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Exquisite! Ayahuasca and Yoga
Huasca Brew (B. caapi & M. tenuiflora)
Citation:   Mitra. "Exquisite! Ayahuasca and Yoga: An Experience with Huasca Brew (B. caapi & M. tenuiflora) (exp9613)". Sep 25, 2001.

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12 g oral Mimosa tenuiflora (tea)
  50 g oral Banisteriopsis caapi (tea)
I finally got Ayahuasca to work. It's my new favorite. I think that I like it better than candyflipping, my previous all time favorite. I'm totally blown away. Here is my report.

25 grams powdered Mimosa Hostilis root bark and
100 grams powdered Banisteriopsis Caapi
were placed in a pot with juice of 3 lemons and enough distilled water to make it soupy. The mixture was boiled for 15 minutes and then moved to a plastic contained and stored in a cabinet for 48 hours. Then the liquid was poured off through a strainer into another container. More water was added to the plant material and it was quickly boiled and then strained off into the other container. This left about 2 cups of brown/purple liquid.

The evening in question:
2:00 am. - I am a coming down from a vodka and pot high. Nicole (my wife) has just gone to bed and I have just finished the last step in the above preparation. I take a few moments to remember everything that I ate for the last 2 days and decide that everything was safe. I pour a little less than half the purple/brown liquid into a mug and start drinking. It is bitter and sour tasting but not unpleasant. Normally, I am a big wuss about drinking weird stuff too. I think that the fact that it is warm and watered down helps.

2:30 am - I decide that nothing is going to happen and go to bed.

2:35 am - The dancing colors behind my eyelids is getting distracting so I get up to see if anything interesting is going to happen.

2:40 am - I am sitting on the couch listening to Juno Reactor. The room is very dim. Bright light is terribly bothersome. The world has turned to neon. Bright geometric designs in neon tubing dance across everything in time with the music. The music has become sublime perfection in sound. Wild rushing pleasure sensations start rolling through my body. This is extremely tactile. Everything feels REALLY cool. I can't stop touching things. I feel very energetic and excitable. I'm tripping really hard suddenly but it feels normal and right that things should be this way.

2:45 am - I can't sit still; I have to move. I feel the need to burn off a lot of energy really fast. What I really want to do is go running or something but I am afraid that If I leave the house I will get lost or something. I decide to do some yoga and see ho that goes. In the past it has been fun while tripping. As soon as I move into the first stretch, the neon tubes, which had been mostly 2 dimensional covering the surface of things, leapt into 3 dimensions and ark in crazy kinky patterns and plug into my legs and arms. They feel solid, like wax or something. They are like a hundred little fingers massaging the muscles. The muscles really like it and I begin my own massage work. I get really deeply into what I am doing. My visualization is intense. It's like I can see into the muscles and I work and stretch them. I am utterly fascinated by the working of each and every muscle and joint. Fantastic, plastic neon visuals dance around me and I think that this feels like everything I always wanted candyflipping to be but it never quite was.

3:40 am - I have been deeply entranced in yoga for almost an hour and cannot believe how much fun every little thing is. I have been able to do some of the most astounding, pretzel like postures. I stop only because it has become clear that I desperately need water. I find and drink some. The visuals are all over the place, collecting in corners and sticking to me. I am carrying big gobs of waxy hallucinations around with me. Suddenly, I feel nauseated and head to the bathroom.

3:45 am - vomiting was brief and one of the most intensely unpleasant things that I have ever experienced. I don't know how to explain it really. It felt like I was turned inside out. I feel better now. I brush my teeth for 10 minutes because I can't believe how cool bristles and mint are. I feel no further neasea or other unpleasant physical sensations for the rest of the evening.

4:00 am - strangely, I feel almost entirely normal again and there are no more visuals of any sort. That was really fast, I think.

4:15 am - I am really down already. Nothing interesting has happened for the last 15 minutes at all. I pour half of the remaining brew into a mug and drink it. It tastes horrible. I think that it really needs to be warm. I consider drinking the other half and decide to wait and see how I feel in half an hour.

