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Very Positive, Very Gentle
by persephone
Citation:   persephone. "Very Positive, Very Gentle: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp96047)". Erowid.org. Apr 29, 2020. erowid.org/exp/96047

3 g oral Mushrooms


Mushroom Play

Myself - dropped acid once, took cactus once. Not a drinker. Had very little to eat beforehand.

L - once ate a pot cookie (no effect) and had salvia (also no effect), wanted very much to trip. Social drinker. Had a veggie burger shortly before beginning the trip. ~160lbs.

R - smoked pot, had 'shrooms once (no effect), drinker. Had a meal of unknown contents an hour or so before the trip. ~280lbs.

S - my partner, our trip sitter.

Two bedroom condo suite overlooking a small wooded lot and creek, with mountains in the background. We never physically moved from the suite, although there were suggestions to do so.

~1850 - We first tried to prepare mushroom tea, 12g of dry mushrooms split between the three of us. R, being a very large guy, decided to take a double dose (6g) where L and I decided to take roughly a 3g dose each. After making the tea, we decided that it didn't look right, so we just ate the reconstituted mushrooms.
After making the tea, we decided that it didn't look right, so we just ate the reconstituted mushrooms.
They didn't taste bad, especially since all three of us were fond of mushrooms. L had hers on bread where R and I just took ours straight.

We settled on the couch while I played Endless Oceans and we talked while waiting for the effects to begin. S took notes.

1909 - I started feeling a prickly, tingling sensation in the back of my throat with a slight sense of nausea-like discomfort. It wasn't nausea exactly, but like something was occupying my throat, like a lump or something. L reported feeling a slight sense of liftedness and R said he felt energized with a slight bit of nausea.

1915 - I was having trouble swallowing and R's energy faded into lethargy. L reported feeling vertigo and nausea.

1925 - L and I were feeling shivery (that's what is written in S's notes, he couldn't clarify more than that). I remember we were pretty fascinated by one tree across the street that was lit up vividly by the setting sun.

1935 - I started seeing patterns, reminiscent of both acid and peyote. I remember that they were reminiscent of vaguely Byzantine or medieval tile patterns. R reported that red hues became more pronounced in people's faces. L reported not seeing anything out of the ordinary.

1937 - Then she looked up and noticed the patterns in the ceiling and that the ceiling was rippling in rainbow waves. I remember we started discussing how the human brain looks for patterns in things, which is why the ceiling made a better canvas than the blank wall - the little random lumps where paint dried provided enough points for the brain to start forming patterns.

1942 - R reported he felt like he was coming down, then he realized it was just that he was energized and that his senses were very 'strange'. The room was rocking to him. L and I were mostly just staring at the ceiling at this point.

All of us reported that the discomfort was gone.

1946 - R described seeing a second room superimposed on this one. L said she felt very slow. I commented that, in the light, that S's face looked like it had plastic overlaid on it.

1948 - R described his patterns as Egyptian.

1955 - R felt like he had sunk through the floor and was walking around. He insisted that he had already gotten up and taken a walk to 'the basement', though he never left the room.

1959 - R was very focused on the sensation of his blood pumping.

2001 - L could see mosaic alligators and green phoenixes, I assume in the patterns among the leaves. She felt like she was coming down.

2005 - L then reported she was definitely not coming down. The patterns I was seeing became more Aztec in design. I remember commenting about seeing skulls and sinister imagery, but then started talking about how in Tibetan iconography the 'fierce' bodhisattvas were actually benevolent, 'killing' the illusions of Mara, so they were actually positive images, etc, etc.

2018 - R began to visualize Celtic knot work.

2020 - The Celtic knot work became 'sci-fi' imagery. I started seeing mandelbrot patterns and other fractals.

About this time, S stopped taking notes - probably because we stopped describing our experiences and just sort of got absorbed into them.

I remember R mentioning at some point that he was 'turning into a dragon'. L became fascinated with sound and music, though she didn't like it when the music was coming out of a computer as it was too 'fake-sounding'.

I felt the overwhelming impulse to explore. I would wander around the suite and touch things. I would spontaneously dance (I do have training as a dancer), roll around on the floor, and hum, I kept humming the song from PotC 4, Jolly Sailor Bold. L really liked hearing me hum. I remember being fascinated with staring across the street at an open window, it looked like a little theatre.

L asked for S to turn the clock away, because she wanted to fully experience the time distortion effect. L and R kept commenting on how it felt like hours had gone by. I did not have the same effect, or not as intensely.

L and R started singing sailing shanties from the Atlantic and I decided to sit in the office and listen to Chinese compositions on erhu. I stared across the street and the building across the way became sort of pagoda like, and the lights across the water looked like the stairway up to the Forbidden Palace. The shadows took on a sort of samurai silhouette.

I remember going to the bathroom, and almost seeing a little woman made out of a lens wipe that was on the counter. But I was so irritated at the idea at having a vivid hallucination in the bathroom, that I refused to let my brain wander in that direction.

As the visuals faded, I also remember being very numb - I couldn't tell if I had to use the washroom or not, or if I was hungry or just nauseated.
As the visuals faded, I also remember being very numb - I couldn't tell if I had to use the washroom or not, or if I was hungry or just nauseated.
L commented to me that she felt like we were in a tv show or a movie, something about camera angles. I thought it was rather like a play, Sartre's No Exit was the one I brought up (but only because it took place in one room and had three characters - two female, one male), with S as the audience. She was also very fascinated by the shape of the strawberries I bought for the trip.

We briefly talked about Freud, placing R as the Id. At the time, I had thought of L as the Superego and myself as the Ego - but on reflection, L and I were both Ego, it was S that was the Superego, as his concern was entirely our welfare and that we had a safe and positive trip.

~2230 - We turned on one of the lights, which really made the living room look like a theatre set - but by now, we were mostly finished the trip and L and R both said that the current state was reminiscent of being slightly drunk. Shortly afterwards, they both felt safe enough to leave and so they did (as R, S and I all had to work in the morning). We thought it would be a good idea to try this again sometime, except in reverse - starting in darkness (3AM or so) and tripping with the sunrise.

I had some trouble getting to sleep, due to some physical discomfort and my brain still being hyperactive. But overall, it was a very positive experience and a very gentle trip. Definitely something I would be interested in doing again. I think the setting, my fellow trippers, and S as sitter contributed to the positivity of the experience.

Aftermath - slight headache, but nothing overwhelming.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96047
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 31 
Published: Apr 29, 2020Views: 405
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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