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Six Cats Tripping
Citation:   Pandora Spice. "Six Cats Tripping: An Experience with Catnip (exp93055)". Jul 10, 2019.

  inhaled Catnip (extract)
This is a trip report for my cats. No, this is not a variation on SWIM. I have six cats and am fairly devoted to them.

Well, I procured a potent catnip extraction from a friend. Pulled from the catnip leaves & flowers and suspended in water, it was in a spray bottle. Two of the four cats were in the room. Others were elsewhere in the apartment. I picked up a cat toy and sprayed it from a distance. My husband and I could see the aresol begin to fill the room. I dosed two more toy mice in a different direction to spread more extraction around the room.

The top cat, Nepthys came running forward.
The top cat, Nepthys came running forward.
As soon as she hit the aresol in the room her tail immediately perked right up into an extreme erect position, with the tip nearly touching her head. She brrrrrppp'd, took a few hits, attacked the special needs cat, Neith, ran by me making a bizarre noise I had never heard and stumbled off to pass out in her box.

Neith took a few hits off a toy and immediately lost her footing, beginning to roll and mark in that extreme catnip-dosed way that cats do.

The only male of the group, Havana/Horus jumped off of my husband's lap and I could just see the aresol settle around him and his intoxication increase as he took a few breaths. Then he walked over to a dosed toy, took a hit and it hit him like a wall. Reminded me of my reaction to 5-meo-DMT. He was just gone. Lost is footing, flopped down, rolled, brrrped. . . . .

The oldest and fattest, Selket took a couple hits off a mouse and immediately just became rolly-polly.

Isis, our conservative cat who dissaproves of drug use, decides that the entire scene is way too much but she wants to be part of the family. So, she picks up an old, ratty catnip toy that has NOT been dosed, and begins to play with it. Soon she stumbles off to fall asleep.

The youngest, Hathor, took a couple hits then retreated to try to gather her wits underneath a desk chair. At least that's what I thought. I look over once and she's marking it heavily. I look over again and am floored to see my little kitty literally humping the chair leg!

Sooner rather than later, all of the silliness devolves into some very passed out cats, lazed all over the place. I look over at my husband, and he has assumed a super-languid, cat-like posture and passed out too! My husband, known for getting infamous “contact highs” at festivals, known for tripping just by “looking at drugs,” has managed to cop a contact high off of our cats dosed on catnip!

A couple hours later everyone is awake but I can tell, they literally have these wicked hangovers. All except my husband, who is fine and normal.

Overall, we were amazed at how fast it hit them and how strongly it affected them
we were amazed at how fast it hit them and how strongly it affected them
. The extracted catnip solution is so much more powerful than any leaf, toy or live plant I have ever worked with.

My conclusion – this is going up on a very high shelf, to be taken down only once in awhile as a very special treat. That and they still seem to be getting re-dosed by sniffing the toys. I may have to put them up. Clearly a little goes a long way.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93055
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 10, 2019Views: 1,454
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