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Neon Fractal Rocks With Algae and Aliens
2C-I, Mushrooms - P. cubensis, & Cannabis
Citation:   jhoppa. "Neon Fractal Rocks With Algae and Aliens: An Experience with 2C-I, Mushrooms - P. cubensis, & Cannabis (exp98816)". Erowid.org. Feb 19, 2014. erowid.org/exp/98816

10 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
  1.5 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Setting: At home, at the beach

Subject: Experienced primarily, in order of descending frequency, with LSD, mushrooms, MDMA, 2C-I; a handful of experiences with other psychedelics, as well as with other drugs (benzos, opiates,etc.)


(t-2:00) Smoked a vaporizer bowl in the early morning. I think I watched some TV and checked the internet for awhile as my roommates woke up.

(t-0:30) I take a benadryl to preempt psychedelic nausea. Girlfriend (F) is up, I go back into the bedroom to begin dose preparation. Measured out ~10mg of 2C-I and 1.5g of mushrooms. I've tried this batch of 2C-I at this dose before, so I have a general idea what to expect from it--light visuals, slightly psychedelicized thinking, slight mood lift and body high... Generally pretty easy to handle stuff. These mushrooms, on the other hand, I have not tried.

Just to give some background on my reasons for choosing this combination at this time: Any time I take mushrooms, I start yawning, I just want to lie down, and my eyelids want to close for a nap. I am hoping that the 2C-I will combat some of the sedation I get from mushrooms, especially given the physical activities I have planned. I also find mushrooms to be a bit confusing and emotionally unpredictable, so I'm hoping that 2C-I's characteristic clear headspace and positive push will lend balance things out. On the flip-side, 2C-I has alsways seemed a bit shallow, so hopefully the mushrooms can give the whole experience a bit of depth. Also, FWIW, I simply prefer mushroom visuals. Not a dealbreaking preference, but it is what it is.

I choose these doses because I knew them to be active, but mild on their own. Because of the snorkeling plans, I didn't want to get into too impaired a state.

(t+0:20) Spacing out while grinding up my mushrooms by hand, I realize that I've yet to drink a good 2/3 of my trippy tea. So much for spreading my dose out evenly--the rest goes down the hatch quite quickly and I get back to preparing my mushrooms.

(t+0:30-0:45) Eating my shroomy peanut butter sandwich. I realize at this point that I may have misjudged my dose schedule: 2C nausea is hitting me fast. Combined with my taste/texture aversion to mushrooms, this makes getting the sandwich down quite a chore. Next time, I'll be sure to decrease the lag time between doses.

(t+0:45-1:20) Stomach is a fucking churn as my body realizes what I've just put into it. I'm struggling because I *really* want to make sure these mushrooms have enough time to do their magic. Easily some of the worst nausea I've had from psychedelics. I make it about 35 minutes before I absolutely cannot hold back the vomit. This is maybe slightly early, but not really out of line with my usual vomit-timeline with mushrooms.

In the meantime, I can definitely feel the 2C-I start to take hold. +1 for sure. I feel high, even though it's been 3 hours since my last smoke. Slight visual disturbances. The television is quickly becoming an irritating distraction. Having trouble focusing on a single task. Your basic 2C-I comeup at this point, with additional nausea.

F, bless her heart, is busy getting everything ready for the beach while I lay uselessly on the couch/in front of the toilet.

(t+1:30) Still a bit queasy, but I feel *so much better* after vomiting.

Things are definitely getting started by this point, as is so often the case: purge = beginning of trip. Getting into +2 territory. Textures are getting creepy and crawly, white surfaces look multicolored. My headspace is definitely edging into trippy territory. I feel that this is about when the mushrooms begin to kick in. It seems to me that the 2C-I is taking care of visuals in broad strokes--colors, breathing walls, etc--while the mushrooms add microscopic detail, like creeping edges and generally a feeling that I was seeing in higher resolution than normal. (I would typically hesitate to speculate on things like 'the mushrooms did x, while the 2C-I did y,' but that's how I was subjectively experiencing it at the time.)

