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Good Harvest Good Family
Mushrooms & Tobacco
Citation:   Teliiss. "Good Harvest Good Family: An Experience with Mushrooms & Tobacco (exp94966)". Erowid.org. Nov 26, 2022. erowid.org/exp/94966

T+ 0:00
1.5 g oral Mushrooms
  T+ 4:30 1 bowl smoked Tobacco
L and I have been married for 5 years, and have two children, F who is 2 and a half and S who is 4 months. Recently life has been a little tenuous for us, as I've been in the military for quite some time and it has really put a damper on our relationship, and we're at a point currently where we're not sure if we'll be getting out or if I'll be stuck in another combat deployment. This causes a lot of stress for us, as we don't know what our lives could look like in a few months, and really augments our day to day interactions. We are also strongly effected by the location we're stationed at. It's a rather restricted area, and we find ourselves battling against how we have to live here, and how we really want to live. That is to say, gardening is difficult to manage, good healthy food is hard to manage, it's hard to find a good place in nature without being surrounded by civilization. Gas is pricey, our car sucks, and being in the military you can't really just vanish and do what you want for a couple days. Everyone has to know what you're up to all the time. Life is very restricting here, and it puts a great hamper on the joy of doing some things, and this really gets to me and L. Just wanting to be free again, back in our Pacific Northwest.

In my days before the military I did a lot of journeying in the drug world, and have a lot of experience with various substances. L however has only smoked pot on a few occasions and only a year ago had her first encounter with mushrooms and 2C-I, and the 2C-I was a little stressful for her because of the environment we were in.

I had just harvested some Golden Teacher P. Cubensis mushrooms that I had managed to grow (my first successful attempt after failing 3 or 4 times) and before inviting a group over to have a little get together and mushroom journey with, I asked L if she wanted to try them to see how potent they came out, and to try out the 'Lemon Tek' I had heard about. I'll go ahead and segue into my notes from the session. The notes themselves are rather brief, but I'll add notes to each entry to cover what else was going on.

@ 12:25
(T 0:00) - L and I ingested mushrooms that been finely ground and left to soak in lime juice for ~10-15 minutes. L took a dose of about 1.1g, and I took about 1.5g. It was a beautiful day, the most beautiful of the new year, and we had been out all morning getting groceries for the weekend, doing some light shopping, and taking a visit to the library. Upon arriving back at our house at around 12:00, I asked L if she wanted to try a light dose of the GT's we had just harvested and L agreed. There had been some squabbles and disagreements while we had been out, but I was hopeful that it would be a good, beneficial experience.

@ 12:45
(T +0:20) - Both L and I feel some initial giddiness, breaking out in laughter at the silliness of all things, this is quite fast! L is worried about the kids, and I reassure her.

*** I was supremely shocked with how fast this kicked in. I'm used to drugs not normally kicking in for an hour or two, and not peaking until 3 hours or so, especially mushrooms, and by 20 minutes it was definitely present. Most of our conversation and laughter was primarily focused on how quickly the mushrooms had kicked in, and about the kids and how they acted. It was pretty silly.

@ 12:50
(T +0:25) - Wow, really feeling it. Normal alerts in teeth, muscles, and lungs.

*** Just a quick affirmation of feeling my normal alerts, and the intensity had really increased.

@ 13:15
(T +0:50) - Effects are definitely rolling along, very nice. L is feeling cold but very weak (strong is written but crossed out) but when she actually picks things up she's really strong. Patterns are showing up in things, maybe closed eyes? Yeah, a little bit.

'I don't understand how you're holding that thing up with everything that's going on in my head!'

*** We've just been chilling out in our living room, talking about the mushrooms, effects, cool stuff we're noticing, and laughing at everything. F is playing a lot and really having a blast with mommy and daddy, and she is quite the source of enjoyment for both me and L. The quote is from me holding up a trippy blue bandana I have so F could look at it, and L said something about it, and her comment spurred that hilarious thought in my mind. How can YOU hold that up, when in MY head there's so much cray stuff going on. Not what she said, but it was funny to think of, haha.

@ 13:52
(T +1:27) - Effects are slightly diminished, maybe it's just a transferring of effects, a clarifying. Anyways, started eating an apple 20 mins ago and it was a good snack. Had its usual feeling. L and I did some talking about silly stuff and she's at the window now. Pretty strong CEVs, lots of patterning when open.

