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Opti Makes Another Appearance
Mushrooms - P. semilanceata
by mysticbodhi
Citation:   mysticbodhi. "Opti Makes Another Appearance: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. semilanceata (exp99058)". Erowid.org. Jan 13, 2021. erowid.org/exp/99058

5 g oral Mushrooms - P. semilanceata


I had read a few articles and experience reports in the past about Opti, people had reported seeing and communicating with the wise being that reportedly lived in the emptiness between all dimensions. Apparently he could communicate to individuals within any dimension given that they were in a particularly open altered state of consciousness. It was in 2007 that I first came upon of this creature and I began to find parallels between many personal stories of people communicating with a multi-eyed being from another dimension. A rather common hallucination, Opti is often not recognized for who he is, and is mistaken by many for a being from that individual’s spiritual tradition, a demon, an angel, or an alien being. Mostly appearing with many eyes and a body that does not hold its shape when looked at directly, it seems to be constantly shifting its parameters, like a vague blur. Before my own experience I had chalked Opti up to the delusions of people who were desperate to find something paranormal or spiritual. It was not until several years later, after “jumping into the deep end” of psychonautical experimentation and exploration that I would truly realize the value of what is experienced in such a state, and at the same time meet Opti.

The set was my apartment, on my couch, listening to some soft music and my mindset could not have been better. I been preparing for this physically and mentally for over a week and I had spent my morning doing some light yoga and qigong energy work. This story picks up around two hours into the experience, previous to that it had been a pleasant but not remarkable come up, and I provide no further time references for beyond the beginning because they are entirely lost to me, and I have no reference for when these events happened in relation to previous things.

It was t+2:00 from ingestion and I was standing on the divide, behind me was everything that the many millions of manifestations of life on Earth had ever accomplished, before me was the endless void where consciousness ended and life had no place. I stood, wavering on the brink, unsure of what my next move was to be when something very distant appeared in the void, but moving rapidly towards me. When the being approached it was an apelike head, with eight eyes, the whole faced ringed in mangy brown hair. The teeth were like a humans as he smiled at me, yellow and stained, his body was simian but hard to pin down, constantly shifting. This was Opti. Thin lips peeled back over the yellow teeth in a wide smile as Opti greeted me. He told me one day I would learn the lessons of the void, and the truth of what lies beyond life, but that I was not ready. Opti was looking into my soul with all eight of his piercing black eyes, and deeming me worthy, but incomplete. Opti told me there were other plant teachers who had more things to show first, and that I would come back to him a much wiser individual. I asked Opti when that would be, and he told me “there is no such thing as a when", but that time was a nexus of interconnected energy loops flowing between matter and giving us the illusion of moving forward in a coherent manner.

The void then faded, as well as the chaos behind me and all around was just the nexus of time, the constantly swirling and circling energy loops moving from object to object and ordering our perception of the physical world. Opti was still there, moving in and out of the flows of time, each one filled with more colors than could ever be named or even imagined again. I felt so much awe and wonder at being shown such a phenomena, it was a very humbling experience. After a few moments I noticed the flows of time begin to fade, and I came to realize my physical body was below me, sitting where I had left it on the couch in my living room. I looked up to Opti, his black eyes shining approval on me. I had made a friend that day, one whom I would meet again, when I was more ready to receive the revelations about the nature of reality that he was to show me as he had shown many others before.

My second meeting with Opti would come a year and a half later, under similar circumstances, this time however I did not leave my body, but rather entered it, and conversed with my old friend while walking along the electronic highways within my own brain, Opti showed me the truth. That One is All and All is One, literally. All life, rocks, plants, people, animals, celestial bodies, and fungi are all egoistic manifestations of a single life force, tricking ourselves through sensory reliance and logical fallacies to believe we exist as individuals apart from the collective. The universe had now become my symbiont, as I understood the physical connections that take place between matter allowing energy to become and that life replenishing the energy that drives forward the fractal patterns of universal repetition which in its own way becomes a form of change.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 99058
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Jan 13, 2021Views: 332
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Mushrooms - P. semilanceata (90) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), General (1)

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