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A Cleansing Experience I Will Never Forget
25I-NBOMe, MDMA & Mushrooms
Citation:   nemchet. "A Cleansing Experience I Will Never Forget: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe, MDMA & Mushrooms (exp98047)". Apr 8, 2013.

T+ 0:00
75 mg insufflated MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 250 ug sublingual 25I-NBOMe  
  T+ 0:40 75 mg oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 8:45 2.5 g oral Mushrooms - P. mexicana (tea)
Previous experience: Cannabis, MDMA, LSD-25, P. cubensis, various amphetamines, 4-MMC

Medical history: Mild bipolar disorder, ADD (hence I keep my doses quite low).

Setting: A very foggy, damp day in a very ordinary city in the south of England. It is late October, so autumn is in full swing with golden & red leaves on the ground. Part of this trip was spent with my partner 'A' at her flat some three or so miles from my home, the rest at home with my housemate, a first-time tripper.

Set: Strangely enough, this trip was about a week after a 4MMC binge with my housemate. 4MMC is stupidly addictive, and I was in the full grip of its withdrawal. It was only just starting to wear off at the time of this trip.

Dose: Some days previously my friend 'J' had wanted me to 'try out' a new batch of MDMA he had just got in. 'J' is very knowledgable about his trips, and I trust this guy implicitly. His partner, another 'J', is a long time best friend of mine, meaning I get awesome deals on various substances anyway. I was sent a package with 6g Psilocybe mexicana (pre-ground), 150mg MDMA (which a testing kit revealed was extraordinarily pure, some of the purest Mandy I have ever seen in my life) and 250ug of this substance I had not heard of before, 25i-NBOMe.

Trip report:

T=0:00. It is 11:30 am on my only 2 days off for some time. I'm excited, but apprehensive. I look at the amount of drugs before me unsure if I'm going to be stone cold sober or a complete wreck. Only one way to find out! I snort half the MD off a CD case. I wrap the rest in Rizla for later. I have been looking forward to the NBOMe for some time now and decide to scoop the lot out of the baggy. It goes under my tongue. A very 'chemical' taste, but nowhere near the 'bite' of Mandy or 4MMC.

T=0:10. I set out for A's house. I was meant to meet her at 11 and figure she's already gone home. I have a habit of oversleeping (I work late), she doesn't mind all that much usually, and today was no exception.

T=0:15. The MDMA is kicking in really quickly, probably because it was snorted. I note to myself I'm already quite a bit off baseline, a definite +.

T=0:25. I can definitely feel something now. I'm walking REALLY fast, like there's a hand pushing me, but there's something else there that I can't quite describe. Having read up on 25i prior to this trip, and its effects on natural colours, I decide to detour through a nature reserve.

T=0:40. Some time dilation is very apparent, but so is the fact I'm overheating pretty fast from how much I'm exerting myself. I start to panic and freak out, kicking myself for not bringing any water with me, thinking I'm going to dehydrate and die before I even get to A's house. I decide to sit down and bomb the remaining MDMA to bring up my mood. It does the job rather well. I'm buzzing quite hard by now, a definite ++.

T=1:00. I'm getting quite close to A's now, although it seems like absolutely miles away. What becomes very apparent at this point is how vivid the autumn colours are. I see a huge patch of yellow leaves on the ground, and HOLY SHIT they're dazzlingly bright. I have to squint the colours are so... colourful. The anxiety from earlier is almost completely gone, and I'm definitely feeling the NBOMe. I'm getting some jaw clenching, but it's not overpowering; my face feels a bit tight, but that is all.

T=1:10. I arrive at A's. There are cleaners about the block. They can obviously tell I'm on something, and they sound very weird, almost fearful. They need not have been, I'm quite happy and content. I'm like, 'fuck how do I get in?' before realising I have keys... Duh. Once I get in, straight away I'm down to just my jeans and nothing else. Aaaaah, water, nectar of the gods. A's not back yet, but she's not far behind.

T=1:20. A comes in and suddenly, I'm overtaken by (this is going to sound weird) the nicest, best feeling nausea ever. I rush to the bathroom and spew quite hard. But rather than feeling disgusting, it's like a demon has been purged from my body. As soon as I come back into the lounge A starts asking what I'm on. She's kind of 'anti-drugs' but I'm slowly turning her on to psychedelics and the benefits they can bring to one's life. I show her on Wikipedia what I've been taking. She wasn't exactly approving of me trying RCs, but since I'm tripping balls she at least knows the importance of a positive mindset and agrees to 'sit' for me. The bonding aspect of MDMA really kicks in by this point and I'm unusually cuddly and lovey. We watch Cassetteboy's videos on Youtube and by the end I am in some uber-happy-land, laughing my ass off. My headspace is extremely clear. It's at this point I notice that lights have taken on a prism-like appearance. Still ++, but still coming up. My pupils are... well, nonexistent.

