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Truly Life-Changing
Mushrooms - P. cubensis
by SeenSoFar
Citation:   SeenSoFar. "Truly Life-Changing: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp98736)". Dec 3, 2018.

  oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)
    smoked Cannabis  
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


A Truly Life-Changing Experience

I was in a small town about 1 hour from Victoria, BC. I was with my best friend at the time, and his mom gave us some mushrooms. We didn't have to worry about people catching us, or finding out about us or anything, we were just free to do what we wanted. The experience was a +4. Even though this story sounds just a bit over the top to be true, I swear on my life it is, although I have my suspicions that my friends worked hard to create the experience for me. Here is the story, it starts just after we walked out of his house, when his mom gave us the mushrooms.

We sat down on a log about 5 minutes down the road from his moms house. He took out his glasses case, opened it up and was about to start dividing them when a girl that we knew showed up looking for us. She said she just had a feeling she needed to come find us. I was about 14 at the time. I had smoked lots of weed and had done coke a few times but had never tried psychedelics before. My friend was much older, 17 but had never done them either. Neither of us had felt the time was right.

This girl though, she had done them a lot, and she was a good trip sitter, everybody knew if you wanted someone to take care of you when you were tripping, she was the best. Neither of us had felt sure we were ready to do mushrooms, but when she showed up, saying she just felt like we needed her, we knew it was time. My friend lit a big joint and we smoked it while the girl divided the mushrooms up inside my friends glasses case. The mushrooms were the best, a whole bunch of tiny little caps about the size of half a grain of rice, with their stems attached. They had been aging for a year, which his mom said is the best for a good trip. His mom said she had been saving them for a special moment, and she just felt like it was time for us to have them.
His mom said she had been saving them for a special moment, and she just felt like it was time for us to have them.
It was like the whole thing was meant to happen. The girl had said she had never seen mushrooms that were so perfect. At first she divided them up evenly, but my friend said he felt like I needed more, that I was the one who was meant to have the experience today, so the girl divided his pile in half and gave half of it to me. We finished the joint and ate what she had given us, with the girl eating one single tiny mushroom, she said it was for good luck. I would say I had taken about 2.75 grams weight of the tiny caps. We went to my friends dad's house, and laid down on the two beds in his room. He put a CD in his stereo, it was the music for the video game Castlevania. The girl started to talk about some strange things, about how she used to cut herself to watch the blood come out, and many other things I don't remember. She started describing how she had seen someone with a checkerboard of black and green squares tattooed on her arm. I realized that I could see a checkerboard of black and green squares on the ceiling. I said that out loud. 'I can see a black and green checkerboard on the ceiling...' She said 'It's starting.' and kissed my hand and then my lips once, for good luck she said.

She lit some incense she had brought with her. I sat with my back against the wall and watched the smoke curl up in front of my friends open bedroom window. We smoked a bowl from my friends bong. The music on the CD player started playing an orchestral piece. Music like you would expect to hear in a medieval witches ceremony. I exhaled the smoke from the bong out the window. It mixed with the smoke from the incense and suddenly it wasn't smoke at all, I saw a graveyard, covered in mist. Ghosts were moving among the mist, and animals were crawling about, just hidden by the mist. It sounds scary, but it was fascinating. I stared for what felt like 30 minutes, but it must have been no more then 4, since the song ended just as I looked away. The girl said 'You looked lost... What did you see?' I looked at her and burst out laughing. She smiled and took me and my friend by the hand, him on the left, me on the right and said 'It's time to go from here.' I was still laughing like crazy but I got up and followed her out the door, down the hall, and out the front door.

The night was beautiful. It was warm, but not hot. Comfortable. The moon was full. This was a very small town with almost no streetlights, and my friends parents lived in a trailer park far outside of town, mom in one trailer, dad in another across the street, so the night pure, no light pollution. You could see the stars. The moon was lighting everything. I looked straight up and saw 3 faces in the sky, looking down. They were not smiling, but looking peaceful and caring, like a parent might look at a child that they are sending off to school for the first time. Happy they are going but concerned for their safety. I stopped laughing immediately and said 'I can see them. The gods of the mushroom are pleased with us. I can see them.' The girl smiled again, and said 'I'm happy. We have to go from here. There's somewhere you need to be.' We walked down the road of his trailerpark, and through a forest. Every tree I looked at took beautiful and indescribable shapes. Only one of them took a shape I can describe. A giant pine tree was suddenly in front of us, with two paths going to the left and the right. I looked up at the tree and suddenly it became the outline of a giant blue Pac-Man. I started to laughing again. The girl took us left down the path. We ended up at a giant soccer field. The girl said 'They're building a new school here. It won't be open for a few years. They did the field first. It's the size of 4 soccer fields. I don't know what they need it all for. This is where your journey starts tonight.' Then she led us to the middle of the giant field. There was a big flat rock directly in the middle of the field. The girl said 'I don't know why this rock is here. It wasn't here last week. This is where you need to be.' She climbed on top of the rock and sat down with her legs crossed. She waved her hand and we followed her up.

