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The Year of the Dragon
Mushrooms & DMT
by Shroomarathoner
Citation:   Shroomarathoner. "The Year of the Dragon: An Experience with Mushrooms & DMT (exp96607)". Apr 2, 2013.

3.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
    smoked DMT (plant material)


I packed my bags and prepared for the journey ahead, but little did I know just how much this journey would change my life. V picked me up around 4:00pm, and we headed down to the magical ranch. We arrived at close to 5:00pm and got our wristbands. We found a parking spot near a tall palm tree with a light shining behind it, the beacon and landmark that would guide us back. We talked to V’s friend who told me about homeopathic medicine.

After walking around and looking at the stages, we sat in the car and listened to music. I played Juan Verdera - “Spiritual Healing.” At 9:00pm, I decided I was ready for some knowledge. I got out my 1/8 oz of mushrooms and gave V a few stems, then ate the rest (save for a few stems) washed down with pomegranate limeade. We lit some “St. Jude” incense to guide us, and then walked down to the psytrance stage to dance. I got a text message from S asking if anyone has extra tickets to the party or if he could sneak in. I told V about it and being the nice person he is, he said “Let’s go ask E if we can let him in,” so we walked to the ticketing area, but no luck. I started to feel strange and a little nauseous, and we started walking back to the stage area. Security stopped us and said we can’t walk back, and we have to ride in someone’s car. Luckily, V’s friend T and her friend were just about to park and gave us a ride. I could feel the journey beginning, and riding around the car felt like being on a psychedelic tour ride.

V and I got out and started walking when we were approached by K, who said “So, do you like V? Do you really like him?” I said “I’m not straight, dude!” and he said in a gay tone, “Like, ok!” I told him to stop and said something like “I’m tripping and you’re being a mean person” and shoed him away with my hand. V laughed and said “Dude, you’re tripping her out, she just ate a bunch of mushrooms!” I told V I felt nauseous and worried that I ate too much, and he said “Let’s go back to the car, when I take shrooms, I like to just sit back and close my eyes for about 45 minutes.” I told him I was scared, and asked how to end the trip, knowing that I couldn’t. V said “You can’t stop it, just enjoy it while it lasts.”

We got in the car and I closed my eyes and covered them with my hands. I wanted to say something about the beautiful patterns I was seeing. They looked like Alex Grey paintings morphing and changing, like the inside walls and stained glass windows of a cathedral. Then I heard the rumbling bass of the music, and a loud, rumbling voice, which I knew to be God, said in a very serious tone, “Don't speak, everything you say now must be intelligent.” So I didn't say anything for a while, and when I began to speak, there was a marked change in my vocabulary, almost like God was speaking through me.

V and I both needed to go to the bathroom, so we walked to the VIP restrooms by the mansion. I looked at the trees and plants, and they seemed like people to me, like they had minds and could understand my words. I hugged some trees and plants as I would hug a person. We passed by a camp of tents, and under a stream of holiday lights hanging above us. We started to laugh about something and I stopped worrying so much, when suddenly in my head I heard God say, “Just enjoy life.” I said, “V, God just told me, to enjoy life.” V said “Are you going to listen?” and I said yes. Later we named that spot the “Joy of Life” spot.

We got to the restrooms and there was a fire pit nearby. I stood by it and looked at the beautiful flames, streaked with purple. I knew that fire was God’s creation, and its warmth was his gift and embrace. As we waited in line for the restroom, I saw a man wash his hands and I said, “V, that man was washing his hands…” – V began to laugh – “and it looked like he was creating some intricate hand art.” Then we both couldn’t stop laughing, and I said “And God said, just enjoy life.”

We started walking back to the stage area. As we walked down the stairs, we saw P, who greeted us and as he waved goodbye, he spun around in a dance-like fashion. I started laughing and said “V, did you see the dance P did? The P dance!” He said “No, how did he do it?” and I showed him and said “He looked like a little wizard or Mickey Mouse!” We laughed hysterically for a while and I said “And God said, enjoy life.”

As we walked back, I said “Where shall we go V?” and he said “Where do you want to go?” I said “I want to go where you want to go, because I sometimes feel like I tell people too much what to do, and I don’t want to do that.” We passed by a large white dome with a holograph projector creating moving art within, and V asked if I wanted to go inside. I did, and I told him he must have read the “mental text message” I sent him, because I wanted him to suggest going there instead of me telling him.

