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There Is No God
Mushrooms (with Escitalopram, Alpha-PVP & Cannabis)
by Doses
Citation:   Doses. "There Is No God: An Experience with Mushrooms (with Escitalopram, Alpha-PVP & Cannabis) (exp99106)". Oct 5, 2015.

10 mg oral Pharms - Escitalopram (daily)
    repeated vaporized Cannabis (extract)
    repeated vaporized a-PVP  
  2.5 g oral Mushrooms  


I started out the day vaporizing Alpha-PVP due to a lack of sleep from the night before. I don't have an issue with the substance, however, I have ADHD and it actually helps me calm down. It's a much more enjoyable alternative to Adderall. I had taken Escitalopram the night before as it makes me tired.

Anyways, I had done a bit of research on the drug interactions between Escitalopram and Mushrooms prior to consuming the substance. Here and there I read a bit about serotonin syndrome but I wasn't too worried about it. My prior experience of crossing DOC and Escitalopram did not cause any issues, and was in fact a very great trip.

Throughout the day and night I had been dabbing with two different kinds of wax, 24K Dragons Breath and Lemon Diesel. I would occasionally throw some into one of my oil burners and hit it with the Alpha-PVP.

Down to my trip: I had consumed four large mushrooms and two caps while sitting on the top of a bunk bed sort of thing in my friend's 'Rave Shed.' Black lights flooded the room and intense Trap and Future Trill filled the air. I was on an empty stomach and had also just taken some orange juice. My bag of shrooms was about 4.0 grams, and I had saved a bit for my friends to take as well.

Ten minutes after I had taken the shrooms, I felt the familiar high start building behind my eyes in the center of my head. But as it progressed, I noticed something was wrong. I ended up spilling my orange juice, but my body was far too lethargic to clean it up.

Within a half hour, the 'Mind Warp' poster my friend had taped up was going bat shit. People's facial features refused to stay on their face, and for the first time with any trip I experienced trails from people moving, including myself. I felt that this was going to be a very intense visual trip.

But as I kept climbing up, I was very disturbed. I couldn't move my body, I felt very, VERY slow. My two friends on my left, C and M, both suddenly stood up and left the room in what seemed like light speed. At this point I was given the idea that nobody wanted to trip with me. This frightened me because I had never tripped alone on mushrooms, I had always tripped with friends so that I could bond with them.

For whatever reason, I asked that my friend L come and sit next to me on the top of the bunk bed. Her friend asked why she should do that, and I had no answer to give him. At this point I realized that I could not tell the difference between talking aloud and thinking.

L's friend decided to come up and sit next to me. He asked me how I was doing. I replied with, 'I think I'm going to die.' Next thing I know, I'm leaning off the bed staring into L's face, which was a perfect circle and glowing white. I think I told her I loved her, which was only true in the friend sense. I may have also touched her face. She told me everything was going to be okay and that I had nothing to worry about. I calmed down, then fell back into that loop of 'I'm going to die' again when I heard sirens in the music.

At this point they shut off the music and turned on the lights, trying to get me some milk. I panicked because when people would talk, I would hear them say what they wanted to say, then time would reverse and I would hear them say it backwards, and then all chopped up. In my confusion I ended up spilling smart water, and tearing off my shirt in an attempt to feel my heart beating. At this point they decided to take me out of the shed. I tried to get up on my own to no avail, I had no body strength and just ended up falling everywhere. My clothes were barely hanging on me from days worth of partying.

They all carried me to my car in which I was thoroughly convinced that they had just done some sick and perverted shit to me (since my clothes were barely on), and I was convinced they were all part of a cult that partakes in drugging and molesting people. They had to keep telling me that I had taken drugs and that I was not dead or dying.

When I finally was put into the back seat, M and C got into the front to try to drive me back to C's house. The entire time I kept telling them, 'Why did you have to kill me? Why couldn't you just take my stuff, I love you guys you're my best friends.' The only thing I could hear them say though was different versions of 'It happens to the best of us,' again, all chopped up and confused. I continuously asked how they killed me, and where god was. Every time I asked a question, the only thing I could hear was M saying 'It happens to the best of us,' little did I know that he was referring to the bad trip, I thought that they were talking about how good people get murdered and their shit stolen.

I was thoroughly convinced that I was never going to leave that car, and that was it. This was the after life. I got to sit in the place my best friends killed me and stare into their eyes for all eternity.

When we got to C's house, A, N and B were there waiting. I told M that I thought N was very attractive, and asked why she wasn't coming in to sit next to me. M told me I wasn't allowed out until I was calm. By now the visuals had stopped, but I still believed I was dead. I asked him: 'How much longer until I see god?' And they both told me not very long. I called them sick and disgusting and then started yelling at the top of my lungs about how there is no god.

My confusion was short lived, as I was overcome with the urge to piss. M wouldn't let me out of the car, fearing that I was going to go do something stupid. I told him to let me out of the car (my other intent WAS to escape, I'm sure) so that I could just pee somewhere that wasn't inside of the car. He told me to piss in a bottle, in which I wasn't very successful considering my motor functions were weak and limited.

When I finally got out of the car, I was finally able to walk alone, but barely. It's been two days since my trip, but I don't plan on taking mushrooms again any time soon.

[Reported dose of alpha-PVP '15mg repeated every few hours' and cannabis extract '50mg repeated often']

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99106
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Oct 5, 2015Views: 2,310
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Mushrooms (39) : Combinations (3), Bad Trips (6), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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