I communicate to F that I would like to see how things develop before setting off on our adventures. She is ready to go whenever, but she's fine sitting tight. She even mentions that we don't have to go if I'm not feeling it. I assure her that hell yes, we are definitely going snorkeling.

(t+1:45) One more puke. Not as violent as the first. The nausea has completely left me. I still want to hang out at home for a little while longer, as I can feel myself still coming up and I want to rule out any unexpected synergy before leaving my comfortable, predictable home setting.

(~t+1:55) Flirting with +3 at this point. (Things never really progressed past flirtation.) That both drugs are in full effect is quite obvious, although I lack the words to explain why.

OEVs are a bit indistinct and it is difficult to attribute them to one drug or the other. Same light rippling, creeping, breathing as is typical for a medium/low dose of psychs. A surprising amount of 'melting' OEVs, which makes me happy. I used to get melty visuals from mushrooms often, but not since the very early days of my psychedelic career. They're back!

CEVs are interesting. Aztec/Mayan spiral motifs, in neon rainbow colors surrounding the edges of everything. Quite surprised at the quality and level of CEVs I'm getting for the dose, but it's not overwhelming at all. I have the distinct impression that I could feel the visuals from each drug affecting the other--for instance, I might attribute an ornate, white, Victorian-wallpaper pattern to the 2C-I and the colorful squiggles crawling around the edge of it to the mushrooms.

Headspace is remarkably clear. Communication with F and my roommates is not difficult, although I am having trouble finding a good reason to speak, even when asked direct questions. My replies come more often in the form of facial and manual gestures.

I take this opportunity to tour our apartment, as we've put up a lot of new art since my last psychedelic experience. One such piece is a fairly abstract painting of some human figures. Just enough representation to make out heads, torsos and arms. The whole thing is done in very drippy paint, so considering the melting visuals I was having, it's no big surprise that this is the painting I was drawn to. We also have some upholstered chairs with a really neat diamond pattern to them, which wasn't doing much but was very interesting anyway.

(~t+2:15) I am now convinced that the pukey phase of the trip is over. I am also reasonably sure that I am nearing my plateau and won't be losing my head at the beach. Feeling confident about where I was intensity-wise, I took a few rips off of a bubbler bowl my roommate was smoking. This takes me to a nice place and is possibly the only time during the trip I hit a definite +3.

I let F know that I'm ready to head out whenever she is and we embark.

(~t+2:40) How amazing. There really isn't a better way to enjoy a sunny day than a convertible ride with a head full of psychedelics. I put Ratatat's LP4 on. When I first heard the album, I was disappointed, but now that I'm tripping, I enjoy it much more.

At first, we follow the same route I walk every morning to get to work. I'm simultaneously intrigued, joyed and weirded out by seeing the familiar sites in my new headspace. Once we start to get outside the city, things even out a little.

The clouds are doing some strange things. They're always fun to look at when tripping, but they are morphing and changing *far* more rapidly than I've ever seen before. I am unsure whether to enjoy this or indulge in a moment of 'I took too much!' I choose the former. Again though, the CEVs are much more interesting, and I'm finding it hard to keep my eyes open. Shame, since this has to be one of the most beautiful drives in the world. Still, my eyes are open enough to get a representative taste. The tunnels were pretty amazing.

(t+?:??) The ever-familiar point of a trip report where the subject ceases contact with the passage of time.

We arrive at the beach and get our things laid out and put on sunscreen. I wait as long as F tells me I need to before venturing out into the water with her.

The water is cooler than we expected, but the drugs definitely help. This may be the only time that my jumbled sense of body temperature while tripping has worked toward making me more comfortable.

I have a hell of a time getting my snorkel gear on. I can't decide whether shallow or deep water would make it easier, I need F to hold things and help me balance... It's awkward as hell sober though, so maybe the drugs weren't to blame entirely.

