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I Feel Very Empowered
by siilence
Citation:   siilence. "I Feel Very Empowered: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp97121)". Erowid.org. Sep 28, 2021. erowid.org/exp/97121

T+ 0:00
1.5 g oral Mushrooms
  T+ 0:15 1.5 g oral Mushrooms


3g Mushrooms Report While Under the Influence

This was my first time taking psilocybin mushrooms alone. This was my fourth experience with them, however, two of those were too low-dosed to experience anything. I decided since I was alone I wanted to 'live blog' for myself so that later I would really get to see what I was thinking DURING a trip. Re-reading it 6 months later gave me chills. Every mushroom experience I have had so far has been very positive, even my 4.5g trip. This is unedited so the spelling, grammar, and punctuation are obviously flawed. A few parts are lewd. My apologies. Its a true documentation.

3:30 took half the bag
345 took the rest of the 3G
410 feel a lightness to my body, gentle And smiley. Feel really relaxed and niiiice.
418 glad I didn't fall asleep. Got up to turn on heat and started dancing around through the house. Smoking a gb now.
423 I must have up and down times cause noww I feel relaxed and sleepy again and cuddling with the puppies isamasj f
426 that was the first huge wave. I closed my eyes to it. It was just super super bright patterns to my upper left. I talked to it with my eyes closed and said hello and that this felt really good and thank you. And then I said I know I didn't take enough. That's why I can't go further. But thank you. This feels so good.
430 holy ghost - do it again came on now I wanna get up and dance. I have to. I'm sitting here gyrating hehehe
433 I feel sexy and turned on I feel a tingle on the back of my next I feel heat in my pussy
436 touching my self to holy ghost album haha
440 I feel down again but it's building with change of song
444 I mean I think it's awesome that you just feel a presence and everytime it returns you get filled with light and so happy and you wanna dance and the room is bright
I just wanna dance!!!!

446 I keep trying to get Nathans tv to work but it won't haha Holy shit. I'm amidst the presence. I feel cold to the touch but inside my body I feel warm
452 oh shit haha I layed down to masturbate and I haven't been able to get off so I joked out loud and said you are too gentile for this. Meaning she couldn't ram it to me like a man could and man she rammed my head with images. That was the brightest I've ever seen. I was touching myself but it didn't feel like the heat was down there. The heat was in my heart. In my mind.
455 new song. Holy ghost - hold on
In a way this was like last time. I can't believe only an hour and a half has passed. But right now I don't even know what that means.
My nose hasn't really run at all this time.
501 it's weird it's like mushrooms slows downtime and forces you to live in the moment just standing here in the kitchen I feel so happy
504 ok I fed the dogs and I keep thinking..... That's what it is you keep getting lost in thought. So even though you are doing mundane things like normal. You don't feel normal haha
515 it's like the waves come and go now but I can dance through them and don't have to be knocked over by them
517 this has been an awesome trip. Not too many visuals since I only took the three g. But very introspective. It's a whole body experience. My nose has been cold the entire time but the rest of me is warrrm.
521 I keep getting off track!

But William
Is sending me funny things to look at and I'm laughing
523 wow huge laughing fit things are really vibrating
525 I'm excited about the thought of my impending pizza. The sun is setting an things are feeling. Oh yeah I noticed this light! In the dining room !! It's awesome! I took a picture!
528 every limb is tired. I keep Thinkjng about eating but I never quite make it there. Archer has been on me non stop. Where is my water? I'm still laughing. And dreaming of pizza.
530!! No music on I keep forgetting to put it on!! I'm also hungry!! Have I been typing this whole time? It's like a dream. I think it's dark now. Yep.
532 eb and flowww. Put on the Gucci vump album and it sounds sweet. Dancing!! I think the key is to have something awesome on the other side of the trip to come down into.
535 just feeling every thought. I can't wait for Nathan to come home. I can't wait for william to grow up and come to me. I can't wait for Gary to visit. I wish it were sooner.
540 everything is so interesting in this state
546 why am I so negative to more introspective songs
549 nothing needs to be interesting! Just existing is the best!! I want to eat a huge cheese pizza from pizza hut!!!
550 this is exhausting. Things

Make so much sense here!! I just can't focus enough to get the words out.
553 it's like I can feel all of these impulses that normally get filtered out! Dancing around this old house alone is the best!! I put on aeroplane July 2011 mix!! It is perfect for this!! Dancin'nnn I haven't wanted to lay down much at all since the very beginning
558 I should think about my life while on the toilet I know I'm about to come down. Just think about the delicious pizza!!
I like this flying solo cause I can go with whatever impulse I want. Here to there. That sounds so crazy. But this place is beautiful. Everyone should see it!!
601 I feel like I'm live blogging from the shroom!
602 it's funny that I say I feel hungry so many times!! I feel the impulse but I hvent ate anything! Why not!
605 sleeepy. I came into Nathan's room and the puppies were there looking so comfy
606 weird. Did I write that I wasn't seeing shit before? Cause I've definitely been seeing light patterns they just haven't been as vivid.
609 I know when I'm starting to come back to my body because I turned off my music and I got really tired
611 I know!! You stop acting so impulsive and you start considering what other people will think, their feelings.

615 I feel paranoid about ordering a pizza but I know I'm coming down and it's gonna take like a fucking hour. I feel tired like I just wanna cuddle and generate physical warmth to recreate what I was feeling earlier. Hehe
617 this is awesome. This is what life is about. Days like this that end in fucking cuddling and pizza. And I'm alone. Like this would be double better if I could share this with one person.
625 this is like the twilight. You start feeling embarrassment sink in for acting so impulsive earlier. You try to laugh to initiate a wave but it's fading. Life is returning. Normal thinking processes are returning.
627 I ordered a large cheese pizza and breadsticks and I'm paying with cash
633 it's amazing. I am able to walk to the door now and brush my hair now and now is when the afternoon feels like it was a dream. I can't wait for my pizza to get here.
637 I love acting on these little impulses. I just ate for the first time. Some little fruit bites. I feel ravenous. I can't wait for pizza to arrive

640 what I want more than anything right now is the pizza to get here so I can smoke weed and nom and browse tumblr.
653 holy shit the pizza already came and I'm bugging out at how excited I am!! Almost brought back a tiny wave haha
703 I fucking love my life. This time the come down was much better because I knew what to expect. Keep this in mind for the future. Kevin Mcallister. CHEESE PIzza! Man just that I can do whatever I want. Today was perfect. I was alone. And it was perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

707 wow. I think I had a breakthrough. It's not in thought, but in the feeling behind the thought. I am completely alone right now and my life is fucking perfect. I'm coming down. And I did this all by myself. I feel very empowered. Like you do what you can just to get by in this world and that's cool because we will always have to run the rat race, but take those times when you are alone and do whatever the fuck makes you feel happiest. No matter how fucking weird or fucked up it is. If it makes you feel warmth in your heart then do it. I am free. I just made conscious decisions today that led to me coming to this empty house with just my two puppies where I knew I was safe and secluded, I took 3G of magic mushrooms, fucking ordered a cheese pizza all to myself, and get to lay back and watch avatar and do whatever I want. I make this life. I am no longer dependent. I am independent. I Kevin mcallistered my day. It was amazing and it was all me. Man. Life is all about love. You just have to remember to not stop loving yourself while you are busy spreading all your love around to everyone else. My life is amazing. And I am alone. My life is amazing!!!!

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97121
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 29 
Published: Sep 28, 2021Views: 171
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Mushrooms (39) : Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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