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A Fruitful Journey
by Kevin
Citation:   Kevin. "A Fruitful Journey: An Experience with 2C-B (exp98991)". Erowid.org. Feb 22, 2013. erowid.org/exp/98991

14 mg oral 2C-B


I came across 2cb mentioned as a potential enhancer at music events when used at a lower dose. I was skeptical and to avoid a mishap I decided to try it at home before attempting to use it at a rave.

This was my first psychedelic and I'm glad that it was. I've heard it described as the head space of MDMA with the visual space of LSD. It's hard to say since I've never tried LSD but the head space was very similar to MDMA. Things seemed clear, everything seemed all right with the world, and there was a noticeable positive mood push. It was lacking in euphoria for me. Since I'm experienced with MDMA it created a comfortable environment for me to experience the visuals. I feel like it's opened the door for me for other psychedelics that I was afraid to try before.

The capsules I received supposedly contain 25mg each. As this is a dose for a full on psychedelic experience I dosed it out smaller by dissolving it.

T+0:00 I dissolved the contents of the capsule in 12 oz of water, and consumed 7 oz of the water. This should have put the dosage in the 14-15mg range. I find distracting myself during the comeup of any drug - psychedelic or not - increases the positive feelings during the experience. Thus as I consumed the 2cb water I was watching some TV.

T+0:25 I experience my usual Alert. My alert doesn't have any physical aspects - it just suddenly pops into my head 'something is happening, oh yes I took a drug'.

T+0:40 I noticed I was becoming restless - twitching and I had to get up to walk around. This restlessness shortly wore off and once I sat down I took a look around and things just seemed different. Everything looked normal, but it wasn't.

T+1:10 I feel restless again. Everything still looks normal but is looking more and more weird. I look out our window at the mountains and see majestic beauty that I have never seen before. I know they're the same mountains but I can't believe I've never noticed it before.

T+1:15 After staring out the window for a while I head to my computer. I pass a mirror on the way and notice the first visuals, body dysmorphia. When I first catch a glance I notice I look really really skinny. I do a double take and see that I look impossibly thin. I then watch my body expand to become fat and shrink back down. (I'm 5'10' 170lbs, so not skinny and not fat, just regular). I begin to feel a positive mood push, it feels very forced. I remember asking myself 'Why do I feel so happy? There's no reason to feel this happy.'

T+1:20 I sit down at my computer and see a friend of mine on IM. This is when I first notice how messed up I am. I wanted to express to this good friend how I was feeling. It took me what seemed like an eternity to type 'duuuuuude... I took some 2cb like an hour ago. I'm trippin balllls right now!' I turn on some EDM and my music visualizer.

T+1:50 Full on open eye visuals have begun. The music visualizer is definitely doing things I'm not used to. It feels like time is frozen, and everything gets a 'cartoony' quality to it. Objects look two dimensional and have a pastel coloring.

T+2:10 I go to the restroom and am facing my mirror while sitting down. I make eye contact with myself at which point I see my counterpart's face melt. I find this hilarious at the time.

T+2:15 I head back to the computer and see my friend had replied with the suggestion 'WATCH FUTURAMA'. I have the entire collection on my computer so I decide to give this a try. The episode I turn on is a play on nature documentaries using futurama stylization. At the time it's basically a complete mindfuck but I am also enjoying it very much.

T+2:40 I'm a little bored (It's 0 degrees outside so I'm stuck inside). I decide to take a shower, and I'm glad I did. This is when I first noticed the 'rippling' visuals. While I was taking a shower I looked at the wall and it began to move towards and away from me seeming of its own accord but in a natural rhythm. Patterns and colors are sticking out of the background. It becomes a little intense so I sit down and close my eyes for the first time. The CEVs were very timid for me. Polygonal shapes in colored lines floating around a black background.

T+3:00 Back to the computer with more music. I put my faux fur hood on and suddenly it feels like my entire body is wrapped in a warm blanket. An amazing feeling. I turned on the music visualizer but I seem to have my own at this point just by closing my eyes. The CEVs move around to the music, and the tone of the melody seems to set the color.

T+4:15 I'm so completely lost in the music that I don't even notice anything until I'm off peak. The CEVs wear off and there is no more obvious OEVs, but still some color and pattern enhancement. The forced positive mood push is wearing off as well.

T+4:30 I grab my bong and head out to the hot tub. I'm definitely not baseline but I feel closer to baseline than peak. When I head outside the lights in the city below me are twinkling brightly. The stars are vibrating. The steam from the hot tub forms shapes. The cannabis does not seem to interact with the experience. It feels like a regular cannabis high on top of the 2cb experience.

T+5:10 I head back inside. The sparkles in the snow around me each look like a tiny rainbow. The icicles on the building feel like they have a dark energy - I do not see anything, just feel it.

T+5:30 Feel completely normal - no more twinkling lights or pattern enhancement. I do however still have body dysmorphia but it feels more 'static'. I'm not seeing my body do anything strange, but it still looks strange. This feeling doesn't go away until the next day.

My first impression after the fact is that it can be fun at a music event for me. Especially at certain music events with more psychedelic music, and where I don't expect to do much dancing. I had the desire to dance during the experience but the dancing didn't feel smooth or flowing like it does on MDMA.

This experience has made me want to take a full 25mg capsule to experience the full psychedelic effects. I may dissolve again, start with 18-20 and boost with the rest if I feel like it close to peak.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 98991
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Feb 22, 2013Views: 11,023
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2C-B (52) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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