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Apr 8-9, 2019
VI International Conference on Novel Psychoactive Substances
Maastricht, the Netherlands
UNODC, EMCDDA, WADA, University of Hertfordshire & Maastricht University
The main aim of the NPS conference series is to increase knowledge and understanding about the nature and the effects of NPS as well as promote innovative strategies to prevent the diffusion of NPS in society. The conference invites contributions in all areas of potential interest, as oral presentations or research posters.
Apr 12, 2019
Drug Checking for Saving Lives
Faculty House | Columbia University, New York, NY, USA
The aim of the conference is to highlight the importance of implementing drug-checking services in the U.S. Conference speakers will primarily be from countries where drug-checking services are available and have been shown to be effective at curtailing contaminated drugs in the illicit market.
May 15-17, 2019
Club Health
11th International Conference
on Nightlife, Substance Abuse and Related Health Issues
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Multi-organizational hosting and sponsorship
Focusing on the wide range of issues that affect the health of people in nightlife settings including alcohol and drug use; sexual health; violence and anti-social behavior; management and design of nightlife settings; late night transport; staff training; and international nightlife tourism.
May 31 - Jun 2, 2019
World Ayahuasca Conference
Girona, Spain
ICEERS Foundation
A multidisciplinary event that brings together experts on ayahuasca to exchange information. Includes transcultural round-tables, a film festival, and the participation of musicians and artists.
Jun 1-2, 2019
Queering Psychedelics
San Francisco, CA, USA
Chacruna & MAPS
This event is part of Chacruna's Women, Gender Diversity, and Sexual Minorities speaker series. It highlights the voices of queer visionaries within the psychedelic community as well as examines the history of psychedelics from queer and non-binary perspectives.
Jun 14-16, 2019
Women's Visionary Congress
Oakland, CA, USA
Women's Visionary Council
Includes presentations by visionary researchers, healers, activists and artists who examine heightened states of awareness and modes of healing that link us to female wisdom keepers and traditional users of plant medicines throughout history.
Aug 16-18, 201
Breaking Convention
London, England
Breaking Convention is a multidisciplinary conference on psychedelic consciousness, featuring presenters from around the world.
Oct 10-13, 2019
Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics
New York, NY, USA
Horizons Media, Inc.
Horizons brings together the brightest minds and the boldest voices of this movement to share their research, insights and dreams for the future.
Nov 6-9, 2019
Reform Conference
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Drug Policy Alliance
The International Drug Policy Reform Conference is a biennial event that brings together people from around the world who believe that the war on drugs is doing more harm than good. In 2017 it brought together 1,500 attendees representing 50 different countries.

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