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Exploring Acetylcholine
Ethylphenidate & Diphenhydramine
Citation:   W. Harade. "Exploring Acetylcholine: An Experience with Ethylphenidate & Diphenhydramine (exp98743)". Erowid.org. Jan 2, 2013. erowid.org/exp/98743

  IV Ethylphenidate
    IM Ethylphenidate
    oral Poppies - California
    oral Pharms - Ibuprofen
This trip report was to explore the possibility of anticholergenic activity from the drug ethylphenidtate (hereon abbreviated EP). I have already thoroughly experimented with the drug through various ROAs (save for rectal, since the chemical burns mucuous membranes and just seems painful), and noticed that it might have an effect on acetylcholine (ACh) when taken in large enough doses (or even small amounts, given your tolerance) [See my report on 'Researching The Research Chemicals' for more details]

Essentially, EP was added to the body throughout the duration of the ingestion of DPH. The source of DPH was DPH citrate inside AdvilPM pills. Also, in lack of a benzodiazepine to use during the trip, california poppy extract (500mg per capsule) was used instead.

T=0:00= 6xAdvilPM consumed (228mg DPH) with 6 pills of cali poppy extract (to counter heart-rate elevation) along with ~200mg EP IM.
T+0:15= Noticing some difficulties in typing, heart rate is still elevated, cognition defnitely impaired.
T+0:20= Time dilation. It feels like 30 minutes has already passed.
T+0:25= Breakthrough imminent. I can longer focus my eyes, my body feels heavy event sitting at my computer.
T+0:27= Getting startled VERY easily. Turning on a new song makes me freak out a bit.
T+0:30= Feeling warm, decided to take off my long sleeve shirt. Decided to walk upstairs and get some water for the long haul and took some antacids for my burning stomach (probably because of the ibuprofen)
T+0:42= Got a call on the house phone that scared the living hell out of me. My cousin's son had a seizure and called my father (who happens to be a doctor) and the voicemail played through the phone in my room. When it did, I thought I was having an OoB experience, and that they were talking about me. Crazy. I would definitely like to avoid that happening again.
T+0:45= That experience got me into this weird dreamlike state now, I keep questioning what is and isn't real.
T+0:50= Decide to take a ~25mg small bump (eyeballed, since I know it's average density by now) to amp things up a bit. Hallucinations seem to have picked up somewhat over the past while.
T+1:00= Motor skills becoming very impaired. Getting hard to type. Thoughts incredibly scattered.
T+1:00= Staring at wall a shows random spurs of objects moving across. Debating taking one last bump of EP.
T+1:08= Took one last bump of EP (50mg, measured this time). Beforehand managed to sucessfully go pee! (a win for anyone who takes DPH, I'm sure).
T+1:09= Decide ultimately that an oral dose should be taken.
T+1:12= 110mg (Weighed again) taken orally via parachuting. Time to get this trip started. Peak plasma leves of DPH should coincide (hopefully) with that oral dose.
T+1:35= Interesting visual halluincations, some scary though. Had one of someones legs as if they were being hanged (on a gallow), random shapes and color formations constantly. Getting startled INCREDIBLY easy now. My brother came in while I was just sitting and listening to music, and despite looking directly at him, I still jumped when he said my name. Legs feel a tad restless.
T+1:38= Wanted to note that I'm still surprisingly functional despite these dosages. I was able to speak quite normally to my brother. The only thing that makes my speech off is my dry mouth.
T+1:40= I'm realizing now that I get more profound visuals when *not* listening to music, so I'm keeping the headphones off for. I have an e-cig in hand ready for any panic situations.
T+1:45= Even better visuals now that I don't have my contacts in, by my IM EP is wearing off, so I'm going to IV some right now
T+2:40= The IV didn't work out so well (afternote: probably not the smartest thing to attempt while tripping, as I could barely distinguish where my veins were on my arm), so I ended up with mostly IMing it. It was 75mg weighed, about 40% IV and 60% IM. Visuals are incredibily enhanced following them. Also, one more pill of cali poppy was cosumed in attempt to counteract the increased HR.
T+2:44= Heart is racing. Going to take one last bump later on if I can, but right now I need that e-cig and something to relax with.
T+3:02= Peak plasma levels of DPH have been reached. BPM is extremely high, frequent visual and auditory distortion. Movements are very clumsy. Getting paranoid very easily; makes me wish I had a benzodiazepine right now. Oh Well, a nictonic-GABA potentiator will have to do.
T+3:06= Trying to use some binaural beats to enhance the hallucinations.
T+3:44= First track didn't really do much. In fact it may have reduced some of the psychoactivity; strange thing, binaural configuration is.
T+3:46= Bumping 50mg more EP and trying another track out. This'll be my last redose for the night.
T+4:24= Trip largely peaked during that last track, of course DPH is only at it's median half-life right now though. However, all of this EP is putting a lot of cardiac strain on my heart, so I'm going to cut the experiment short here.
T+4:45= Taking 'trip-killer' medications (all in small doses): 25mg quetiapine, 1mg haloperidol [coupled with my usual 600mg of oxcarbazepine and 20mg citalopram]

Reflection: This was to test the anticholergenic effects of EP, since I noticed it had presented it by itself. It did seem to enchance the effect of diphenhydramine, but not to the degree I was hoping for. It proves very difficult for me to reach a full delirious state with DPH alone, having taken doses of up to 400mg with little effect. So, with that it mind, I believe that this is a success for this trial. Now I would just need to either wait out the effects of the EP and crash out, or take a counteractive drug (and with no benzodiazepines on hand, that is rather difficult of an option). However, in the future, I need to keep in mind that having a benzodiazepene (or theinodiazepene, like etizolam) on hand is an absolute must considering the strain it placed on my heart. If I were to repeat this experiment, I may decide to use dimenhydrinate or meclizine instead, though.
With all of this being said, however, it may be that the effects I am experiencing here are merely from excess dopamine in comparison to the lack of acetylcholine in the synaptic cleft. This could very well cause psychosis on its own, and this would need to be tested with a dopamine agonist of some sort (a mu-opiod drug would do the trick)

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98743
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Jan 2, 2013Views: 9,342
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Ethylphenidate (563), Diphenhydramine (109) : Combinations (3), Unknown Context (20)

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