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Possible Seizure
Mushrooms & Cannabis
by Fungal Kingdom
Citation:   Fungal Kingdom. "Possible Seizure: An Experience with Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp93622)". Jan 11, 2021.

3 cups oral Mushrooms (tea)
    smoked Cannabis  


The information provided regarding body weight and dosage refers to my boyfriend.

There were three others—a friend, my brother, and myself. All four of us have plenty of experience with marijuana and psychedelics.

It was an extremely rainy day, so initially my boyfriend was not 100% positive about consuming Psilocybe mushrooms that day. After the friend and I convinced him that the trip would be much mellower because we were going to ingest Psilocybe stuntzii’s rather than P. cyanescens, he agreed to partake.

The friend arrived with what we thought were P. stuntzii caps around 2:30pm that day. All that my boyfriend and I had eaten all day was fruit and a bowl of soup, which we did intentionally as I always fast before a trip. We prepared the tea by boiling about 6-7 cups of water, and adding about 9 grams of dried mushrooms. We boiled the mushrooms for at 20-30 minutes. The friend did state that he had never made tea where the color of the liquid was altered, and today the tea was a pretty brown, similar to the color of chamomile tea. We strained as much of the mushrooms out of the tea as we could. My boyfriend, friend, brother and I all began with one cup of tea. We quickly refilled our cups. My boyfriend had at least 3 full cups. Ryan had no more than 3 full cups. I had about 2.5 cups. My brother had about 2 cups (he had to wake up extremely early for work the next day).

We ingested the tea at 4:00pm. We then smoked a joint of marijuana coated with hash oil (keep in mind, the marijuana intake is nothing out of the ordinary for us). When 4:20pm hit, we smoked another bowl of marijuana. The four of us then went outside, and began looking at nature, hoping that us being on mushrooms would help us find cool mushrooms, as I am currently taking a mycology course in college. The trip was going great at this point. We were all seeing fantastic bright visuals and discussing deep aspects of nature and the world. It being November, darkness quickly forced us back to the house.

I vividly remember my boyfriend and I stopping under a tree and looking up into the spindly dead branches, observing the awesome visuals they were creating. We went into my back yard, and we were all wandering around looking at cool things. The friend was on the porch, and my brother went up to his room to set up black lights and relax and trip on his own. The time was probably about 5:00pm (notably the quickest I’ve ever peaked on mushrooms, which was surprising taking into consideration that we thought we ingested P. stuntzii’s—a less potent Psilocybe).

I remember my friend on the porch, and my boyfriend going and sitting down next to him. I then went onto the porch and began observing a clump of moss. Suddenly (I cannot stress the quickness of this movement I’m about to describe), my boyfriend’s entire body stiffened into a flat board, his butt was not touching the chair, his fingers were splayed out, he was completely stiff. My friend said, “is he ok?” to which I screamed “NO!” I shook him (not thinking properly due to the psychedelics I was on) and his head was completely limp, rolling around on the rest of his entire stiff body. The friend began saying his name repeatedly followed by things like “Can you hear me?” “Are you alright?” and “Focus buddy, focus.” My boyfriend’s eyes were not rolled back into his head they were merely closed. Slowly, he began to open his eyes. They looked very heavy, and he could barely speak. He mumbled things like “What?” and “I’m here.” He was very confused.
He mumbled things like “What?” and “I’m here.” He was very confused.
We brought him into the light and he was completely pale and soaking wet, drenched in sweat and his own urine. I took him to the bathroom and he felt completely fine, and he was very embarrassed. This told me his mind was coming back to reality.

I got him changed into less thermal (and dry) clothes, and sat with him on the couch watching our favorite show. We looked at the clock and it was only 5:30pm, an hour and a half after ingesting the tea.

After seeing this happen to my boyfriend, it obviously freaked me out, and also freaked out my brother and our friend. The two of them went into my brother’s room the rest of the trip. I stayed with my boyfriend on the couch, and kept squeezing his hand to make sure he would squeeze back. I kept asking him things about the show and making conversation about it to keep him in reality.

Needless to say, neither my boyfriend nor myself will ever be touching psychedelics again. My boyfriend’s experience scared him, and he still has no idea how it happened. He recalls sitting down and thinking “Woah, I’m really tripping…” then fading into the darkness. Nothing else. It completely turned me off of psychedelics, because seeing the one I’m closest with not responding to his bodily functions or me was incredibly frightening, and would be even if I were completely sober.

Before reading about other people blacking out and seizing up, I had NEVER heard of this happening before. And still, after now four hours of researching online, I have not found ANY experience of someone pissing in this kind of manner.

I should mention that I feel that what we consumed were indeed P. cyanescens and NOT P. stuntzii’s because of the major sound and visual effects we all experienced.

We all felt 100% normal after only 7 or 8 hours, so by 11:00pm or midnight.

Is it possible to O.D. on Psilocybin? Could my boyfriend be allergic to this hallucinogenic compound? What is going on here?

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93622
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Jan 11, 2021Views: 332
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