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Terence, God and a Filing Cabinet...
Mushrooms - P. semilanceata
by Ciaran Shaman
Citation:   Ciaran Shaman. "Terence, God and a Filing Cabinet...: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. semilanceata (exp98019)". Jan 24, 2020.

150 caps oral Mushrooms - P. semilanceata (tea)


I gently boiled and simmered around 150 psilocybe semilanceata mushrooms. Making sure to infuse good spirit and cheer into the water and all cooking aids and the receptacle. The mushrooms I also gave good cheer to, and whilst they accepted this with delight they told me that 'they were already filled with positive spirit and much else besides.' An impish response and a portent of what was to come. The mushrooms were in a cheeky and sprightly mood...

As the divine infusion brewed, I paid attention to and arranged set and setting. I made a makeshift bed on the floor with cushions and a duvet. I lit a candle and some incense and turned the rest of the lights off. The plan was to listen to the audiobook of 'True Hallucinations' by Terence McKenna as I journeyed
The plan was to listen to the audiobook of 'True Hallucinations' by Terence McKenna as I journeyed
, and without expectation take it from there...

The scene was set. All was right. I poured the brew and drank a large cup full of hot thick cloying mushroom spirit. A couple of gags here and there towards the bottom of the cup but it gradually went down and stayed down thankfully. Terence was leading me into the jungle, this was way too exciting to be focusing on anything else such as nausea. I eagerly accepted Terence's invitation and began to walk with him.

The effects were slow to come on. A creeping and gradual sensation of separation from the body flesh. I can only liken it to the slow removal of a healing plaster - similar in sensation to the way Velcro works, with one layer being body and the other layer being spirit. The separation was gentle yet deliberate, with purpose.

At this point I closed my eyes, lay back and let it all go. Any residual fear or nervousness, or worries about a dark trip and the subsequent concern as to where I might go and what might be shown to me were replaced with a gratifying and welcome sense of slipping away into a place where such notions seemed meaningless, and for this trip, absurd. This trip was to be a fantastical voyage that for sure was the message coming from the other side. I could feel the messengers close by, just on the other side of a membrane that was getting thinner by the second.

I have no idea how long this intriguing and sometimes uncomfortable process took. Parts of me did not want to be removed from body and there were numerous internal battles as they slowly realised resistance was futile and even they had to let go. The sensation of bliss and lightness was growing rapidly as the troublesome personality traits fell one by one. I literally dissolved into living fragments scattered through space and time - but a very different space and time to the one normally encountered in the world I was leaving behind with increasing rapidity. Meanwhile Terence took me further into the jungle and began to giggle...
The accompaniment of Terence and his audiobook - a delight which is filled with strange and complex sounds and often hilarious music which plays with Terence's storytelling in the truly comical, took me to places never before imagined. I couldn't imagine them. This colour-drenched space I was now inhabiting was vast beyond words. It was living and utterly enchanting. It was the space within information. It was the essence of information. I was shown how information is stored in utterly perplexing geometric shapes of radiant colour. Holographic in nature these 'bits' of information were placed in a living filing system that appeared to be truly psychedelic filing cabinets made from fractal equations that presented themselves as feather-like. I'm drawn to the radical tail-feathers of the male peacock.

I watched as the constant flow of informational packages placed themselves into these utterly radical filing cabinets, and once there they would instantly, in true holographic form be everywhere and accessible to anyone or anything seeking that bit of information. There was no fanfare or grand explosion as this happened. It just did. And that seemed just right. I have no idea what the information was that I was watching being born into the world I had left behind. I was being shown the way information is managed by whatever consciousness it is that manages it. I think it is God. But it is no man, nor being as such. It is information itself, living and aware. Complexity light-years beyond our current toe-dipping into scientific discovery. Yet we can understand this complexity with ease if we open to it. Just what are we?

I realised then that I was crying. I could distantly feel a wetness around my eyes and on my cheek. I opened my eyes. Glory be! The visions were much more intense with eyes open. This is unusual, I thought.
The visions were much more intense with eyes open. This is unusual, I thought.
The air was thick, as in physically thick, with energy. I liken the view to what it may look like if one were inside a giant clear but gloriously psychedelic jellyfish. Light was streaming in a perfect waterfall from the computer monitor that was playing random visualizations as Terence enthralled. The light I realised was flowing directly into me. Into my solar plexus. Not only that it was flowing into my cat too, who was snoozing happily by my feet. Looking around in awe I was shown that it is easy to see the 'elusive' dark energy that currently has physicists perplexed. The force that holds the physical world together and allows it to be. All one needs to do is trust in Nature and open ones mind to her methods. I felt sorry for the mainstream scientists, trapped sadly in their own limitations of courage, imagination and scope. No-one has shown them. Why has no-one shown them?

I closed my eyes and drifted to the sounds of Terence with his curious vocal style. I became aware that he has embedded parts of himself in the audiobook. Deeper than just speech. Information poured from his every word, his every giggle or exclamation of surprise. I got the distinct notion he was with me, alive and well. Blissful in his consciousness. A deep sense of life after physical death. 'It is alright', he said in his delightful slow musical way, 'It works, look...' I let him guide me ever further into a place so strange and alien that words at this point fail. I understood that the mushroom is alien. There is a life-form, a consciousness that has somehow managed to infuse itself into the psilocybin/psilocyn molecules and that can be accessed and conversed with simply by the ingestion of these mushrooms which are readily found throughout most parts of the world. At times this consciousness feels like God. At other times it feels like an alien life-form. Sometimes it feels like both at once. Perhaps it is. It is a grand mystery to ponder and an experience I feel each and every one of us should be able to partake in without question or judgement. It is what is missing in today's society. A fundamental.

The visions grew stronger... and stronger... becoming almost overwhelming. I was aware that my body was moving oddly, twisting from side to side, unable to keep still. Alternately crying and laughing.
I was aware that my body was moving oddly, twisting from side to side, unable to keep still. Alternately crying and laughing.
I travelled onwards through bizarre alien worlds and deeper into the workings and mysteries of the universe itself. I met consciousness awaiting bodies. People waiting to be born... They are curious, filled with delightful playfulness and eager to manifest. Bless them I thought. They should be manifesting into a glorious physical world of love song and peace, yet I knew this probably would not be the case. The money-men and power-brokers have more to answer for than they know. It enthralled, delighted and broke my heart all at the same time to meet these babies. I had not the heart to show them the world they were being born into. Their innocence was a precious gift that I had no place nor desire to take away.

For what seemed like eons I drifted... taken to fantastical places, shown things beyond literary description, meeting many different beings along the way who seemed delighted I was there and were most playful, welcoming, and eager to share. I immersed myself in the sheer beauty of it all, laughing and giggling as Terence entertained and amused.

Gradually and very gently the visions began to fade. So very gently. I was being delivered back to the everyday physical world by caring hands. An immersion that deep could not be followed by an immediate rushing back into body. It had to be done gently I was told, otherwise it would slip away and fade. The experience was being written to my DNA for further self-reflection and the subsequent passing on to offspring and this took time. Terence drifted, happy to have been my guide for the journey I sensed him become aware of others entering the mycoinformational realm and float towards them to begin their guiding. I got the feeling Terence McKenna is very happy and literally in his element. This feeling brought great peace and was the precursor to a slow, gentle, dreamlike voyage to the land of sleep, from whence I awoke the following day feeling refreshed, positive, and with a child-like excitement for the future.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98019
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 41 
Published: Jan 24, 2020Views: 631
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Mushrooms - P. semilanceata (90) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), Glowing Experiences (4)

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