We got inside and sat by two Rasta guys (dreadlocks, Jamaican-influenced style), and then T and her friend entered the dome and sat with us. T asked how my journey was going, and I told her that God talked to me, and immediately after, I regretted saying this, as she looked skeptical. A few minutes later, we started laughing about something, and I erupted in a hysterical fit of laughter, which made me fall back onto a pillow. I started thinking of how “wasted” I was acting and how I must look in my mother’s and God’s eyes, and started to feel guilty. Then I imagined all of the problems of the world, dating back to ancient history, and I began to cry. I erupted in tears and couldn’t stop crying and saying “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” V held my hand and the Rasta guy hugged me and said something very spiritual involving forgiveness. As I was lying down and crying, T asked the guys “How would you explain mushrooms to someone who hasn’t taken them?” Everyone else said they couldn’t explain it, but I answered “Taking mushrooms is like knowing everything about the universe and its problems, more than you could ever want to know, all in your head at once.”

When I finally stopped crying, the Rasta guy did a chant to bless me and keep bad energies away. I started to sense my own psychic abilities, and told the group to ask me something, anything, and maybe I will know the answer. T said “Who was Coltan in my past life?” I closed my eyes and thought. The name Coltan reminded me of “sultan” and I pictured a bazaar with a vendor trying to sell something to a lady who was presumably T. I told her this, and said that his name sounds like sultan so he must have had ancestors who were sultans. Next, it was T’s friend’s turn to ask me something, and after a while she said “What will happen in 2012?” I closed my eyes and waited for the message to come. I said “There will be greater understanding and acceptance among people in 2012.” She said “I hope so.”

V and I were ready to return to the psytrance stage to greet the new year. Someone there told me that 2012 is the “year of the dragon” according to the Chinese zodiac. I remembered that my zodiac sign is that of the dragon, and I realized that 2012 is my year. I thought, God must have planned for me to have this very experience, on this very night. As we all danced, I saw trails of people’s hands and bodies and could sense their energies, troubles, and thoughts. There was a moment when I could sense V’s internal sadness and I gave him I hug. I said “V, I could sense you needed a hug” and he was amazed that I knew this. We saw A on the dance floor, and I kept forgetting his name, so I just called him “V’s twin.” I told A that I had eaten mushrooms and to ask me a question and maybe I will know the answer. He said “What is greater than God?” I closed my eyes and when I opened them I told him, “God says everything is greater than him… he’s very humble.” A said “That’s a good answer… yeah, humble? I like that.”

Soon, the countdown began, and when it was 2012, V and I hugged and kissed each other on the cheek. I said “V, I think we need to feed you some ‘knowledge’ now that it’s the new year and your soul is ready.” He laughed and said ok, so we headed back to the car.
We stopped by the restroom again and as we waited in line, V did the “P dance” and I saw a blue light around him. I said “V, you have a beautiful blue spirit light.” He stopped and looked at me and said, “You know, according to the Mayan calendar, my color is blue?” I told him I would have to look up what the color blue means in terms of spirit lights, as well as the meaning of his name. I had a feeling his name was associated with a saint. I told him there are a lot of messages God sends us through Google and through little pockets of energy in the environment, which are absorbed by our subconscious minds. He said “You want to know what I think about God? This shirt is God, the ground is God… everything is made of God.” In the restroom I thought about this, and when I came out, I told V “All religions are the same, but how do we create an explanation that combines all of the different religions without causing conflict?” We both agreed that the only way for people to understand that all religions are the same is through each person having his/her own psychedelic experience. As we walked back to the car, we passed the “Joy of Life” spot and I said “And God said, just enjoy life!”

We passed by K who again said “So, do you really like this guy?” and we laughed. As V talked to K, I danced around and thought about my friend R and how R’s name and spirit is similar to a ray of sunshine, and saw that R must have a yellow spirit light. I thought of how R said I am like a delicate flower, and thought that is how God sees me too. I then realized my purpose in life is to be a flower and absorb energies and information, but I thought, what does a flower do with all this information? V said “to pollinate?” and I said, “Yes, to spread knowledge and help many people, maybe to find the cure for something…” and V said “the cure for unhappiness.”