*** I love apples, especially when tripping. I feel a very strong connection with the apple tree, and its fruit is a beautiful gift to humans. Since the dawn of time the apple tree has been evolving along side us humans to develop the perfect amount of fruit with the perfect flavor, so that we can aid in its reproduction. A beautiful relationship that carries with it a kind of rich, deep, spiritual sensuality that I also find in mushrooms. So I find it almost necessary to enjoy one with every trip I do, almost as a way to gauge the spirituality of a trip for me. Overall it was a good experience, but lacked the true spiritual feelings I normally get on mushrooms, LSD, 2C substances, or even weed. I think I may attribute this to the setting of this particular trip, which I'll get to in the following note.

@ 14:30
(T +2:05) - Things are going pretty smoothly, effects are surfing on steady waves. Still good CEVs going, when things are quiet it's good. Just give the mind a chance to think, you know, breathing room, you don't always have to be talking or interacting. Sometimes things just have to happen. Let the mind think what it will, but producing action from thought is a different matter entirely.

*** I started to notice that it was very difficult for me to be able to focus inwards and really utilize the mushrooms as a way to grow when around L. I just want to focus on her, interacting with her, being with her. I'm a Gemini so I have a kind of issue with that when around other people, especially those I enjoy being around, where I just want to talk and talk and goof off and be silly. If anyone is around I find it hard to quiet my self and just listen to my inner thoughts, inner mind. To listen to my SOUL. This is strange for me because most of my drug experiences are by myself which allowed me to develop a lot spiritually. Of course there are groups of people that I've tripped with where I can still focus inwards, but I think it's just that I've tripped with those people so many times that we're all comfortable and understanding of needing some quiet time sometimes. =) This is only the third time L and I had tripped together, so we're I think we're still working on feeling each other's tripping attitude out
This is only the third time L and I had tripped together, so we're I think we're still working on feeling each other's tripping attitude out
, hehe. I also had a wonderful time interacting with F. This was the first time I had tripped around her, or around children at all, and it was truly delightful. Just interacting with someone who just wants to play, doesn't need to (or have the ability to, for that matter!) communicate with words was fun. Just smiling and giggling as we mimicked each other's body movements and shared apple bites. L also had a good moment with F, and really enjoyed being able to have that with her.

@ 16:40
(T +4:15) - The trip has been tapering off for a while now. Overall, these are very mellow guys. L and I made love during the comedown, very sensual, and she enjoyed the fact that Cripple and the Starfish was playing at one point, haha. Lots of heaviness and warmth attributed to this trip, with a bit of a longing for not being that way. I want to be cool and light.

So, now, during the comedown of drug, lovemaking, and the day, we go to cool off on the porch and smoke pipes together. =)

*** We put the kids down for a nap after relaxing for a while on the couch. I had been feeling a strong heaviness and warmth, and lying on the couch felt magnificent. We talked, played with F and S, F especially liked playing in the curtains with me. Shortly after F went down for her nap, L came out wearing a saucy new coat she had bought that day and nothing else, and proceeded to pounce upon me, and we made delightful passionate love to each other. Neither of us climaxed, but it was a very sensual, intimate, and playful romp, filled with smiles. Afterwards I asked her if she wanted to go out and smoke pipes, and she said yes. So I loaded up our two pipes with a sweet black cavendish/vanilla cavendish blend while she got dressed in something warm, as she had been feeling rather cold the entire trip. We sat out back and had a good long pipe smoke in the fading light of the day, talking over what had gone on during our trip, talked about native americans and their ways (L's initial words being 'Man, the indians had it figured out.') I was loving the colors of the sky, and the silhouettes of the leafless trees against it. The tobacco lasted longer than it usually does, and we were left with a very relaxing feeling of well-being, both of us pleased with our decision to trip.

@ 17:15
(T + 4:50) - Very little effects now, just an awareness of the body ad mind. Feels good man. Now off to play a game.

*** Neither of us were feeling much of anything anymore, just that afterglow of 'Well, I feel pretty much normal, except that I FEEL like I just tripped.' and the good vibes. We went on to play a boardgame (Lord of the Rings: The Search, if anyone cares) and enjoy the remainder of our evening. I was a little worried about the mushrooms keeping me up all night, so I took some valerian and melatonin at around 22:30 and was fast asleep beside L as we watched Game of Thrones at 2300.

A wonderful, wonderful journey, though it didn't have the same spiritual overtones I usually feel. I guess the mushrooms were trying to teach me that it's good to not fall deep within yourself when you trip. Sometimes you just need to bond with who you're tripping with by chilling out and laughing. Just relax, and enjoy people. I'm always telling myself that, so it was good to receive that as a lesson. As a 'Hey dude, you're always telling people to enjoy good company, maybe you should too, huh?' Unexpected, but much appreciated. Can't wait to enjoy good people and some good mushrooms again. =)

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94966
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Nov 26, 2022Views: 663
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Mushrooms (39) : Glowing Experiences (4), Families (41), Relationships (44), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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