Snorkeling is amazing. As soon as I have my gear on, I'm having the greatest time. The water wasn't very clear that day, but in a way, it is cooler that way. While in open water, it is something of a void canvas for my mind until all of a sudden I was right next to a huge coral formation. Feels very mysterious and epic.

It's really incredible how right this environment feels for tripping. Bright colors everywhere. Live coral has to be one of the trippiest things in the world--neon fractal rocks with algae tentacles and alien creatures living inside them. Butterflyfish have those crazy stripes and Angelfish have the long flowing fins that look like tracers. Spotted fish, striped fish, 1980s fish, wriggly fish... And of course the experience of not having to support your own body weight! Zipping around with my flippers feels ecstatic. It's probably as close to tripping in outer space as I'll ever get.

The only thing I dislike is that, snorkeling being such an involved process, the trip is forced to the back of my mind somewhat. I suppose that's the danger of shooting for a +2 experience from the start; not to mention engaging in dangerous and potentially life-threatening activities while tripping. Still, there was plenty of opportunity to slow down and let my consciousness roam.

I do some stupid stuff like open my mouth to breathe while I'm not wearing the snorkel. I think doing anything more complex in the water than snorkel (ie. SCUBA), would be profoundly unwise. I never once feel as though I am unsafe, however, just high and uncoordinated. F being a trained lifeguard also helps ease my mind.

After our dip in the water, F and I go to dry off in the sun. No clouds at the beach, so I just watch the sand move in the breeze and think deep thoughts. After a little while, I begin to feel a little stimulation--I suppose that's what I was hoping for--so I get up and walk along the shoreline. Watching the water come up on shore has to be one of the trippiest shows in nature, right up there with fire, trees and sunsets.

(~t+5:00 very approximate) We head back toward home, listening to Autechre (changed to Brian Eno at some point per request of F). I remember to keep my eyes open more this time, but of course the effects of all drugs have begun to subside. The music still sounds amazing though. I am surprised at how hungry I am (I noticed this still back at the beach), but in retrospect, it doesn't seem quite so odd with respect to the timeline of effects.

Once we arrive home, we eat, smoke some more weed and watch How I Met Your Mother. I take one last giant bongrip and head to my room to listen to the Grateful Dead on headphones. I have to turn it off after only five minutes because it is simply too intense: my heart has started beating out of my chest and I'm feeling the beginnings of a panic reaction. I'm of clear enough mind to attribute this mostly to the cannabis. I decide to rejoin everyone back in the living room. They're watching somewhat inane reality TV (cooking show... or home decorating show?), but I've decided it's worth it as long as I can ride out these moments of dysphoria while snuggling with F.

As a neat little bonus, a couple hours later we get a matching pair of beautiful Persian-style rugs delivered to our apartment as a belated Christmas present from one of the roommates! I'm no expert, but I'd say there was a potentiation effect on the lingering 2C-I/psilocin in my system.


Overall, very positive impressions of this combination. Something I will almost certainly be exploring again in the future, and at higher doses. Very much like what I was hoping for: Less sleepy than mushrooms, more profound than 2C-I. There were several points during the trip that I noted a very LSD-like quality to the experience. I can't totally explain it, but something about the headspace (deep, but clearheaded) and the…hmmm… recreationality of the experience reminded me a lot of a 7-hour acid trip.

Honestly, it was *slightly* less intense than I expected. Synergistic in many ways, but not in intensity.

The nausea wasn't a *problem* per se, especially given that it didn't last past the early stages of the trip, but it was intense. My instinct is to consume the mushrooms more quickly after consuming the 2C-I. Hopefully, one could keep the mushrooms down a little bit longer before puking. Eating mushrooms while already nauseous was not easy. Alternatively, I'd be interested in substituting extracted psilocybin, or even 4-AcO-DMT (never tasted, but curious), to avoid secondary nausea.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98816
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Feb 19, 2014Views: 9,643
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