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Übersicht deutschsprachiger Quellen

We're looking for additional German-language resources. If you have translations of FAQs or other
well-written documents which you think might be a good addition to this section, please let us know.

Grundlagen zum verantwortungsvollen Umgang mit psychoaktiven Substanzen Local File
Ausführliche Drogenreferenz Local File
Extraktion & Trennung von Opium Local File
Deutschsprachiger Reports Local File
Trip Report veröffentlichen Local File

Gesetze der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Local File
Österreichische Bundesgesetzeblätter Local File


Projekt Drug Scouts
Drug information & harm reduction.
information about new psychoactive substances including dosage, effects, risks, and risk minimization.
Documentary videos, lectures, and event reports related to psychoactive drugs.
Very good page. Detailed information about many drugs, also recommendations for books. Advice for first-aid in case of overdose.
'Deutsche Gesellschaft für Suchtmedizin'. Medicinal help for drug addicts.
Information about drugs, trip reports and a forum.
Rave culture site with basic information about recreational drugs.
News, links, articles, in Deutsch and English about psychedelics / entheogens, culture, events, etc.
Like the name says, this is a page about cannabis. And a very good one, too. You find articles about medicinal usage for THC, how to plant your own... Also a forum and a chat.
Homepage of the 'Verein für Drogenpolitik'. They are trying to change the politics of anti-drug propaganda to a politics of more open-mindededness and harm reduction.
Nice site about many drugs, including a german LSD synthesis and quite significantly, the only German DXM FAQ, based on the Frognet DXM FAQ.

Eve & Rave / Switzerland
A page about techno culture and XTC. They have a huge list of pill tests from Switzerland.

Eve & Rave / Germany
Information about the most common party drugs, safer use and a newsletter.
Newest version of the BtmG, dated March 2000.

Cannabis Legal
Site about cannabis prohibition. Lots of information about laws, politics and books about cannabis. Also a forum, articles about what political parties think about cannabis legalisation and an overview about international cannabis politics.

Europäisches Collegium für Bewusstseinsstudien
The European College for the Study of Consciousness is a community of psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychologists, neurobiologists, pharmacologists, chemists, anthropologists, ethnologists, theologians and art historians who are dedicated to consciousness research.

Grüne Kraft - MedienXperimente
Major German publisher of German-language books.

Nachtschatten Verlag
Major Swiss publisher of German-language books.
German-language blog about magic mushrooms and other psychoactives.
Page about the most common psychoactive plants, such as datura, HBWR, etc.

Land der Traeume
Lots of facts about many drugs, a list of books, films, music and magazines about drugs a forum and a download section.

STEP "Ravers Ecke"
A big list of 'XTC' pills tested for their ingredients. People from Germany should use this as a source, for swiss pills use
Huge archive of drug-related literature.

List of 490 psychoactive plants. The list can also be downloaded as zipped html or excel file.

Giftzentrale Bonn
Homepage of the 'Giftzentrale Bonn' or 'Poison Center Bonn'. 24h phone number for help with poisoning.
Homepage of the 'Drogenbeauftragte der Bundesregierung'.
Huge list of drug-related films.

Gesetz / Recht / Law Deutsches Recht (BtMG, BtMVV)

Salvia Divinorum

FAQ, Stecklingsguide, viele Tripreports, Triplevelskala, deutsche Pressetexte, viele Links inklusive Diskussionsforen.
Salvia-Flash-ch FAQ

Absinth Guide (Deutsch)

d-LSD-25 -
LSD Evangelium und Haeresie -