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Special Announcement!
We're thrilled to announce great news to kick off the new year -- Erowid got word on Jan 10th that it is the recipient of a Pineapple Fund grant of $250,000 worth of Bitcoin! The 18 Bitcoins had already been moved into Erowid's wallet when we got the news.

You can read more about this, our Library, and Erowid Extracts, below. We're super grateful to the Pineapple Fund and to all those worldwide who believe in Erowid's vision and impact.

Your contributions, be it time, expertise, or money, are invaluable to evolving our collective understanding of humanity's relationships with psychoactives.

We hope 2018 brings greater understanding, joy, and peace in the world.

Fire & Earth
More Details
The Pineapple Fund (, a cryptocurrency philanthropic project announced in December, is giving away $86 million in Bitcoin, through an application process that Erowid completed last month.

We were moved by the tag line on the donor's site: "[...] because once you have enough money, money doesn't matter".

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind (or a "flaming toboggan ride" as we call these periods). On December 30th, the landlord of Erowid's library/office gave us 30 days' notice to vacate the space we've rented for seven years. That's short notice for finding a new space and relocating thousands of books, archives, and ephemera.

On Jan 9, we signed a new lease on a nearby larger space. Twelve hours later, we received the news about the Pineapple Fund grant. How's that for an exciting start to 2018?!

To Extracts subscribers -- we know some of you are wondering where the next issue is. After a delay we were nearly done with the new issue in December, when the end-of-year demands inherent in running a nonprofit pushed the completion to January. Then, our Library's landlord sent that letter, giving us just weeks to dismantle and reestablish Erowid Center's extensive physical collection.

Despite it derailing Extracts, the library move is an exciting step that we have been wanting to take for several years. The new space is bigger, nicer, and more suited for Erowid's library, archiving projects, and growth. Onward and upward!

We're eager to get out the new issue of Extracts (#30) as soon as the stars align to make it possible. It's a fun in-depth review of the history, value, and future of Experience Report at Erowid, and we think you'll enjoy it!

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