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Introspective Truffle Trip
Mushrooms - P. galindoi
by alienrobot
Citation:   alienrobot. "Introspective Truffle Trip: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. galindoi (exp99862)". Aug 9, 2021.

T+ 0:00
7 g oral Mushrooms (sclerotia)
  T+ 0:30 1 bowl smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 1:30 1.5 g oral Mushrooms (sclerotia)
  T+ 1:30   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 2:15 1.5 g oral Mushrooms (sclerotia)
  T+ 3:00 5 g oral Mushrooms (sclerotia)
  T+ 4:15 1 bowl smoked Cannabis  


15g galindoi truffle powder capsules ingested over 2 hours

1:00 - After getting off work, I ingest 7 grams with a little pizza and fruit. I am alone with my parents living above me, but they donít care what I do. Slightly nervous, but calm and relaxed attitude coming into the trip. I have the next couple days off so Iím feeling extra good!

1:30 - A little stoned after smoking some weed, but not feeling any change yet. Reading comics to pass the time while a documentary about the universe is playing in the background on mute. Feeling calm.

1:45 - Iím still a bit stoned from the weed, but maybe some brighter colors... Not sure yet. I put on some Doors music. Nothing much has changed.

2:00 - Feeling a little bit more stoned. I will be smoking another bowl of weed within 30 minutes, and maybe adding another 2-3 grams of truffles.

2:15 - I can feel something creeping, but still normal reality.

2:30 - Smoked another bowl. ate another 1.5 grams making it 8.5. Not feeling much outside of a body high, and some faster mental activity.

3:00 - Still nothing much after 2 hours. Maybe I have a high tolerance to this stuff or itís just a little too weak for my tastes.
Still nothing much after 2 hours. Maybe I have a high tolerance to this stuff or itís just a little too weak for my tastes.
I put on COSMOS by Sagan.

3:15 - I eat another 1.5 grams making it a 10 gram dose now, considered pretty average although I still donít feel much yet. Maybe I need more? I can handle some hardcore psychedelics, but I canít tell if this is working yet.

3:30 - Getting the feeling in my throat that something is coming on, and some enhancement of colors. Nothing melting yet.

3:45 - The feeling is definitely coming on. I find myself wanting to just zone out. Warm glow all over my body. The feeling is pretty strong, but I think I can handle more. If Iím not totally warped by 4:00, Iíll take more.

4:00 - Very mild noticeable feelings have finally kicked in. It just feels like Iím wasted but have sort of a clear head. I could relax and let a big psychedelic experience happen, but Iím more of a scientist/skeptic and want immediate hallucinations without meditating on them, so I upped the dose to 15g, which is considered a normal strong dose.

4:30 - Iím feeling it come on pretty hard, but Iím noticing that Iím still somewhat sober-minded. I can get hallucinations if I want to, but Iím getting bored and would rather smoke weed. I am noticing that I am extremely focused right now though. Could be the effect of the drug or just my interest in exploring my consciousness. When I stop typing, the hallucinations come on a little bit, but Iíve seen much stronger on other drugs at lower doses. I still feel pretty focused and headstrong. The trip is pretty good, but it just feels weak for me. Maybe in a different circumstance it could have been better.

4:45 - Nothing that amazing if youíre used to psychedelics. The body high is not that interesting to me. I could take some more, but donít think I want to continue with this substance. The visuals are very low on the scale for me. I havenít smoked a bowl of weed yet, and I think itís finally the time. Letís see if it helps at all.

5:00 - Just a strong mushroom body high without the crazy visuals. Very introspective and detail oriented without feeling like youíll lose your mind. I figure if Iím still typing this, then I must be okay. I could take more, but I can get much better hallucinations from lower doses on other drugs, so in the end itís not really worth it.

5:15 - I finally smoke that bowl and it helped a little, but not much. This isnít a drug for me, but I can see how it might be for others. I feel like itís just a big coming down experience.

5:30 - I think Iíll be taking a nap soon. Feeling tired. Maybe it might affect my dreams. Pretty disappointed that it took almost 3 hours to kick in and lasted for a couple hours with extremely mild feelings for my taste. Iím still feeling moments of it, but it mostly feels like Iím coming down and need to sleep.

5:45 - I think the 2nd wave is kicking in. Thought fragments come in and out quickly. Pointless things that I shouldnít be focusing my mind on. Moments of negativity come in, but I realize itís pointless to dwell on this. Like spending my time on this trip report. Although I immediately realize it doesnít matter in the end.

