Citation:   tripper. "Mindblowing: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp9636)". Erowid.org. Dec 15, 2004. erowid.org/exp/9636

2.3 g oral Mushrooms
Iíve taken mushrooms many times before this that have all but one been good. Where I went wrong was to not be with friends from the start.

I went to a rave on my own expecting to meet with friends inside. while I was waiting I ate slightly over 2 grams of english magic mushrooms, twice my normal dose. An hour later the mushrooms had started to kick in but I still hadnt found my friends. I kept thinking about all the things I disliked about myself and felt more self conscious than I ever have before or after. Slight visuals where just kicking in. I felt someone tap my shoulder for that second I felt so scared until I realised it was a good friend of mine. My paranoia got a bit better but I was still not enjoying this mad rave that normally I would of love. Looking back on it I should of taken some ectasy as that wakes me up out of the tired dreamy state and would of given me a good trip. I saw some more friends who were trying to talk to me but I could hardly string a sentance together. By this time I was really fucked and could hardly make sense of anything. All I could think about was getting home. so I told my friends I was going they tried to convince me to stay but I was too scared. Looking back that was a really big mistake but I wasnt really able to make a rational choice. By this time EVERYTHING was a colourfull blur.

My thoughts where flying in all directions varying from the meaning of life to how to get home. I was thinking through my actions much more clearly for example normaly I just walk along the pavemnt... I was planning my route and remembering how to walk as if what are normally subconscious thoughts where conscious. Iím only scratching the surface of the wierdness of my experience. I kept thinking of all of the strangest philosophical psychological thoughts like what is it like to think what is happiness, boredom, fear.

I got in a taxi and felt this feeling of absolute terror that the taxi driver might kill me and so I watched the route home thinking that if he turns off the route home I'll jump out the car and escape, looking back Iím very glad I didnt. When I got home I felt a sense of huge relief although I did not have the coordination to use the keys. When I finally got in I turned off the lights and got into bed. It was like the black of the night was a canvass I could see nothing but amazing colourfull fractals like a kaleidescope. I could hear the strangest psychedelic trance like music that had an engine beat to it. I felt that my body was not a 3 dimensional human shape but a flat pattern. I heard voices of people shouting at me but I soon realised they were not real. I took a co-proxamol pill which to get me to sleep (they are analgesic and slightly euphoric) I felt a feeling of absolute terror but not in the usual paranoid way. Usually I imagine scary scenarios or personal fears but this time my head was too much of a blur to make sense of the fear which made it a bit better.

As the pill kicked in I felt a feeling of absolute bliss just getting better and better. I dont know how long I was sitting in bed for but it seemed like an eternity. In future I will only take mushrooms at home with good friends because that is how to get the best from them.

Since then I have have many trips and with all the new thoughts running threw one's head it can be easy to get very seperated from the real world and end up a paranoid wreck. Its all good visiting this amazing new world but dont live in it. Keep it real and 'feed your head'.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9636
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 15, 2004Views: 9,548
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