The Connection Between Our Minds Has Grown
by Teagz
Citation:   Teagz. "The Connection Between Our Minds Has Grown: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp96472)". Jan 15, 2021.

T+ 0:00
6 g oral Mushrooms (fresh)
  T+ 2:00 2 hits vaporized Cannabis  


First Time Mushroom Trip

A little background information:
I, have had no experience with any form of psychedelic, and had only become more of a regular user of weed. Dylan, also had no experience with psychedelics, but had been a regular user of weed, for maybe a year and half. Both of us had researched the effects and looked into how to get each other and ourselves out of bad trips. Originally we were going to do it alone and the other trip sit, but as you read further on that is not the case. He had looked more at how to go further into ‘you’ during a trip and find out more about yourself. Where as I had also looked at what it was like for couples and bad trips, as I was more worried about going into a bad trip, as I had experienced depression for 5 years.

We had previously been out looking for mushrooms for about a month, and then on this Friday, Dylan found about 25 mushrooms. I went over about 3, just after he got home. He was going to trip at his house, in which he lives in the shed, which is separate to the house. So to use the toilet and eat, we had to go outside first then into the house and vice versa.

Dylan took his 8 grams at 4. We sat and watched Terence McKenna about 4:45 he started feel a little ‘high’. About 5 he started to notice weird patterns, such as in a wood cupboard and the carpet. I’m pretty in touch with him, and started to get this ‘high’ feeling as he did. This comes into play more, when I eat mine.

I was trip sitting at this stage and suggested we go for a walk. I was sober at this stage so I drove around the corner, to a park, which had a creek and some areas to walk in the trees and Dylan was interested in the pattern on my dashboard. We walked for about 15 minutes, Dylan found all of this very interesting, seeing this he’d previously not noticed and tried to explain this to me, but as I was sober, I didn’t understand at this stage.

We came back home, around 5:30. Dylan then sat at the computer and watched visuals effects whilst listening to music. He then vaped some weed, not a lot, just enough to boost the mushrooms effect.

He explained the feeling to me as being completely in the present. I sat on the couch, watching a TV show and just observing him. He lay down on the bed like, 6:30 and really started to trip out, and listening to the music. At this stage, I think he felt like I was awkward and he wanted to explain things and I didn’t understand so I ate two little ones, not sure how many grams maybe 6 grams. Dylan also ate another one.

We were looking at photos of me on my laptop from the last 12 months. Looking at the changes in my face and smile. I was pretty unhappy and looking at those photos I could feel my sadness, and could see the happiness in the last few months. Dylan noticed how in my older photos I looked like my ex, sad and a nothing expression. I jumped on his trip within 25 minutes.

We then lay separately me on the couch and him on the bed. I felt really warm, and felt like clothes weren’t appropriate. Dylan then invited me to come join him on the bed. We lay there for 10 minutes or so it felt. We then decided to go inside and grab some food.

Walking outside completely changed the trip.
Walking outside completely changed the trip.
When we went outside we looked up at the moon and the stars. The distance felt so much greater, because we could also see the trees in the distance, and the world felt like an overwhelming huge place, and that I was tiny, and to know that the universe is so much greater than our tiny little planet and the tiny me on that planet.

It was a little windy, so I stood still and just let the wind push me and let it move me. Then I lay up against the wall of the house, and felt as if the wall could be the ground. Just if you imagined that up and down didn’t exist as if gravity didn’t exist. Dylan and I discussed that there really is no up, down, left, or right to reality. Only the presence of gravity gives these directions. Out in space, there is no direction, only infinite space.

Went inside and the trip changed again. I went to the toilet, and looked at the textures in the tiles. Then walked out into the hallway to see Dylan looking down the hallway into the mirror in his parent’s room. I was looking back and forth between the ‘real’ him and the reflection in the mirror. It tripped me out and I had to walk away. I went to the bathroom again the looked in the mirror, and looking at myself was odd. I didn’t feel I was looking at me. Dylan then joined me in the bathroom, we discussed that we see each other differently. He sees things I don’t in me, and vice versa. I felt like I was looking through his eyes and seeing me, I appeared more attractive and beautiful.

We then went back into his parent’s bedroom, and stood in front of a double. So two mirrors facing each other that, makes your reflection feel infinite. We stood in front of that, I felt very overwhelmed again, looking at multiple reflections of Dylan. I had to leave again as it freaked me out, not knowing ‘who’ was ‘real’.

We then went to the kitchen. We went to heat up some lasagne, which took us a while because we were being distracted by conversations. Eventually we heated it up and then sat on the floor and ate it, and questioned the use of cutlery, and plates and where these things came from. I ended up eating with my hands, it felt more natural and was very funny. We’d also eaten some grapes and discussed the brain processes and body movements that we go through to pick up a grape and eat it. That we move without consciously thinking about it.

About 8:30 maybe, we went to go back to the shed. We talked about things we never really had before. We both then vaped some more weed, I was so fascinated by little things. I rubbed my nose on Dylan’s hand, and the sensation was so weird and incredible.

I had already experienced some little loops, where I was stuck, in doing a task, that didn’t really have an ending. We were about to go lie down on the bed, but I wanted to check my messages before. There was a message from my ex, telling me he was now dating a new girl. Which I was fine with, but I got stuck in a loop reading the message over and over again for what felt like 5 minutes. Dylan then came over and I threw down the phone so he could read it, and I was overcome by this terrible feeling, and I rolled over so my face was on the floor, and every time I breathed in it felt like I was dying. I was hyperventilating and couldn’t breathe. Dylan then came over and held me and reminded me that ‘I was there with him’. Snap, I was back with it, out of the start of a bad trip. If I had been tripping on my own, I don’t know if I could have got myself out.

We then went to bed and talked and we then had sex, because it felt like what we should be doing, but that changed and we felt like we should be talking.

We then we then we went inside again to brush our teeth and tripped out some more... We had very odd conversations, and we both had a very weird connection feeling, that we were one person, each other’s halves
we both had a very weird connection feeling, that we were one person, each other’s halves
. We giggled a lot, and found that if we couldn’t get words out we could still understand each other.

On the way back to the shed, we jumped around outside, and spun around in circles, it made me very dizzy, but the sensation was so incredible, like the earth was a trampoline.

After this, we start coming down slowly. We went to bed, and talked a lot, had sex again, talked some more, did some more weed, and then went to sleep eventually at about 3:30 am. Before bed, Dylan told me he loved me for the first time, and when he said it, I knew he meant it, and I felt that same love and connection. The dreams were very weird that night, as if I was still tripping.

The effects of this trip were quite interesting, especially for our first times, it was about a level 2. We both want to reach a higher level. When having conversations on mushrooms, we both found we were side-tracked from the originally conversation, but found we could trace back where we had come from together. The connection between our minds has grown because of this trip together. We both decided that when we trip from now on we will only use our phone and computers at minimal. The whole trip was only about… 12 hours at most for Dylan and about 10 hours for me. We found that weed increased the effect of the mushrooms and sustained the effect, as did sex.

Since then we have both tripped again, me once and him 3 other times, and I experienced a level 3 trip and he has only experienced a level 2. Next time we are going to try and reach a higher level. But it really is all about set and setting, keep these in mind when tripping.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96472
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jan 15, 2021Views: 729
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Mushrooms (39) : Depression (15), Relationships (44), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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