My friend and I lay down on the rock. The girl sat beside me. Out of nowhere another of our friends walked up and climbed on to the rock. We all looked at him. 'How did you know we were here?' said the girl. He said 'I didn't. I was in bed and my dog started whining, so I got out of bed, got dressed, and took him outside. After he pissed I was about to go back inside and go to sleep, but I felt like I should take a walk. I walked past W****'s and down the path behind her house. I just felt like this is where I needed to go... What the fuck is this place anyway?' The girl smiled at him and just said 'Hush. C***** is the important one tonight. It seems like this night was really meant to be...'

All of a sudden the girl stood up and sat down on my chest, with one leg on either side of my body. She looked down at me and said 'Can I pee on you?' Everyone laughed but I didn't. I was grossed out, but for some reason I said '...I don't know... If you want to... How about on my foot?' and everyone laughed again. She said 'I'm just joking. You really do trust me, don't you?' I said 'Yeah, of course I do.' And I really meant it at the time. I looked up in the sky and I saw those same three faces, but this time they looked happy, with all the worry gone. I said 'I still see them... I think we passed a test just now... They're happy... I can still see them...' The girl said 'It's time to go from here. There's other places we have to be.'

We got up off the rock and walked across the soccer field. I saw neon lines flowing off of everything around me. The world was full of waves and pulses of neon light. I saw things I can't describe. I saw kaleidoscopic effects all around me. The night was alive. I looked up at the trees we were walking towards. I saw the moon shining through the leaves. Suddenly the leaves changed and I saw the outline of a tiny woman, dressed in a Victorian English dress, with two beautiful butterfly wings of silver and gold growing from her back. She held a wand. She pointed it towards the moon. Where it touched the moon a beautiful starburst of color exploded. I turned my head and she vanished.

We were back in the forest. We walked in silence. Our friend who had joined us at the rock took out a package of clove cigarettes and passed them around. They were beautiful, all black with gold bands on them. The girl lit mine for me. Her lighter was a jet-black zippo with a gold lid. When she struck the flame a blast of color flew from the striker and illuminated the night. I saw faces of all sorts of beings all around us in the forest. Man, animal, and things I don't know. They were all smiling, like caring family members. I said 'The spirits of the forest surround us. They are our protectors. I can feel them. I can taste their thoughts. I can touch their minds. They are our protectors.' The girl smiled, she put her arms around my neck and kissed my lips again. She said 'Luck has done it's part, and you have done yours. Come now, it's not over yet. We have still many places to be tonight.' She led us now, at a bit of a faster speed, through the forest. The smoke from the clove cigarette was beautiful smelling, it reminded me of Christmas. Every puff I took on the cigarette warmed my chest and made my head swim. The red glow from the tip left trails of light as I waved it in the air. It glowed like the last embers of a camp fire, that's what I thought at the time. I took my last puff from it and threw it away. I looked around. We had exited the forest.

We were standing beside a house. I had never seen the house before. It was big. Bigger then I had seen in town before. We were about to take a step towards it when all of a sudden a window on the side of the house opened, directly in front of me. Three people quietly climbed out. It was the last 3 of our friends. These 3 people plus all of us already together made up our group of friends. The guy who had joined us at the rock said 'What the hell are all you doing here? Who's house is this?' The tallest of the three newcomers spoke up first. He pointed to one of the other newcomers, the gothic one, and said 'It's Ch***'s grandmother's house. She's out of town for the weekend and his parents are watching the house. We came over to spend the night.' The guy from the rock said 'Ok, but what the FUCK are you doing going out the motherfucking window?' The shortest newcomer spoke up this time, the skinny one with glasses, Ch***. All three of them looked at their feet, and Ch*** said 'Well... We don't exactly know... We woke up about 15 minutes ago. We all woke up almost at the same time. We all got up and got dressed. None of us said anything. We stood by the window for 5 minutes. Then we opened it and climbed out. Now we're here...' I suddenly realized that with them we made 7. I looked up, and I could still see the 3 faces. They looked so happy and pleased. I said 'We are the sacred number now. They know, I can still see them. We are moving by providence. I can still see them. They are pleased.' The girl smiled again. She looked at us all and said 'It has never been like this before. I would be scared if it didn't feel so right...' No one said anything, we felt the same. She spoke again. She said 'We have one more place to be tonight. We must hurry, the time is almost up.'