6:00 - I definitely got kicked off into something a little stronger, but I can handle it. I think my environment makes it harder for me to truly have a good trip, but I can see potential at 10-15 grams. Like a very introspective 1/8 of mushrooms without a stomach pains. In fact, I feel pretty great and not too anxiety ridden. It all depends on your body chemistry, situation in life, moment in time. Since this is legal in Amsterdam it does feel more like a novelty psychedelic and nothing too strong. It takes more of the substance to have a decent dose, and it doesnít last as long as mushrooms. It doesnít have the same mental drill that mushrooms or LSD has, which is interesting to me, but I wanted more visuals. It has more of an introspective touch similar to 2C-B, but with a mushroom-tryptamine edge. The body feeling isnít that interesting compared to any other psychedelic Iíve taken though. More of a boredom drug that kids will buy at their local head-shop, even though itís illegal in the US. Iím glad that I didnít eat the actual truffles because Iím not into eating fungus.

6:15 - I finally stand up and try to look outside. My legs are wobbly, I become a little disoriented and realize Iím in a psychedelic state, although I feel myself drifting back into being sober again. I got this feeling on 2C-B, but this feels more sobering. I can see why itís called the ďphilosophers stoneĒ now. Definitely makes me ponder, and Iím finding that I donít have any kind of overwhelming paranoia sensation. Itís like having a beer or smoking a bowl. In retrospect, this is actually pretty good. I think my body just needed to digest it all.

7:15 - Here I am back again typing this. Truffles definitely work. I donít think I like the intensity of it too much, but 15 grams is the way to go for a pretty normal hard trip. Iím drifting in and out of interest to write this and interest to just relax and forget about it all. Itís a deeply introspective drug. Not like mushrooms where I might want to get up and move around and love my surroundings. These truffles make me want to sit and think about my life, but not get too emotional about it.
These truffles make me want to sit and think about my life, but not get too emotional about it.
I keep thinking about my relationships with people and how most of them make me anxious, but I realize that I donít need to be anxious because we all have our problems. I wouldnít normally feel this way if I was tripping on mushrooms. It was an introspective psychedelic without a good body high. The body high is a mix of okay to slightly unbearable, but typing and keeping my thoughts focused on something helps. I definitely think that taking this under different circumstances could have been beneficial. Philosopherís Stone is definitely a perfect name for this.

7:30 - Feeling tired and yawning, but canít sleep. I think the body high made the trip a slightly negative experience for me, but it wasnít terrible or scary, just uncomfortable. I think Iím finally beginning to come down for the most part. Itís not emotional in a sense where I feel compassion or empathy, but it helps to intensify my thoughts that are always bubbling at the surface. Mostly pointless thoughts that I shouldnít really care about, but itís not easy to push them away. Iím sure that an inexperienced person would have a problem at this dose. Itís not a good high by itself, but mixing it with weed definitely helps a lot.

8:00 - The come down is not great. I feel like everything is dirty and unhealthy. Slightly uncomfortable, but not unbearable. Feels exactly like a normal mushroom come down should be, although the head space was completely different during this entire trip. Not something Iíll ever do again because I can get stronger hallucinations on other drugs with better a body high using smaller doses. Definitely works but not one of my favorites.

8:30 - Still feeling the body high a little, but Iím coming down. Think Iíll smoke a bowl of weed to relax myself. I wanted to take a nap, but it just couldnít happen. Iíve found that itís a long wait time for first effects to show (for me almost 3 hours), then slowly a plateau forms eventually creating a smooth peak for about 30 minutes that drops off as slowly. Bulk of the experience happened for about 4 hours. Definitely made me think about my relationships with people and how I need to re-evaluate my friendships, but it wasnít too emotional which was an interesting change from mushrooms and LSD. I related it to 2C-B for itís introspection, but without a good body high. I know that if I added a couple more grams it could have been a better experience, but I just didnít want the body load intensified even more at this time. Great to experience this substance, but I wonít do it again soon.

8:45 - One thing I like about this drug is that it didnít make me feel sick! Mushrooms and LSD always give me nausea and stomach pains no matter how healthy I eat, but this had nothing too bad. Iím considering this to be the PBR of the psychedelics. Not for everyone, and can only get you wasted only if you take a lot of it. Definitely a novelty drug.

9:00 - Almost back to normal, but I did notice that time moved by extremely fast. Itís amazing that I started this experience at 1:00 and now 8 hours later Iím almost completely normal. The day just shot by without any sinking feeling of timelessness. Again, just a party, speedy drug. Not a true psychedelic experience like LSD or mushrooms, but it was definitely strong. Introspective like 2C-B without the good body high, and almost no anxiety, but I can see it happening if someone isnít prepared for this experience. Visuals were more like overlays of light patterns rather than full on hallucinations, so not that interesting to me. If my ceiling isnít warping then itís not strong enough! 6/10 just because you have to eat a lot to have a good trip, and the body high wasnít that great without weed, otherwise it would have been rated a little higher. Some moments of negativity and fear popped up which is something Iím trying to avoid with psychedelics. Iíve tripped much harder on other drugs using much smaller amounts, but I might do Philosopherís Stone again depending on the circumstance.

10:30 - Most of the effects are gone, but Iím still feeling some remnants of it. Overall this was a good experience, but magic mushrooms are much stronger.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99862
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Aug 9, 2021Views: 841
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Alone (16)

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