buzzed. Once we returned back to her house, it was about 8:30pm. We had to then wait till midnight to start to eat them, so her family wouldn’t disturb us.

At the strike of midnight, we started to make pigs in a blanket, our way. We wrapped the mushrooms in a hefty layer of fruit roll ups. Couldn’t taste a thing when we began eating them. It tasted fruity, but it had a bit of a crunch. We of course didn’t mind.
Within about ten minutes I began to see a few things out of the corners of my eyes. At one point I thought a pile of towels was “Totoro” from a Miyazaki film. I began to move around. I have ADHD so I often have trouble sitting still, but I suddenly got the urge to pace. After 5 minutes of standing I sat back down next to Anne. She seemed unaffected thus far. Soon I started to see any picture of a person, but their heads looked like a dinosaurs. This lasted about 3 minutes or so. Then I closed my eyes and crystal formations started to form. Soon whenever Anne took her phone out, the light made me really fucking frustrated and stressed, but this passed quickly.

Roughly ten minutes later Ann started coming up as well. Before we knew I knew it, she handed me a bottle of blue paint she couldn’t open. Once I pryed the seal off and opened it, the paint started to come out. I insisted it was “whale blood”. It seemed like three shades of blue were swirling in the paint, and my vision started to go into what seemed to be animation like, but someone took out every other frame.

At this point it got really intense. I was kicking my legs about all over Anne’s bed and insisting we needed to go outside.
Soon the rain started and thunder followed, I believed we were goddesses of the rain. It was the most amazing feeling ever. I also felt like breathing was a challenge, but it also felt AMAZING. Nothing in the world could top this.

At one point Anne and I both were standing in her room, and then looked in her mirror. My cheeks and lips were completely flushed and the rest of my face was a piercing shade of pale. I thought I looked like a doll, and I LOVED it. Anne’s chest was flushed and this is where it went sour for her. She insisted her skin was dying and freaked out. I tried to tell her it was all in her head, she was just flushed. Nothing was getting through to her.

She soon started texting one of our friends for help. I had her lay down in bed, turn the lights off and try to relax. I pour her a glass of tap water, to try to bring her down a little. I sat on the floor, computer on my lap, chatting a few people on a social media site. Then I opened up a blogging website, which then I found a picture of a dog. From that point forward, that dog was me.

About 45 minutes later I had crawled under Anne’s bed, then managed to get covered in glitter, and finally Anne snapped out of her trip. She was pretty much done tripping, but I was still going pretty hard. I began to yell, “I’m a dog! But I wanna be a cat!”
Anne then started to laugh at me.

“No I’m serious, I a fucking DOG.” At this point its around 4am, and I was a fucking dog. This went on till about 5:30 to where I opened up Anne’s door, and saw her cat. This was fucking mind boggling because that was exactly what I wanted to be. A cat.
I then picked the cat up, carried it into the bathroom, sat it in the sink, and stood there, petting this cat for about 10 minutes. From that point forward I was a cat.

After, I watched the sunrise and laughed at Anne for about an hour.

I finished my trip with a great three-hour nap. I will NEVER forget that night.

The author estimates ingesting a total of 1.5 - 2 grams during this experience.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 91288
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 14, 2020Views: 404
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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