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Datura Power
by SpiritOfTheStone
Citation:   SpiritOfTheStone. "Datura Power: An Experience with Datura (exp9514)". Sep 19, 2001.

    Datura (plant material)


I was surprised when I found that datura inoxia (or strammonium) grows near my house. I read a lot about the psychoactive powers of datura and I had a plan to make an experiment by myself.
So I collected some leafs and flowers and dried them. I also picked datura seeds. First I ingested 10 mature seeds and waited for two hours. Nothing happened. I then thought that the plant was not a datura or that maybe it contained low ammounts of the drug. I then rolled a cigarette with tobacco and one medium leaf and smoked it. I waited for about one hour. Then I felt a dry throat - but apart for this no change in perception. I then smoked 100 non mature seeds mixed with tobacco and waited an hour. I noticed was dryness in my mouth and in my throath. I also felt drunk, lightheaded. I had to go to urinate and drink more often than usual. But I didnt really realized that the drug was already working - this is, I think, one of the most dangerous aspects of datura. You dont notice the entering in datura reality - She tricks you. She tricked me, and she almost killed me. So, I was thinking - the dosage isnt correct - and I had to take some more to experience the thing. I then picked up *a*lot* of leafs and flowers, blended all of it and made a tea out of if. The whole thing boiled for about 10 minutes. I got 2 cups of tea - it was *very* bitter. After half an hour later I felt extremly drunk. The colors of the world changed - everything was beautifully pastel like. I checked my pupils - they were enormous. My hands were extremely dry and red. Then panic run over - I thought I will die because I overdosed and that the worse part is still coming. I wanted to call the hospital but I didnt know the phone number. Then I checked in the book for that damn number - but I couldn't read - I was really fucked! I then asked my brother (he was sober) to make the phone call for me. I remember him dialing a number. And the very next moment I was standing in front of the phone staring at it and wondering what the hell am I doing. Somehow I called the taxi and got to the hospital. But there nobody knew what datara was. I could barely speak. I was forgetting what was I saying in the middle of a sentence. Fuck!

The doctors then made me drink a charcoal - but I complained that it has an ugly taste and I refused to drink all that stuff. Then they attached me to an IV and a life monitor. I was hallucinating. At that time things werent scary anymore. It wasnt pleasant either - it was *weird*, very weird. Around midnight I stripped of the IV and all other wires, put my clothes on and wanted to leave the hospital immediately. I was arguing with two or three nurses as they were trying to stop me and put me back in bed. The interesting part is that I thought that I was sober and capable of making such decisions. I didnt felt agitated, or bad at all - just a bit drunk and shaky. I then fought with the nurses and finaly escaped. Then they screamed at me that I had to sign a certain document before I leave. So I signed up that damn piece of paper and got out of hospital. I returned home with a taxi. The next days I felt drunk and lightheaded. My shit was *black* - i was loosing blood via internal bleeding. I am still recovering.
Be carefull with this stuff. You never notice the entering the experience - and here datura easily tricks you. Be carefull!

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9514
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 19, 2001Views: 18,556
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