We started walking quickly now, down a very steep hill behind the house. Suddenly the ground leveled out and we were facing the ocean. I noticed that the sky was getting a bit brighter. I looked at my watch, but I couldn't make sense of it. It just kept moving and changing. I gave up. I noticed that there was a sign to our right. I looked at it. It kept changing and moving, but I managed to read it. I had heard the name but I couldn't remember what it meant. I was new to this area. I suddenly noticed a long thin road leading out into the middle of the ocean. The meaning of the sign came to me. It was a place where you could walk very far out to the ocean on a thin piece of land. The girl said 'Hurry, we are running out of time!' I looked up at the sky, and I could see the three faces, but this time the worry was back. They were concerned we weren't going to complete... whatever we had to do. I didn't know what it was, but the sense of urgency was with me. I said 'They fear for us! We have to move!'

Everyone ran. We ran as fast as we could down the spit. I saw unimaginable things. The world was alive with color. I felt so alive too. I could see pinwheels of light spinning off from the girls hair. It seemed to me that she flew, not ran. Her feet didn't seem to touch the ground. I looked at my feet, the ground seemed to ripple and change as my feet hit it. Waves of color and light seemed to fly off at oblique angles from my legs. I could see streams of color and ghosts and afterimages of everyone around me as we ran as fast as we could. I looked at the ground again and tripped. I almost fell. My friend who ate the mushrooms with me grabbed me under the arms and put me back on my feet. We kept running. We hadn't even slowed down a step. The sky was getting lighter. The girl shouted 'There! Now! It's almost time!' and pointed at 2 benches placed at the very end of the spit. We put on one last burst of speed and reached the benches. We sat down, and no sooner had we sat down then the sun exploded over the horizon.

I looked up at the sky, and just before the faces were lost to the blast of the new day, I could see they were pleased. We had made it. We had passed... whatever it was. The things I saw in the sunrise were amazing. Ch*** took a CD player out of his backpack. He put a CD in the CD player. It was Led Zeppelin 4. He put on the song 'When The Levee Breaks' and turned the volume up as high as it could go and still sound perfect. The music played. The drums boomed in my head. The guitar wailed. The lyrics spun in my mind. I cannot describe what I saw in the sunrise and I will not even try to, because it's beyond explanation.

My friend who shared the mushrooms with me was crying. I touched my face, it was wet too. It was beautiful beyond words. The girl said 'It worked out perfectly, completely perfectly.' I looked at her and said 'Did you plan this whole thing?' She smiled and said 'Do you really think I could have planned this?' She took out a joint, and lit it. We passed it around. My three friends from the house had never smoked grass before. It was their first time. We sat there for 2 hours without moving.

Slowly I came down. Totally smoothly. I barely noticed until it was gone. There was no hangover or after effects, even though almost every other time since I have gotten some sort of hangover from it. I was so sad that the feeling had left me. The girl hugged me and said 'It's gone, but it'll be with you forever.' and she was absolutely right. We all got up and silently retraced our steps. The three left us at the house, climbing back in their window. When we returned to the rock we sat down and smoked another clove cigarette. Then the friend who joined us there left the way he had come. We climbed down from the rock, and returned to my friend's dad's trailer. We smoked a bowl from his bong and then returned to the spot where we divided the mushrooms. We sat down and my friend lit his last joint. We smoked it, and then the girl left us. She hugged us both and told us never to forget our experience, then she walked off the way she came.

We returned to my friend's mom's house. She had left a breakfast of brie cheese, french bread, and sliced oranges for us. There was a note on top of the food. 'Hope you had an unforgettable night.' it said. We ate the food and then fell asleep on the sofas in his mom's living room.

This experience was by far the best I have ever had on psychedelics. I have a feeling that my friends had planned it as a gift to me, as I had recently joined their group after moving to their town from Vancouver. Knowing this doesn't take away from the memory though, it felt so spontaneous at the time. I was feeling very depressed at that point in my life and the experience really turned things around for me and helped me to integrate a bad experience from about 5 years earlier that had been hanging over me to that point. I can honestly say it turned my life around. People who say drugs can't do anything positive should have an experience like this one.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 98736
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 14 
Published: Dec 3, 2018Views: 839
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Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66) : First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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