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Experimenting With Different Uses
Cacao & Various
Citation:   AGerbilsUnderbelly. "Experimenting With Different Uses: An Experience with Cacao & Various (exp98585)". Jun 14, 2018.

  repeated oral Cacao  
    oral Passion Flower  
    smoked Cacao  
    oral Ginseng  
    oral Yerba Mate (tea)
Experimenting With Different Uses of Cacao

After hearing a recording of speech about the uses of cacao a week and a half ago, I became inspired to purchase some raw cacao and experience its psychoactive effects. The speech I first purchased a 6 oz bag of 'nibs', which are cacao beans shredded into small pieces. I have to agree with the speaker when he said that cacao's effects are wonderfully uplifting and energizing.

My previous experience with psychoactives includes Cannabis -which I no longer take due to anxiety, Mushrooms, MDMA, LSD, Ketamine, 25i-nbome, alcohol, a few opiates, and a variety of legal mild drugs such as Kava Kava and Damiana. My intention for consuming cacao this past week has been to see how it reacts with other mild psychoactives, how dose and consumption method can influence the experience. I have been meditating for about 5 minutes in the morning right when I wake up and 5 minutes sometime in the evening every day. It's not much, but I have been more clear headed in the month I have been practicing. I am also a vegetarian for the most part. (I eat meat about once every two weeks.) I have used Cacao on its own and with a few other mild natural psychoactives. All of these experiences took place on different days, and are in chronological order.

On it's own:
I had meditated for 5 minutes about 20 minutes before I took my first cacao, and was feeling relaxed. For my first experience, I orally consumed approximately 32 grams of ground up cacao nibs. I smashed the nibs up into smaller pieces. Then I added it to warm, not boiling water, which is what several different sources instructed. I then drank the ground up nibs and water (it never dissolved) over a period of 7 minutes. As soon as I started to sip the drink I felt a subtle energization and relaxing of the body. 5 minutes after I had finished the cup, my body and mind felt very physically and spiritually clear, as well as energized and euphoric. I found myself smiling and dancing just because it felt good. I felt very loved up. I'd say that It was slightly stronger but very similar to the first time I felt effects of caffeine and theobromine-containing yerba mate tea. Cacao also contains theobromine and caffeine, as well as many other chemicals. I felt like I would be very sociable if I were with friends. There was a slight headache that would come by once every 10 minutes, but as soon as I focused my attention on the mental and physical euphoria and love I was was feeling, It would vanish. I usually get tension headaches once in a while normally though. After I bathed in the effects for about 15 minutes, I began to spray paint a sculpture I was working on outside, and could feel the effects less and less. As soon as I would come inside though, I would be right back to dancin and smilin. The effects were most intense right after I consumed the beverage for 15 minutes, then wore off over the course of about an hour and a half.

About 2.5 hrs after I drank the cacao, I had about 7 hits of 'naturally grown' tobacco. I usually do not smoke tobacco, only about once a month. Those 7 hits made me feel a little nauseated and dizzy, and not in a good way.

1 smoked bowl of cacao nibs + 1400 mg passion flower:
I orally consumed four 350 milligram passion flower pills about about 20 minutes before I smoked the cacao. I was beginning to fell the relaxing effects of passionflower before I smoked the bowl. I had about 25 hits of cacao, It burns really slow and I packed a lot in the pipe. Right after I smoked it I could not feel the sedative effects of the passionflower and was completely energized for about a half an hour. It was not as strong as my first oral dose, but I was surprised how strong it was for smoking about 1/30th of what I consumed orally. It wore off after about 25 minutes, with a rather abrupt jump from energized to tired.

30 grams cacao oral, One 7oz cup yerba mate:
I started consuming the cacao drink and very the subtle beginning effects of clear headedness from the cacao, then alternated between drinking the yerba mate and cacao. Finished both drinks over the course of about 5 minutes, as I was in a rush to get to class. After I consumed the yerba mate, I could feel no effects from either of the two. Sometimes when I drink too much yerba mate on its own or drink it too fast, I do not get energizing effects but get tired instead. This is what happened when I tried this combo, plus I had a mild tension headache that persisted for about 4 hours. I felt physically and mentally groggy.

1 Panax Ginseng with Caffeine product, then small amounts of cacao throughout the afternoon:
I drank the Ginseng product about 8:30 am, then chewed and swallowed about a gram or less of straight up cacao nibs at about 10 am. I was very focused and concentrated after I had taken the Ginseng, then I felt more energized for about a half hour after eating the cacao. After eating the cacao, I got really excited about coloring an abstract drawing I am working on, and started coloring very fast. The ginseng wore off right when my the first cacao dose wore off. The cacao would wear off within about a half an hour. Then I would wait about 15 minutes and take another amount of less than a gram of cacao. I took my last cacao dose around 2:30 pm, and by 4:00pm, I was really mentally and physically tired until I meditated later that evening.

I am interested in how I would feel if I drank a 32 gram dose, then smoked bowl of cacao. I plan to continue combining cacao with other substances, and I am eager to see how if it will potentiate mushrooms. I think I will not use cacao in lower doses as a stimulant, but use higher doses like 32 gram dose I did about once a week to fully benefit from its awesome effects, without getting a tolerance. According to 2 friends I have given cacao nibs to, if they mix ground up cacao nibs with cannabis, it will potentiate it.

This unrecognized entheogen is very rewarding, and one of the best legal, somewhat mild psychoactives I have taken, and feel it has a great potential to help one with his or her meditative practice.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98585
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Jun 14, 2018Views: 5,249
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