4:45 am - I am rocketing back up. I am sitting on the couch listening to Juno Reactor because the visuals are getting too thick be able to move around. I can't see where I am going. It is starting to not matter if my eyes are open or closed. What I see is the same. I have heard about people seeing the music when on acid. I never really understood what they were talking about. Now I am not only seeing the music, I am tasting it, feeling it. I am the music. My world is quickly becoming a vast 3 dimensional lanscape of buckling rolling color that moves and flows with the music. It is the music. I am the music. The music feels like ultimate perfection. At the same time, I am considering the state of the world and the current state of social evolution. I eventually decide that if this experience is possible then all things considered, everything is going fine. Then things really get interesting. The music reaches the peak of the song with a sample from the movie Dune, 'Some thoughts have a certain sound,' and the world explodes. It is like there is a rift torn in this reality. I am in the presence of divinity. It controls all that I see and hear. I see galaxies created and torn apart. Some part of me could tell that physically, I was writhing around on the ground with my finger tips scratching a symphony of sensation on my scalp.

I am no longer in any way in control of any part of this from what I am doing physically to what I am seeing or anything. He has taken control. Each moment is overwhelming with a newer yet higher level of excellent. Suddenly, I am back on my couch sitting up like nothing has happened. I am looking down at the palm of my hand where there is a solar system spinning in the air. I put my very best effort forth to express what I am feeling in words. I say 'HOLY MY FUCK!', which becomes a mantra that I repeat over and over for the rest of the experience, and the solar system in my hand explodes. I am gone from reality, into the DMT hyperspace. I thought that one needed to smoke it to get here but I guess not. There are really weird alien presences that seem like gods to me. They seem terribly interested in me and very excited. They are talking to each other about how exciting this is, this is one of those 'humans' that they have been hearing about. Apparently they have heard that we are really nifty inventions and they have been just dying to check one out for themselves. They start toying with me. Suddenly I have a body again but I am flying around in hyperspace. Gravity keeps changing directions. One of the 'gods' invades my body and takes over. He wants to experience what is it to be human. I feel of it's emotions and thoughts about what it feels like to be human. He really likes how it feels and is really impressed by the coolness of the invention. I myself have a newfound appreciation for being human as everything good about it is being discussed. Suddenly, I am out of hyperspace again and back on my couch. I think to myself, 'oh man, if he (the god that is still hanging out inside my body) liked that, wait till he feels this!' and I grab my feet, twist myself into some sort of weird pretzel shape that I have never been in before and start biting on both my big toes at once. I don't know why this occurred to me and I was kind of surprised that I was capable of it.

This is when things really got interesting. He, the god inside me that is, says, 'wow, that is interesting. You deserve to see what is REALLY going on!' Once again, my world explodes. Heaven manifests and I am one with nirvana. For a time, I am just a bit of pure joy sensation, then other sensations begin to form out of it. First there is sound, beautiful perfect music. Then there is a bizarre symphony of physics and physical sensation. My body is made up of a leg that has an arm attached to the top of it. At the end of the arm, the hand is holding onto the foot. Somehow there is a half twist in there, making the loop a mobius strip and I am turning inside out. It is utterly realistic. I feel all the sensations of the muscles stretching and working. Then I am a hundred other forms of looped flesh and bone and teeth. I am aware that somehow, this is 'what is REALLY going on.'

6:00 am - I am suddenly aware of being on the couch again. I am twisting through bizarre yogic postures. I am terribly thirsty. I go on a quest for water. I am having trouble getting around because there are all these crazy blue and green and red neon tubes dancing everywhere. I make it to the bathroom and drink some water from the sink tap. I accidentally wake Nicole up and she comes out. I try to explain to her what has been happening.

6:15 am - I am almost totally down. I am not seeing anything anymore. The lights are on. I am snuggling with Nicole and we are talking. I still feel hyper. I try to smoke some pot but it has no effect on me.

6:45 am - I am definitely down and ready for bed. We go to sleep. I sleep five hours and wake up feeling great, if a little tired. There is no hangover of any sort. I spend the day being amazed by what happened. I feel very alive and the world seems to be turned on to a higher notch. All of my senses seem clearer today. Ayahuasca is defiantly cool stuff and I am looking forward to next time with great excitement. The entire experience was extremely playful so I really want to try it with other people now.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9613
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 25, 2001Views: 93,894
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