Inside the car, we talked some more, and I told V he’s a good person with a beautiful blue spirit light, and he cares about people but sometimes he’s too hard on himself and he shouldn’t be. I gave him another mushroom stem to eat and we talked more. He asked “Can I ask, if you don’t mind… why don’t you like boys or girls?” I thought about it and said, “I think because God made me that way… I think he has another purpose for me, to help many people, and devoting myself to one person would take away the time and energy I need to accomplish my life’s purpose.” V said “I think you just want to love everyone, and people sometimes want it all for themselves, and they can’t understand you… but when they get to know you, they will see that you just love everyone.” I asked V how do I make everyone happy, and he said to just be happy myself and smile, and when people see me smile, they will say “That’s a happy girl right there” and they will smile and be happy too.

We also talked about the nature of selfishness and how people are naturally a bit selfish, including myself, as I keep wanting my mom to move and be with me although I know she has her own life. V said I have to let my mom live her own life and the physical distance between me and my mom won’t lessen the connection my mom and I have. I saw that my mom has a gold spirit energy, which made sense, as she always said I had “golden hands.” I also contemplated that maybe I don’t like my step-sister because I felt like she is closer (in terms of distance) to my mom, or maybe my step-sister’s spirit energy and my spirit energy are incompatible and end up criss-crossing in the physical world. I also thought about S and why he seems a bit strange to me, and I thought, he’s not a bad person but maybe he has too many negative energies stuck to him, like burrs stick to fur. V’s spirit, on the other hand, doesn’t let the bad energies stick to him. Instead, they just brush past him, still affecting him, but not lingering. V told me that the moment when I hugged him on the dance floor was right after his ex-girlfriend had passed by. I also thought about how physical and emotional illness must be the physical manifestation of people’s subconscious absorbing too much information and energy, as their body/mind can’t process all of that information at once. Thus, during a psychedelic experience, you have to focus on one thing at a time and just listen to the message.

In terms of visual effects, I often saw snowflake patterns, especially on the grass, and the stars looked like a lattice enveloping the earth. Fireworks were sparkling and beautiful. Looking at text, the words seemed to move. Moving hands and objects left trails. Sometimes I had double vision and it looked like some people had three or more eyes or chins. People’s faces and costumes looked beautiful. I told V’s friend Eric, who was wearing a mask, that the visual art on his face was beautiful. The three of us sat by V’s car and talked about the psychedelic experience, aliens, energy, etc. I said I think aliens are just beings that have the knowledge that you have on mushrooms, except all of the time, and perhaps they are waiting for our people to become intelligent and open-minded enough to understand them before introducing themselves to us.

We went back to the psytrance stage, and I remembered that I wanted V to introduce me to his friend Y who I knew online. Just as I was thinking this, V saw one of his friends and then said to me, “Let’s go meet Y, he’s here.” I talked to Y and we walked past a dubstep stage. It was the first time that I really began to appreciate dubstep music. I realized that the reason it was hard for me to appreciate it before was that there were too many sounds to process in my mind, but now the mushrooms had expanded my mind and given me the ability to process all of the different sounds, energies, and information. I realized that everything in the universe is made of energy, and I finally understood the meaning of the lyrics of Infected Mushroom & Jorg - “The Messenger:” “The secret of the world is that the world is made by words, so use your voice to make an object, that’s what the psychedelic experience is.” An object is made of energy and sound particles are made of energy, so you can use the sound energy of your voice to make an object.

I went back to the psytrance stage. While dancing, I saw a light coming from a corner near the stage. As I approached it, I saw someone painting a beautiful picture with eyes and intricate colorful patterns all over it. I sat and watched and the artist introduced himself, at which point I instantly recognized him from seeing his work online. I sat and looked through his portfolio, admiring all of the patterns and colors. I was feeling sleepy so I didn’t get a chance to finish going through all of the artwork, but I told him I would come back to it. I went to V’s car to sleep, and found he was there sleeping as well.

We both woke up after sunrise, as the people camping next to us were talking loudly. We passed by the Joy of Life spot and a friend gave us some tea. We sat by the warm fire and drank the tea before heading back to the psytrance stage. We realized the music had stopped, and soon learned that the police had busted the party while we were asleep and shut down the music. However, soon the music was back on. I danced, talked, laughed, hugged, took pictures and videos, and enjoyed life. Later on, E, P, V, Y, and I smoked some changa (DMT), but surprisingly, both Y and I had no effects. I tried it again later on, and still nothing, but I didn’t care. I had already gotten my psychedelic experience the night before, the most important night of my life.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96607
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Apr 2, 2013Views: 5,763
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Mushrooms (39), DMT (18) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), Mystical Experiences (9), Nature / Outdoors (23), Music Discussion (22), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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