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Poppies - Opium
Citation:   VaguelyMe. "Alternative to Pills: An Experience with Poppies - Opium (exp93180)". Jun 30, 2020.

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1 glass oral Poppies - Opium (tea)
  T+ 1:00 1 glass oral Poppies - Opium (tea)
  T+ 3:00 2 joints/cigs smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
For many years now, I have had a thing for pills. Mainly painkillers, Vicodin, or percocet. I've tried to stay as far away from OC as possible, but here and there I have dabbled. I've never done Heroin and I've never shot up. I just like Pills.

I wouldn't say that I am physically dependent on them, and have had only touches of withdrawals over the years, but there is a certain calm and euphoria that comes with these pills that can lift me up out of some of the darkest mental places. I am careful to never have a direct supply of anything and only indulge when they come around...but sometimes life gets the best of me and I find myself in a low place, and going through the mental Rolodex of whats going to make me feel better usually leads me to desperately wanting a hand full of vicodin to get me through to the next day where things will probably be better. Because of my caution, when these moments come over me, I have no place to get the pills I want and I end up in a further depressed state.

After some extensive reading on the internet I found that it was possible to extract an opiate beverage from poppy seeds I could easily obtain at a health food store for a rather inexpensive price. On a day when life was getting the better of me, I went to the store, purchased approx 600 grams of seeds. Took them home, and prepared my tea. A simple process, pouring a warm mix of lemon juice and water into a bottle containing the seeds, shaking for 6 minutes then straining into my container, I ended up with about two pints of a yellow liquid that surprisingly didn't taste so bad. I'd read that the good tea would be a dark brown and that if it had come out this dirty yellow colour it was probably worthless even to someone who had never tried opiates.... this couldn't be further from the truth.

I downed the first glass at around 6pm and sat around for a while. About an hour passed and I didn't really feel to much so drank the second pint and I went out to help a friend move house. After the second hour passed, I noticed the slight onset of an opiate high. Satisfied that my experiment had at least garnered me some kind of high I happily went about the rest of my evening.

At around 9pm I drove home, on that journey home I smoked two cigarettes, I don't know if this did something to push my high faster, but by the time I got out of my car I felt as if I had eaten several vicodin pills and was feeling slightly nauseous. The high was intense, I had trouble focusing on anything, I couldn't write as my eyes would blur while looking at my laptop screen. My fingers were uncoordinated and I couldn't really play guitar. I got slightly paranoid as I'd read the horror stories about the inconstancy of the opiate content in seeds and asked a friend to check on me in an hour or so. I felt great, really great, the nausea passed, and with it's passing came the nod. I could barely keep my eyes open during any activity.

It was now 6 hours since I'd drank the liquid. I was itchy, sleepy, my voice had a certain tone to it that I can only attribute to opiates (my friends and I call it 'heroin voice'). A friend called and asked me to join him at the bar, an invite I jumped at as it give me an activity that wasn't falling asleep. At the bar I just drank water and ate some chicken wings. This really balanced me out, but everyone I met commented on how fucked up I looked and that my pupils were the size of pin pricks. I eventually went home feeling a definite come down and peacefully drifted off to sleep on my couch.

I've drank poppy tea several times since then, lowering my dose to only one glass
I've drank poppy tea several times since then, lowering my dose to only one glass
(about one pint) and have had a much less debilitating and much more enjoyable time with the tea. I no longer need to deal with high prices and sketchy drug dealers when I feel the need to indulge in one of my favorite, and only real vices.

I'm sure it could help with easing withdrawals, and tapering off the usage of heroin.

Exp Year: 2010-2011ExpID: 93180
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Jun 30, 2020Views: 1,824
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