T=1:45. A puts on Reservoir Dogs. Probably not the best choice of film to trip to. But I'm too spangled to care by now. Rather than watch the movie, I'm completely distracted by some of the most amazing OEV/CEV I've seen. Flower shaped, multidimensional fractals are starting to appear on the walls in colours I never knew existed. The light from the windows has taken on a purplish hue, which continues way past the edges of the windowpane, almost like a halo. I'm also noticing auditory hallucinations, like an echoing buzzing noise flanging in and out. I catch probably five minutes of the movie. Doesn't matter, I've seen it a few times before.

T=2:??. I completely lose track of time. Quite literally, I spend the next few hours just marveling at the patterns on the walls. I get completely lost in the beauty and the multidimensionality of everything. The cats are so furry and tactile, it's the most fascinating feeling in the world. I'm definitely starting to peak on the MD+NBOMe now. I am becoming one with the room and everything in it. +++

T=4:??. I come off the peak a little, and nausea sets in. I haven't eaten in 24h, mind you, which is probably why I'm tripping so hard. I rush to the bathroom and projectile vomit again (for the last time). Didn't feel quite as good as the first time, but still isn't that unpleasant.

I have no recollection whatsoever of what happened during the next 3-4 hours, but apparently I was cuddling up to A and being very lovey (but not randy, just romantic) and talking utter bollocks about anything and everything, from why tomatoes were bad for cats to how we should dose up politicians with hallucinogens and watch chaos ensue. :) Everything was fascinating except food. I couldn't even look at food and it smelled foul. Even bacon, which I can usually eat and eat and eat, was just disgusting.

T=8:30. I decide to head back to mine. I still have shrooms to consume and I promised my housemate a good time, so I get a lift back to mine. Coming down now, but it's not an unpleasant comedown. Definitely an afterglow with this combo, and I feel so happy and euphoric. I keep telling A how lovely she is and how lucky I am to have her. This is the first time she's actually seen me trip properly, and it's definitely opened up her mind.

T=8:45. I arrive back at mine, a bit sleepy, and still on an empty stomach. I'm loving this though, and don't want it to end. My house mate is out, I text to let him know I'm back and I have something he might like. Texting is REALLY difficult, I keep misspelling things over and over. Still I get the message to him in the end and he's over like a shot. So we decide to boil the mushies in a lemon tea. It's his first time on psychedelics, so I give him slightly over half the mushies (3.5g) and I take the rest so I'm not totally off my face.

T=9:45. After an hour of watching comedy shows on TV, I feel absolutely jack-all. In retrospect, there was probably some cross tolerance between the NBOMe and the shrooms, despite being different types of substance (phenethylamine vs tryptamine). My housemate however is having an absolute whale of a time. He describes the walls morphing and the room extending to infinity, and his pupils are enormous. Mine are a bit bigger than normal, but nowhere near fully blown. He's probably a ++, with me barely off baseline. I feel a little light, but that is all.

T=10:00-11:00. Feeling a little something off the mushies. We're watching Total Wipeout and decide the show is made for people on psychedelics; the colours are vivid and the background music takes on an incredible depth. Our TV usually sounds crap but on these it's like it goes into full surround with loads of bass. We're both starting to giggle a bit, and decide to go out for a walk. It's dark by this point, and still foggy. We did this a week ago on 4MMC and we were half power walking, half running across a nearby field. This time, however, we take a slow stroll, taking in the beauty of everything. My housemate is silent as a mouse, with no urge to talk whatsoever. The lights across the field take on an unusual profoundness, like every light has a meaning and a reason for being where it is. After a while we arrive at a canal lock and marvel at the beauty of the rippling water. The trees take on a fluffy, ethereal look.

On our walk back, I start to experience some OEVs while looking at the sky, infinite rainbow coloured fractals which, while faint, were still discernible. I remember seeing a face made up of these same rainbow fractals falling from the sky and disappearing below the horizon. One CEV was particularly interesting: when I closed my eyes, lightning balls would appear at the periphery of my vision, converge toward the centre, and a multicoloured diamond shape appeared at the centre of my field of view, pulsating and changing colour, before fading to nothingness. Again, this was pretty faint, I was probably a +, and could definitely tell the real world and the visuals apart. We decide to get more of these in future, and my housemate reveals he had some very profound and interesting thoughts and he'd love the opportunity to try psychedelics again.

This is pretty much the extent of the trip though; once we're back inside we're back down to earth. We decide to call it quits not long after.


Wow. Just wow. While the shrooms were a little bit of a disappointment, the MD+NBOMe was amazing. Not quite the intensity of LSD, but still very enjoyable and entrancing. Even vomiting felt good, and the afterglow has persisted even till now (the next day). Some brain zaps, but I feel like nothing can upset or bring me down. My clarity of mind at the moment is extraordinary; I have written up this entire trip report in under half an hour. Words simply flow out of my fingers, and this is twenty four hours later.

Interestingly, the trip killed my 4MMC fiending flat. I can't even look at the stuff now. I have had a glowing experience with this combo and I think, used sensibly, it can be a great tool for introspection and bonding with others. It's also lifted my mood - MDMA always does - but never to this extent. It's really taken the wind out of me, I'm tired as hell, but boy, was it worth it.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98047
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Apr 8, 2013Views: 25,693
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MDMA (3), 25I-NBOMe (542), Mushrooms - P. mexicana (193) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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